PAPER STARSHIP PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that Flies FAST & STRAIGHT | Silent Sonic

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how
to make an extremely difficult paper airplane. It is not one of my best designs, but it is one of my favorite one. As you see here, it has four wings, 2 on the top, and 2 on the bottom.
The two wings are really important, they help to keep the airplane fly straight,
up or down. So, the top one are also create an impart to the ( flying) direction of the
airplane. Lets start now, because I don’t want to waste your time anymore.
So, first of all, I will fold the paper in half. You will fold it diagonally, from the center line
to this point. You will repeat the same step for the other side. If you saw my Secret Bomber paper airplane, you’ll know this this my favorite folding ( technique). Okay, Next step, you
will match this edge to this line like this. Then, you repeat the same step for the other
part of the paper airplane. I fold it like this. If anyone has tried ( making) my Hexagon ( plane), this folding technique is similar to the Hexagon one. I fold it down, and fold
it down. Then, I open it. I just push this part down. Use the line here as your reference.
And then, you will push this part to the pocket. Push it down. Perfect! It is almost done,
so be patient. Now, I will lift it over, and I fold it in half this way. Kay! I will start
from the top here, and I will fold to the point here. I will fold from the tip here
to the angle over here. Fold the other side now. You can see the wings here. Next, step
we will fold this part down as you can see here. So this is pretty simple, you just fold
the tip here– the end of the wing to this point. Then, you open it. I will fold one
more time from the tip to the line you just created. Just repeat the same step for the
other side. I fold it down one more time (to the crease). The plane is almost finished.
You just push this ones ( the wings) down. So, before you actually play with the airplane,
make sure that the surface here need to be flat or straight! Also, this part here should
be 60 degree down, and tail is really important. It helps the airplane fly straight up or go
straight down, left or right. Also the tiny wings here, the small wings are very important.
You should keep it like this. It will help the airplane fly straight. You can adjust
it! So, actually, just play with it, and have fun with the airplane. See you next time!

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