NXP hover drone kit for NXPHoverGames First Unboxing and review.

****Uplifting music*** Hello everyone this is Mayur here and Today i have here with me aaa NXP Hover drone kit That I got from A hackathon Basically I got a coupon for at least 50 % discount And the last drone i build I was not that much successful in that And this one I am Going to build and In this Whole Video series I shall show you how This Whole drone So basicallly this drone kit is part of hackathon the main theme Of the event is to build some devices that can help fire fighters link is in the description I shall continue with the unboxing video ok So there are some packing material here lot of packaging There is another box these are the papers We have one small box and everything will be in it This is from the same company/package We shall continue with the unboxing further This one is from flysky I think i ordered the uk model we need to see There are some specifications here Range, bandwidth frequency How much weight and all let me keep this here another box oh they have also given some cool stickers I think this will be for labeling the electronic equipment’s on fmu let m keep this one here. S**t We shall continue we had some power outage as i way saying we are going to build this drone and i am going to share you the entire process. This the logo and handout they have given They have given safety information, pre flight check list, Environmental condition. operations and info on liability I think these are the electronics of the drone kit. there is a another big box So here we are with next phase We have taken out all the boxes. and now we shall open each one of them So this i definitely the base and the chassis Honestly between you and me I am a total noob (novice) in the drone building I don’t know If i will be successful into this venture This is definitely the base mounting People were saying that People were saying (forums) that they are very weak and First one to go on landing on a strong landing.

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