Parrot Minidrones – MAMBO – Tutorial #3 : Tips & Tricks

Parrot MAMBO – TIPS & TRICKS Here is some Mambo tips and tricks GRABBER You can use the grabber to catch and grab and move small objects Turn on and connect your Parrot Mambo Attach the grabber on the Parrot Mambo and have the brick move inside the arms The brick LED becomes green The FreeFlight Mini application detects the grabber automatically On FreeFlight Mini, press this icon to open and close the grabber CANNON Turn on the connector on the Parrot Mambo Attach the cannon to the support for connected accessories To activate the free fall take off, push this button Then toss your drone The Parrot Mambo can do flips To do a flip select the flip of your choice here Then double tap the screen The Parrot Mambo can also take photos To take photos, press this icon To retreive your file, connect your Parrot Mambo with the USB cable to your computer Your computer automatically detects the Parrot Mambo An icon appears as it was a usb memory stick Copy your photos onto your computer You can also retrieve your photos from the Freeflight Mini application Go into internal memory, a list of photo will appear Select one or more photos Then press transfer to retrieve them on your smartphone gallery Attach the hull to the Parrot MiniDrones arms Ensure that the hull is properly attached to the Parrot Mambo contacts

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