Overwatch – FLYING DRONE HERO? (MEKA Overlord New Hero Concept)

Overwatch – FLYING DRONE HERO? (MEKA Overlord New Hero Concept)

What’s up everybody this is Master Ian Gamer
and today I’m back with another new hero concept, this time for the MEKA pilot Overlord. While I already discussed in one of my earlier
videos why he’s the most likely MEKA candidate to join the Overwatch hero roster, today I
want to focus on what role he’d play and the kinds of abilities we’d see for him
in game. To be honest, he may have the potential to
become the most unique hero to date, which is why I’m excited to get into discussing
his kit. And of course if you end up enjoying this
video then be sure to Like, Sub, and hit the bell, for more future Overwatch content. Now when it comes to Overlord, there are two
prominent features which stick out regarding his mech, which are that it’s 100% airbourne,
as we can see by it hovering when being stored in the MEKA base, and the drones which seem
to be its primary utility. To start, let’s look at the drones. He appears to have four small drones positioned
on the rear wing of his mech. Considering the technical limitations of having
drones, I really doubt he’ll be able to have more than about four active at a time. I talked in a previous video of mine about
the base mechanics of drones in a game like Overwatch along with their functional possibilities
and limitations. I recommend that you check it out if you haven’t
already, so I’ll include a card linking to it on screen. However, when it comes to these drones, their
use would largely depend on Overlord’s role as a hero, being DPS, Tank, or Support. While there was quite a bit of debate in the
comments over this aspect of him in my MEKA analysis video, I have to say that he will
most likely be a Tank hero. The first main reason for this is simply his
size. While being about tied with D.Va for having
the smallest mech in the squad, this would still make him one of the largest heroes on
the roster. While size isn’t purely indicative of class,
his overall appearance does make him seem more like an off-Tank than a straight up DPS. Some people also suggested that he could possibly
be a Support hero of some kind, but again I’m not convinced. Unlike the other healers in the game who largely
feature the color yellow, Overlord’s mech is blue. While Ana is a healer whose color scheme features
blue instead of yellow, she is a very specifically designed exception, which would be way too
off topic to get into explaining in this video. However, while presumably not a healer, the
mech does still maintain a relatively passive appearance. It looks like something that would play a
more supportive role than offensive. Considering the color blue, especially the
two separate tones of blue seen on the drones themselves, I believe his drones may be able
to provide shields. This would presumably work like Symmetra’s
ability from back in the day, where the drone can essentially provide bonus shield health. The shields would only remain on the targeted
ally for as long as the drone was tasked to follow them, meaning that the bonus shields
would be removed if the drone was recalled, reassigned, or destroyed. This would offer some level of management
strategy while playing Overlord, as you would have to prioritize whom to vicariously shield
depending on the situation and how many drones you have available. Granting teammates shields like this would
again suggest placing Overlord in the Tank category, as since Symmetra’s expulsion,
all Support heroes have now become healers. In addition to the shield drones, Overlord
would also have a second drone type, this one being more focused on dealing damage. Like Zen’s Discord orb, you may be able
to assign one of these DPS drones to an enemy, which it’ll then follow and deal damage
to until either the drone or the target is destroyed. The damage output would be low, but could
be quite useful for warding off flankers who might be trying to pick off your team’s
supports. The flanker would need to either attack the
drone, thus wasting precious time in your backline and giving away their position, or
attempt to just tank the damage while pursuing their own target. Having two types of functionally different
drones would be a great way to expand on the management aspect of playing Overlord, especially
if you can only have a set number of total drones deployed at one time, thus forcing
you to determine whether to use them more offensively or defensively. This would be very similar to Moira’s two
kinds of orbs, and may even work the same as an ability where you first activate the
drone, and then choose which one to deploy. The drones themselves would have to be killable
by the enemy, and likely would be akin to Symmetra’s turrets with regards to how they’re
deployed. You would have a set number ready to use in
your inventory, likely the same amount as can be active simultaneously, and then there
is a cooldown to restock them for redeployment. Deploying a new drone when you already have
the max number out will cause the oldest active drone to deactivate. However, Overlord may also be able to recall
active drones, thus allowing the player to more strategically manage them. Doing this would also re-add that drone to
your inventory, meaning it can then be deployed again without having to wait for the cooldown. Overall, the drones could be seen as a cross
between Zenyatta and Symmetra’s abilities. Like Zen’s orbs, you would need line of
sight to first assign a drone to an ally or enemy, but then it likely wouldn’t need
to maintain line of sight afterwards in order to stay active. This is compensated by the fact that the drones
themselves can be destroyed, and they would likely require line of sight in order to be
recalled for reassignment. This aspect of assigning and reassigning drones
may sound a bit micromanagy, but that could actually play into Overlord’s overarching
design, which I’ll discuss more towards the end. However, now let’s get to the second major
component of his kit, which is flight. Now again, when I say flight, I mean true,
unlimited airbourne potential. Not limited flight like Pharah or D.Va, but
more like what Mercy has during Valkyrie. I will admit that this could be extremely
powerful, but not necessarily OP if the rest of his kit was balanced appropriately. His flight and high mobility could be offset
by a relatively low overall health pool for a Tank, possibly only being around 300 or
400 total HP. He’d undoubtedly be an easy target for snipers
and hitscans while flying, which would give him the same sort of counters as Pharah and
force him to need to be more careful with his positioning. Another thing to note is the position of his
head hitbox. While it would make sense for the cockpit
to be the critical spot on his mech, the fact that his is located on the top of the mech
instead of the front would make it incredibly difficult to hit, especially if he’s constantly
airbourne. Therefore, he may have an additional critical
spot on his mech’s wings, right here where we see the propulsion systems. This could allow him to be headshot more easily
from the ground, and having these two weak spots in addition to his cockpit would make
him much easier to counter, which would be important for a hero with this amount of extreme
mobility. Shifting back to the pros and cons of being
able to fly, perhaps the biggest issue I’d see with an ability like this is that players
would just fly up to a high corner of a map and camp there the entire match. They wouldn’t be able to contest, but they’d
still be able to spam drones at people, which would likely end up feeling unenjoyable for
all parties involved. So in order to prevent something like this,
he’d likely have a set range from which he can actually assign his drones. This would force him to remain at least relatively
close to the action in order to use his abilities, and if this still isn’t balanced enough,
then he may also have a range limitation on his drones after they’re deployed. Straying too far from his active drones would
cause them to deactivate, thus further adding to the importance of having good positioning
and map awareness while playing him. Another major issue with permaflight would
be how it controls for the player. I assume it would be the same as Mercy during
her ultimate where you hold jump and crouch to ascend and descend, and then navigate horizontally
using the normal movement controls. Aiming up or down will allow you to move in
that direction, and not inputting any movement directions would result in Overlord just hovering
in place. If this is the case, then flight would moreso
be a passive as opposed to an actual ability. Perhaps he could get an omnidirectional boost
ability like Hanzo’s lunge, which allows him to quickly shift while midair to either
dodge behind cover or close in on an enemy target. Overall I’m not really a big fan of these
kind of flight controls, but I don’t expect Blizzard to implement their own Overwatch
flight simulator for just one hero. Also there’s the issue of trying to navigate
doorways and corridors. Given that his wingspan is only slightly wider
than D.Va’s mech, I don’t think there’d be too much issue with being able to fit,
but having to sorta swoop down to go through narrow hallways could feel kinda wonky. Also, it would probably look absurd to have
this thing trying to fly around tight locations. This could factor into him having varying
strength on different maps, as he’d almost certainly work better somewhere open like
Junkertown versus Horizon Lunar Colony. Again though, while the issues of size and
flight are existent, I don’t believe them to be so extreme that Blizzard couldn’t
find a way of working around them. Looking at the other parts of his kit, his
primary fire would definitely be this main gun we see on the front of his mech. This could function in a number of different
ways and its use would likely depend largely on his drone and flight abilities. It might have steep falloff damage, thus further
encouraging the player to not just camp out at the top of the sky all match. I strongly suspect it’d be comparable to
Wrecking Ball’s primary fire, where it’s useful but really not the primary focus of
his kit. Also the two arms which kinda stick out on
his mech are almost certainly so he can melee punch. I mean, I see no other use for them, nor do
I see any other way for him to melee outside of just body slamming. This now brings us to his ultimate ability,
which unfortunately is the part of his kit which I’m the least certain about. Looking at the other Tank ults, they’re
all forms of crowd control, area denial, or both. I feel that his would fall into the category
of area denial, much like D.Va’s, although I’m not sure having him self destruct just
like her would be particularly interesting. In fact, I’m also not convinced that he’d
have an ejected pilot form, as his mech seems to lack the same easy eject hatch that’s
on D.Va’s, and the fact that we see him being helped out of his wrecked mech in the
short makes me even more assured of this. Besides, two ejection capable heroes seems
a bit excessive for how gimmicky of a mechanic it really is. Regarding the ultimate, though, I don’t
know, maybe it’d make use of his flight ability and he’d carpet bomb a specific
area. The bombs themselves would be self destructing
drones which just fly downwards and explode on impact. It’d kinda be a hybrid between Wrecking
Ball’s mines and Pharah’s Rocket Barrage. It’d do a lot of damage, but takes a bit
of time for all the bombs to fall, thus functioning more as a zoning ult instead of a straight
up damage dealing one. If I ever revisit this Overlord hero concept,
I’d like to focus more on fine tuning his ultimate, but for the time being I think carpet
bombing could work well with the kit I’ve proposed. Overall, he’d be a hero who doesn’t require
extreme mechanical skill, but has loads of potential when it comes to game sense and
map awareness. Depending on how the drones function, he could
even feel akin to playing an RTS, complete with the pseudo overhead view of the battlefield
from his airbourne mech and the micromanaging of multiple units. This would even strongly tie in with what
little we know of his lore, since “Overlord” is a rather obvious reference to the Starcraft
Zerg unit of the same name. While Overlord specifically hasn’t been
revealed to be a former pro gamer like D.Va, D.Mon, and King, the reference in his name
makes it seem likely. Who knows, perhaps he’s adopted the Starcraft
pro status which was once attributed to D.Va. Maybe, Blizzard’s intent to add him as a
hero was the real reason D.Va’s backstory got retconned. Regardless, I think Overlord has a lot of
potential to be a future hero, and while these abilities I’ve proposed certainly would
need a lot of fine tuning, I think they are absolutely viable. Also I haven’t delved into the specifics
of things like the health and damage output of him and his drones since those seem like
minor aspects which can’t be accurately pinned down until the hero itself has been
actually designed and tested. But anyways, let me know your thoughts on
this Overlord hero concept by leaving a comment down below! As I said, this is by no means a complete
hero, so I’d love to hear your own ideas for how he might work! If you enjoyed this video then leave a like
and share it with a friend if you really liked it. Subscribe and hit the bell to keep up with
all my future Overwatch content, and follow me on Twitter for even more updates. This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Overwatch – FLYING DRONE HERO? (MEKA Overlord New Hero Concept)”

  1. Awesome video! That seems like an amazing concept and I would love to see it in game! I do wish he could have an out of mech use like diva though, as we just received a hero who is only in mech (wrecking ball). So I feel like it may get repetitive, especially if the ults and gun are similar. So maybe he should take after d.va a little bit. Maybe he could even use a similar gun to d.va, obviously not a direct rip off but something in the pistol category. But it’s all up to blizzard to make the decision so I guess we really won’t know for a while.

  2. If the Starcraft thing is true, i can see him having some references to Zergs in his kit, similar to Symmetra's Portal references

  3. OkAy but overwatch should add echo fighters ( like from super smash lmao ) or skins of different characters like we can have all the meka fighters for dva but different voice lines and different colors of the mekas ofc we can also have all the doomfist and we can get maxamillion for zen just a thought lol

  4. I don't think he's going to have perma-flight. Instead he's going to be on the ground with everyone else but he's going to be a bit above the ground like Zenyatta.

  5. I see drones, I get scared. For the love of god, pls no ai shooting shit like syms and torbs turret, they are destroying the whole purpose of a fps

  6. Idk about it being a tank. It wouldn’t have any damage mitigation. It’s kit seems more like a support. It wouldn’t be a particularly good tank since they are meant to take damage and stay with the team, but you can’t peel while in the sky. Here’s my design for him as a healer

    (Rmb)Drone: He can deploy 3 drones (I made it 3 instead of 4 for balance purposes), which fly to allies similar to that of zen, and it heals for 25 hp per second. They will shoot back at enemies attacking your teammate and heal them. Line of sight is required to be placed but after that they can be anywhere. They can also stack on to an ally, so when all 3 are placed on an ally they do 75 hp per second. They can be destroyed and when destroyed they take a while to come back, but he can move them with a cool down of 1 second.

    (E) Scout: He shoots himself up into the air and everything he sees in marked for 3 seconds and the wall hacks begins to pulse for a few seconds

    (LShift)Jet propulsion: he shoots himself depending on where he is looking. After using it he can’t change the direction but can cancel it. It’s on a low cool down

    (Q)Drone Immortal: all allies with drones on them gain temporary invulnerability. Similar to be the healing works, one drone equals 3 seconds of being immortal and all 3 equals 9 seconds of being immortal, you can still be knocked back, stunned, etc. It could play like combo ult, or as a defensive ult, since currently there is no main healer with a defensive ult. They also can’t get healed in this state

  7. "can't be support because it's not yellow", that is the weakest answer I've ever heard. I think your stuck on the idea that a big suit means tank. I like the idea of dual function drones, but why not shield and heal? You showed a still in the last Overlord video that showed him firing a beam from the mini gun, yet no mention of this. He doesn't look very offensive, but he also looks a bit fragile. I'm sorry, but I still feel very strongly about this being a Support character. Maybe not primary healer, but still in that category.

  8. Maybe he has an ability where he switches between just normal Zenyatta-esc hovering, and flight mode like Mercy, and once it's active, it takes a little bit, like 2 seconds of going in one direction to actually speed up like a real life flying vehicle, it would be a toggle ability. I also think the eject should be a feature as well, just because it would make him more relevant to the overall MEKA theme. But I digress, I REALLY want him to be in the game! PLEASE JEFF!

  9. Its a good idea. I also thought about maybe an electric omnic type hero that was created/repaired by Winston and gave it electric weaponry like his Tesla cannon, but where its more or a DOT like ana, but kinda fires like zen's. Then all his abilities would be focused around electricity and his ultimate would also be electricity based but more like an area denial with massive electrical damage,

  10. Im kinda thinking he could be a dps, you guys know those types of characters that can output the same damage as a dps but be an off tank as well? Maybe his minigun is his only accurate form of damage

  11. Don’t forget that mechs are replaceable we could see him piloting a much smaller mech with a different design for gameplay purposes and character diversity

  12. I just thought of a new ability for mercy where basically she flaps her wings which sends a healing ray forward going through teammates until hitting a wall. It could also do a little damage going through enemies. I would imagine it being like a reinhardt fire strike but side ways, and a little bit wider, just a thought

  13. I think Overlord will be a healer.
    The drones, are similar to a fan idea, where it was a girl who sent up to three magic fish that would heal characters over time, like Zenyatta. Blizzard saw this idea, and loved it…So this could be their version of it.
    Overlord would probably be a secondary healer, and D.vas friend would be the main healer of the squad.
    I also feel like the name might hint at it, he’s an overlord, so he’s over looking everyone, to make sure they’re safe.

  14. 8:01 what if his wings could fold in and little legs could come out the bottom when you press a certain button

  15. This is a cool idea, I love hero design speculation.
    I don't like the idea of the weak spots on his wings coz you can hit them from anywhere.
    I think he could be a support, OW doesn't have any color to class bias, otherwise Genji couldn't be green.
    Blue also represents attack boost, so that could be his main way of supporting.
    The arms could be used to carry allies as he flies, being a support by giving any hero flight would be pretty crazy.

  16. I'd like him to be able to extend his arms and lift or even indefinitely ferry players who interact with it essentially making them driver and gunner. I know that's a bit of a difficult thing to design and balance, but hey we have sym's tele.

  17. He's gotta be a support as D.Mon looks like the anchor tank. D.Va off tank and the other 2 look like Damage dealers. Also I think a flying squishy tank sounds like it wouldn't be that fun

  18. What if for his ult his drones surround him and he deploys a cyclinder shield that moves with him and the idea his he flys over his allies to shield thier deathball.

  19. more critical spots + low hp + limited range for placing drones, pretty sure that would make him almost useless. i think he will only have 1 crit spot and for good reason. most good snipers hang out up high so they can easily deal with him unless hes constantly moving. also soldier should be able to melt him just fine.

  20. Dude you obviously put so much effort and thought into your videos with good structure and just the right amount of explanation. Keep being awesome mah dude 👍🏻

  21. Hey so I did throw out WB as a hero 28 candidate during the Junker Queen hype, and now I have another random thought.
    DVA learnt to shoot playing 16 bit hero, and the 16 bit hero player icon looks similar to the suit in Moira's origins background. Maybe Talon recruited a meka pilot and that's their mech???

  22. For an ultimate for him stick to the idea of carpet bombs however they're drones that don't explode. Instead these drones would automatically drop out the mech and fall to the ground. Each drone would be stationary but they are all connected with blue beams of light, from the enemy view this would be red beams instead. Basically it would act like the traditional laser beam trap that you'd think a spy would run into, where they do some next level flips to get through. This would how the beams connecting each drone would look, except when you go through the beam, it would do damage and heal the overlord who placed them In the first place. You also forgot about an alt fire. His primary is the small gun he has, his shift would be his evasive maneuver, E would be where he selects one of two drones but what about his alt fire. I'd say give him another ability instead of an alt fire, this would be single target and can be applied to one ally at a time. Whilst active, the ally becomes immune to all CC for 4 or so seconds. If they don't receive any CC during that time then they are given temporary shields

  23. My Weird Idea
    The Drones Should Have Lots Of Different Varieties, With Four Deployable At A Time.
    Every Time You Spawn A Drone, It's A Completely Random Class.
    Some Ideas Are
    Fight: Basic Low Health, Basic Low Damage, And Used For Mid Ranged Combat
    Tank: A Bit Higher Health, Slower, And Charges The Enemy Dealing Low Melee Damage
    Sniper: High Range And High Damage, But Only Has 1 Health
    I Have More Ideas, But These Were The Most Basic Ones

  24. I would make him have three shield drones and one attack. The attack drone would slowly rotate around the player and would be a few feet ahead of them. The ultimate would be flight evac, where he would go into the air and get out of the mech with a charge rifle that does 70 damage half charged and 140 fully charged. The mech would shield all in a aoe . He can only walk with in the aoe and can get on top of the floating mech for a sniping advantage. He would have 300 health in the mech and 150 out. After the ultimate is done he is forced back into the mech. And his gun would be a overheating automatic.

  25. seeing as its obvious that in the lore, both Pharah and D.Va do have much longer spans of flight than they do in game, they wouldn't give Overlord infinite flight. If anything, he might be able to boost off the ground every once and a while, but he would mainly float, like Zenyatta.

  26. I want a drone character that has drones that they manually control, similar to the ones in Rainbow Six Siege or Junkrat’s Rip Tire

  27. with all your hero concept vids I feel like they are added and you are going over what they can do, then I remember and im annoyed that they haven't been added yet also why not have him looking down from above

  28. I've noticed that the picture they show has repair time and the blue one doesn't look like it's about to finish but the yellow one does.

    so I don't think they are going to add the blue one the logic doesn't make sense.

  29. Hey i saw u make vids about new chars, so maybe if you know about theese overwatch elements you can dev even better chars! its all based on a comment i did in another vid

    (and it was really good) so pls just "Check this if you want to be better at Deving Chars!"

    moira's yellow substance is one of overwatch's 4 natural elements: BIOTIC, the others are light (blue) from barriers, Mobility (Green) and Anti-Bio/Discord/idk-wtf-that-thing-is-called substance (dark).

    aparently theese elements can be mixed to get other effects: Mob+Bio= CC immunity; Bio+Antibio= hp drain; Light+mob= temporary barrier (lucio ult and Doomfist's passive), i think they added a new element: Fire (Ashe and Törb), which finally is an element that (maybe) we can understand because we have a simillar element in (welcome to my– i mean) our reallity (no Communist reference intended)

    Maybe if you add a more concentrated/strong version of that substance you get even more effects, like Bio+bio+AntiBio = BioNade (looks like a soda's name tho)

  30. 250 hp/barrier.surport
    oh the drones will fly around him like koopa shells and shoot constantly like dva but less damage
    booster on shift, zarya project barrier on e, like reaper will have 2 hit boxs 250 him 50 drone. he will only take 249 damage so u have to hit drone then reaper. ult give all 20 barrier perminantly

  31. i basically miss old symm so this is surport symm with barrier that prevent heroes from dying at 1hp, so instead of healing its i have 1 hp and 50 barrier u have to hit the drone!

  32. Ive only just seen this concept, I'd prefer his flight to work similar to Mercy, but since I play Console I'd rather since he's constantly flying, have A he ascends and B he Descends, this way you aren't messing up your aim, you can travel forward without holding A to remain at one steady height

  33. A word on his ultimate. I think that having the arms just for melee is a little weird. Instead, what if his ultimate was very fast charging (Tracer fast) and allowed you to pick up an enemy and fly off with them for a bit. Like a Reinhardt charge, but fully controllable. Maybe something like 5 seconds. The only limitation would be that you couldn't just fly over a hole and kill them. Also, there could be some sort of breakout mechanic, like spamming space bar enough times to force the Overlord to drop the enemy.

  34. It's funny they announce the new hero on the same day you release your concept although they're both healers so that's cool

  35. I agree with most of your points. Though I few I'd tweak. For instance, I don't think unbound flight is balanced in any way. I believe he should hover like Zen, and his ultimate should involve flight. As for the drones, I like the idea of providing shield, but I don't think they should act as DPS. I feel he should be more of a main tank so as to contrast D.va.

  36. I’m sorry but I have to disagree, Overlord should definitely be support, but my idea is a little different then most. You see, I think that because he is in the MEKA squad, he, like the tank voters say, should be beefy, well I say he, as a support, should have 400 health. Now hear me out on this, to balance out this incredible advantage of being beefy as support, I also say that he should be unable to deal damage, yes, overlord would be incapable of dealing damage by himself, and by extension, unable to defend himself from the enemy team. This is the only way I can think to balance him while making him still make sense as a character. His main fire would be similar to baptiste, with his health grenades he launches, this concept would essentially be what overlord does. In my mind he fires out healing orbs of energy (giving him an infinite clip like D.va) that will either lie on the ground waiting to be touched by teammates, or hit them, so his base healing does require a level of accuracy. However here is what makes Overlord unique, his alternate fire, is the same as his main, however it generates shields instead of heals, using either form of fire, will swap the mech between shield and heal mode, this comes into play with the drones, which I agree should work like zenyatta’s orbs, and will follow the players you give them to, he will have 4 dispensable at once as his art suggests, and depending on what mode overlord is in, the affect of the drones will change from healing to shielding from a far, or while they are with him, the drones when you decide to return them, will heal you or give you shields based on how much they did when they were out, however the drones can be destroyed, and take a good while to regenerate. Then he also has flight as an ability, which works similarly to mercy’s ultimate, giving him flight and extra speed for about 10 seconds, this does take a good while to recharge. Then his ultimate, is something I like to call the circle of life, imagine mei’s ultimate only it’s a healing field (which he can also switch to shields) lasting for 10 seconds as well. Finally there is overlord without his mech, and yes, his lack of damage carries over to here as well, he has 200 health unlike D.va, and he can throw down little healing and shield pings as his fire, basically soldiers healing field only slightly less effective, he can use this to survive until he gets his mech back.

  37. As a Tank, he could shield his allies with at least 4 or 2 drones depending on balance. A Tank should absorb damage for the team since shielding isn’t considered support, according to the game team. I’m totally on board with having him included cuz it can expand on D.vas relationship with her team; his mech being very unique compared to other hero silhouettes; and (a minor note) his base color of blue in contrast to D.vas base color of pink. Plus I, erm, subconsciously ship the two (Sorry dae, but you did sorta get friend zoned). Of course we need more Tanks and Support. I completely agree with you Master, however I’ve seen the passive abilities on the wiki and seeing Mercy’s I believe he can be like her and have 2. Like Dva, he can Eject only when his mech is broken (kinda different from her), yet his Ult could be something else. If any thing they can make it like the Overlords Generate Creep from the Starcraft games or some bomb that uses reserve from the mech. I’m not certain, just a few suggestions. The second passive ability would be his true flight like you said. Every other concept you explained is good enough for me. However if he comes from the same organization as D. Va, chances are theirs going to have some design similarities like ejection for the sake of the pilot. You know, like Brig and Rein. Similarities aren’t bad, Smash Bros has Echoe Fighters (clones), so another Meka pilot shouldn’t be such an outcry. Maybe he can be floating like Zen on the ground but have his rotors slightly glow from them going faster alerting the enemy of vulnerability when he takes flight. Hammond didn’t create his mech, the same org that made D.vas mech made his. Perhaps when he ejects, he leaves from the front whereas D.va leaves from the back. I like this boi, and If any of the Mech team will make it in he should be first. Plus have you seen how much American rep the heroes have? I got nothing against that but one more Korean kid wouldn’t hurt would it? There are others as well but that’s all.

  38. Good concept overall, but I would change his damage drones out and have him get another more supporting tank ability, such as creating a wind shield from his mech’s hands which slightly lowers damage per hit taken from an enemy shooting through it ,if the attack was ranged (lowers the velocity) this could also push back enemies, doing minimal damage and maybe even disabling movement abilities while enemies are being pushed back

  39. Just had another idea as a support tank, his ally drones when on teammates could act as a layer of defense against splash damage, so if a pharah rocket lands next to you it could block half of the splash damage, however this would also destroy the drone.

  40. I was thinking his arms could be used for his ultimate were he could grab two players on his team and Cary them around

  41. I'm just starting this, so i'ma say what I think it is

    passive: eject like d.va, except with a machine pistol, like Sombra's

    primary fire: quad mg
    150 ammo
    15 bps
    60 dps
    4 sec reload

    alt fire: send out drone (see below for details)

    ability 1: drone switch: allows him to do 2 things with his drones: heal or damage
    heal: can be put on himself and teammates. heals at 20 hps and lasts until destroyed, or called back
    damage: put on enemies. does 20 dps and will stay on enemies until they die, are destroyed, or called back
    drones have 100 hp and can be deployed in any ratio (4-0, 1-3, 2-2, ect)
    max drones deployed: 4

    ability 2: call back: calls back all drones of 1 type (4 second cooldown)

    can fly like pharah

  42. Ide definitely try to play him if they add him I don't mind being a supportive member. but he's definitely add worthy due to this ability info I just hope it happens but I'm not impatient. blizzard may we give you plenty of patience ^_^👌

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