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My name is Pascal and I’m a full time
traveler and filmmaker. Back in 2015 I was working as a carpenter at a factory
and I hated this job so much that I quitted it, started traveling and since
then I am just on the road and making awesome videos all around the world. When I started traveling I actually became a freelance web designer as I’ve always been a creative person and also good
with computers. So that was a good chance for me to make that lifestyle happen for me. Most of my life I was actually never really interested so much in traveling.
But when I informed myself about the digital nomad lifestyle and so on, then
it became more interesting to me because I saw some sense in spending money for
making experiences then spending money on things. And that make me trying it out.
I went to Thailand for two weeks and I really loved it. So after nine months
later, I quitted my job after saving some money and I hit the road for the first
six months. And I also loved it. So that was the point where I decided to
become a full-time traveler. I actually discovered my passion for
filmmaking already when I was around 12 years old and a little skater boy. I
wanted to do skate videos all the time and they were actually quite good. I mean,
I didn’t had so much opportunities at this time because my budget was limited
and there were not so good cameras out like it is today and especially no
drones. And I went a bit ambitious about that. So I tried to improve all the time and I learned a lot. And so the today’s videos that I produce are
much better than I could ever imagine. Today you can simply use a drone and
just fly a bit more slowly to create awesome camera movements. That’s a
big game-changer because today with all the technologies all these possibilities
are available to basically everyone and not just to big production companies.
Everything that I need to produce great videos fits into my backpack. So that
makes it easy for me to create videos on-the-go, like for my YouTube channel
but also for clients. I can offer a bit better prices and I can create the
videos much faster. Producing videos on a regular base (like weekly like I do now),
pushes me to go out and explore more. You look for more angles to see the
real beauty of the place and capture it in your camera. That makes you engage
even more with your surrounding. So on this YouTube channel I obviously
want to teach you filmmaking and also take you with me on my travels to show
you that beauty of the world. So if you’re interested in that then please hit the
subscribe button now to don’t miss out on my videos and also leave a comment
below about you. What are you doing? I will answer every comment that you leave
so please let me hear from you.

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