Parnormal Activity, Santa Monica Pier, Buttermaker’s Field

well good evening everybody this is a
weird one I am on the Pacific Coast Highway Highway one just north of Santa
Monica California I’m in a boon dock right there along with these miles and
miles of other RVs here guys Pacific Ocean oh it’s dark you can’t see
it yeah you know what let me just sleep it off
and I’ll show you this spot in the morning okay all right I’ll be back to
you in the morning all right good morning this is better
kinda that’s what I wanted to show you it’s been a while since I’ve even seen
the Pacific Ocean let alone camped along the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific Coast
Highway but this is just the start of it alright let’s go down here to Santa
Monica and have a little chat guys yeah there it is everybody the official start
or I guess end of route 66 here at Santa Monica
it’s time but before you judge I think you know what is to come
believe me this is going to be all new route 66 stuff that I that I didn’t get
to a few years ago on my route 66 and 66 days tour I don’t want to call this
necessarily a route 66 trip because it’s not based on that however from here to
Illinois it’s pretty much all route 66 with a few detours so might as well make
the most of it I am excited to share and find all of the other alignments and
other stuff that I missed on route 66 on this trip and to get it started we had
to come out to the official start / end here at the Santa Monica Pier in
California and what better morning start then pier burger the last burger on land
reach 66 there we go hopefully one of many good route 66
burgers actually instead of calling it the route 66 tour we’re gonna call it
burger tour 2019 burger up on route 66 well we finish this and then we’ll hit
the road east finally final agonies so rest assured I’m telling you now not
everything on this trip East isn’t gonna necessarily be route 66 related as we
travel along route 66 now right across the street from the Los Angeles Fox
affiliate here is a very famous baseball field here how famous well you got to go
back to 1976 and one of my dad’s favorite movies of all time The Bad News
Bears 1976 old Buttermaker the drunk and the misfit baseball player kids this
chocolate all this ball quit bugging me about my food
don’t blame me I didn’t even know it was your car told you not to spring you in
it get out there like a bunch of dead fish not listening bonehead plays
mistakes honey don’t you want to beat those
bastards this is the field of the Bad News Bears it’s pretty cool right
hey there doodsen you’re in the captain’s chair oh you’re the captain
you’re right I’m so sorry what was I thinking yeah I’ll just let you drive go
ahead see I get us places faster it’s just yeah back on route 66 we go you
know it is gonna feel really nice to get out of the big city and off of these
really congested areas and back on to the the good old Mother Road two-lane I
mean I just I stress out a little bit just the city driving a big rig you know
so we’re going east in fact you probably can’t see it but straight ahead is the
Hollywood sign off in the haze up on that mountain I can barely make out the
weight but this wide-angle camera is not gonna pick it up
yeah that’s Hollywood up there and Los Angeles is back off to our right here
also so we’re close let me just get through this I’ll stop at anything if I
see anything interesting here is something in Los Angeles worth a
definite second look anybody recognize this house the other side of my RV do I
have any American Horror Story fans the show on FX that is the murder house from
the show here yes it is even said to and confirmed to have Paranormal Activity
ghost hunters have gone into the house and confirmed that there is activity
inside this house there’s even a current legal battle going on where the owners
who recently purchased this house are suing the people who sold it to them
because they did not disclose the confirmation of it being haunted and
having spirits inside it and for that reason the current owners
of this murder house cannot even stay in the house physically they are scared to
death to even reside in it so what you got is just a fenced off area here I am
a little creeped out just being here and private property signs all the gates are
locked up that would be one heck of a place for a haunted house there at the
murder house and I’d love to go in there and check it out but I’m kind of a
scaredy-cat next I probably wouldn’t survive but
there you go the murder house okay I am legitimately creeped out like you would
not believe let’s get out of here goodbye Murder House link and a horrible
name and I am feeling like getting the heck out of Los Angeles guys so let me
put a little bit of miles between me and the big city and I will get back to you
when we are on official more route 66 looking roads sound good
okay scene a little bit here I know it doesn’t look like much but we are
finally on historic route 66 there’s a little bit of signage right there but
for the first time we are on historic oldest version of route 66 the Mother
Road here in San Bernardino County and actually now entering the city of San
Bernardino very wide so you can see three lanes on both sides with a turn
lane so it’s been changed but this is still the same route you know I mean
okay and off to our left you can see could see the teepees here it is the
famous wigwam motel I’m gonna pull over here
couldn’t get in there last time I’m gonna see if we can peek in there and
take a quicker look at these because they’re pretty historic they’ve been
around for a while so this is not the first wigwam motel on route 66 it is
actually the last built wigwam motel number seven on route 66 and possibly
the most well modernized refurbished to fit the needs of travelers today there’s
air conditioned inside of these they are 32 foot high by about 22 feet wide and
I’ll flash some pictures up on your screen to show you what the inside looks
like honestly I’m not really that impressed by the inside I think it looks
like anything it’s not specific looking like a teepee at all so I don’t know if
it’s really worth the money to spend to actually stay here unless you really
really like the outside of it I did go into the office still very very very
unfriendly I mean super unfriendly to any kind of pictures camera work or
anything so we are staying on the outside of the perimeter looking in but
then again they are pretty cool looking I love the teepee design nothing says
route 66 more than the wigwam motel and it was inspired with the orange cones of
the cars Disney Pixar movie as well so there you
go the wigwam motel that’s 15 up on the hill to our right I
come off once again we’re back on historic route 66 and looking for some
boondock in fact look at the ground up here I’m going to slow down a little bit
there it is route 66 pretty cool a little different than the highways my
thermometer still says that it’s a hundred and two degrees outside here in
the high desert though so Miranda you’re doing good girl keep up this road next
to us looks more like historic route 66 on the right right there in fact it is
I’m sorry this was repaved right here but that
right there right there that is the original route 66 pretty cool history and look we’re just
going to follow it right on down this Canyon and in one of these canyons I’m
gonna find some boondocking fact what do we know I can’t make it up that hill
can’t make it up that hill right there it’s peaceful it’s quiet
but it’s all about man they do actually have the road blocked
off so you’ll see here’s an entrance but they’ve got the white barriers on both
sides so they left it there so you can walk to it if you park somewhere else
you can’t actually drive the old route oh well we’ve got the old Union Pacific
train up there pretty cool I think we’re gonna go under the Train I
believe eventually up here yeah I’m gonna turn in here because look at all
these cars just dispersed throughout the trees doesn’t that lit up the lake
they’re gonna camp here I think that’s what they’re gonna do I’m gonna try it
too I don’t know where I’m gonna go exactly
but yeah yeah people are gonna camp in here that’s what I love about route 66
you can make home anywhere just gonna back up into my little cubby spot here
and we’ll see if this works I like it this is what I think about
what do you think of like just roadside boondock being offered 66 wherever we
got the the train going by right now kind of loud it doesn’t bother me I’m
very used to the Train I’ll even wear earplugs if I have to
it’s hot man I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time outside
we got a NASCAR race coming up some got the got the dish circling around trying
to find our location right now yeah the Train is past this is the the back side
of the spot there’s a because a little creek down there a little bit of water
running down there and a little bit of breeze up here in the high desert as
well so it doesn’t feel that bad actually I like this area
Oh plaque over here we can read okay it’s a monument to the natural ranges
here in the area does have the route 66 logo they’re a bunch of graffiti which
is disgusting but whatever but ya know this is a this is nice that they have
this it doesn’t say no overnight parking anywhere here and as you can see I’m not
the only person so what I’m gonna do is preheat the oven here get the race
started and hang out with Jax the cap will make sure Skeletor is okay here
you’re good buddy all right you get too hot just let me know what do you think
man we got that AC going yeah okay man actually belly then I know Anna hates I
need some we all need the belly we do man got the pizza going in the oven
already you got the fan on once a week and try to keep all that hot air outside
and yeah what you’re gonna see brand-new it’s been a while GPS coordinates in the
video description below for every place I stopped at for the rest of this route
66 trip East you’re going to find the GPS coordinates you can plug them into
your navigation to choice ways Google Maps whatever you can go visit these
same spots that I’m sharing with you on your
route 66 adventure so go ahead and write them down in the video description jot
them down save them in your maps whatever you like providing those for
you and any of the approved campgrounds this one not included it’s not approved
you know to me in the can’t can’t pouch or it or anything it could change
tomorrow who knows I don’t expect any problems here I think it’s gonna be okay
but we’ll see you later got the NASCAR race on there awesome and now about an
hour until the Sun sets and it’s quite it down a lot of people have left look
over this edge again look at that water hurt wow that is gorgeous
well well too far down for me to go down there and enjoy the water so tonight we
can expect rain noise no problems and highway noise might be an earplugs kind
of night but you know what I’m gonna wake up refreshed and I can enjoy that
that cooling morning coffee okay so Jackson I’ll see you back on route 66
venturing on east through California in our next video you guys take care and
thanks for following me

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