Nothing But Sand, Waves, Stars, & The Moon ~ Beachdocking

Nothing But Sand, Waves, Stars, & The Moon ~ Beachdocking

you good afternoon everyone
days two and three out here at Padre Island National Seashore on day two when
I woke up I did have somebody attempt to literally park right there I was up
drinking my coffee in the morning and I came out and I as politely as possible I
said hey guys did you know that there are 17 miles of beach here where you can
park your RV take a look 17 miles you would think
that would be pretty obvious but I have this thing where everyone is drawn to me
to park next to me despite the natural beauty of 17 miles
of camping coastline here just laughing about it but did have to point that out
at least I love it out here I’m sad that I have to leave tomorrow
but I have been notified that it’s time to go back to Livingston to pick up a
few things and take care of a few things so since this is my last official day
and night Padre Island one of the best free camping places I’ve been to in 2020
at least probably in the last six or seven months
tell you what though it sure is nice having Sun and solar at the beach so
that I can just live comfortably out here and not have to run the generator
or anything that is cool I know it looks like there’s a plenty of sunshine and
warmth out here but it’s not the warmest I’ve been out here
daytime highs struggling to hit 55 and the nights are down into the 30s however
tonight I’m gonna watch some TV outdoors once it gets dark I’ve already got my
projector screen back here and I’ve set up my little van key oh I had to tape it
down because it’s windy at the beach obviously so it’s taped bungeed and then
down here something new I buried the legs about three inches
covering him back up with sand got my milk jug pushing down and I’ve been kind
of testing this out here for the last couple hours to see what it’s doing the
device itself really isn’t moving so I think we’re good
just wait till it gets dark hook up my HDMI cable that’s over there and
everything and I’ll have the waves to my back while I watch TV on the screen here
I think it’ll be nice I never claimed to be roughing it guys he kidding me no and
I’ll enjoy it I’m out here to make memories I can look back and laugh say
well I was cool I’m all bundled up layered up so I can spend a few hours
outside and I got the TV hooked up over here although it’s obviously not dark
enough the projector is it’s getting there though another 30 minutes here
it’ll it’ll look good it’s not bad it’s just not as clear as it will be later so
I’m just like okay get it set up and I’ll fine-tune focus it later but and
this is living man as funny as it is this is living I’m camping y’all
whatever man Eric all campers are supposed to be minimalists I don’t know
where you heard that ain’t me here’s a better shot of what it really looks like
guys as it gets dark just want to show you but it’s too dark to film outside
so I’ll catch you in the mornin join the race you’re just bathing in the sand
before we leave well as we leave there’s there’s two more pieces of the whole
camping on the beach type situation that needs to be taken care of and one is the
sand now yes a lot of people like to sweep as they go or vacuum as they go I
literally don’t even see a point so I don’t mind if Jack’s roles are down in
the sand during our 3-4 days here but eventually
when it’s time to go and I come in and brought all my stuff inside and I’m not
going out to the beach again it is time to literally
I’ve got sand everywhere in the RV because every time you open a window it
comes in but you kind of tackle the sand issue funny thing is the sand is the
same color as my floor so it really blends in and you can’t even really see
the sand very much but if we look at the blood right there yeah it it’s covered
and it’s it’s everywhere another good example if we go into the bathroom you
can see the shower mat right there the toilet mat yeah it it’s everywhere help I’ll do it myself thanks and it doesn’t really matter because
even after vacuuming I’m still going to be finding Padre Island sand for years
to come it’s still worth it though alright I am all showered all cleaned up
in the RV packed up ready to hit the road kind of sad and they got to be
careful out here with that wind you really don’t know what this microphone
does to help me be able to record usable audio so got some beach to drive on but
low tide has left we are now working our way towards high tide so obviously got
two lanes yeah alright but we’re not done so gotta take care of a few things
so get out of here hang on a couple things I want to show you here at this
dump station real quick first of all my neighbor there in a 32-foot ish classe
here and it’s not your typical class a look at the tail-end how it goes up it’s
a class a toy hauler you really don’t see too many of these
beautiful now I dumped my tanks there’s no drinking water right there also
there’s a sign right here vehicle rinsing or washing prohibited
the reason why that is there well more more later but they have clean water if
you drive up here it says clean drinking water with a blue nozzle right there so
I will top off on the way out but yeah the second thing besides vacuuming and
cleaning the inside of your RV the second thing you must do in my opinion
is at least rinse off the undercarriage of your vehicle when you leave the beach
because that sand and insult underneath there can cause rust and and issues if
you don’t take care of it and I want to take care of Miranda so they don’t allow
you to do it here because too many people are doing it and it’s a waste of
water in their opinion here even though you can use the other water and fill up
as much as you want so I’m gonna hook up Google Maps on the way out of here I’m
gonna look for a self-serve carwash obviously they’re not all going to work
because they have clearance issues at most car washes so you can plan this out
probably a little better and go on Google Maps and do Street View and try
to see how tall it is but you can’t zoom in and see the clearance you know
13-foot my idea is just to pick four or five that are on the way out of here
towards Corpus Christi and kind of stop by and just see do they have one truck
bay or do they they have no roof on one which that’s not gonna be that’s not
gonna happen but ya want to pressure wash the underneath not gonna wash the
RV today but I want to put some quarters in a machine and wash the entire
undercarriage of the RV get all that sand in saltwater here’s another look at
this outlaw look at that thing that’s sweet what fun okay I’ll get back
on the road after I fill up my water tank you know what did my absolute best
to try to find a car wash somewhere around here and I struck out eight or
nine times they’re all either closed broken down the hoses and the brushes
are gone or just weirdly closed off with cones and and then of course a bunch
that don’t fit RV so honestly a great business opportunity would be to open up
an RV car wash your Corpus Christi or similar near Padre Island cuz you make a
killing out here I’ll keep trying I’m gonna close this video out guys had a
blast at the beach like I said gotta head north real quick so I’ll see you in
my next video bye guys

100 thoughts on “Nothing But Sand, Waves, Stars, & The Moon ~ Beachdocking”

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  2. That happens to me also, people camp right next to me. There’s all kinds of shoreline and sure enough they park next to me. People!

  3. Look for truck washes usually in close proximity to truck stops – also some larger RV "resorts" have 'em…on I-35W in COrinth, TX (just south of Denton) they used to have one…it even had elevated platforms to allow you to walk along the sides and get the roof cleaned off too… Ask the folks at Escapees, they should know.

  4. Great camera angle on the RC truck!! At first shot with wheels turning back and forth, I thought "that guy is gonna get stuck if he keeps…. oh crap! It's not full size!!"

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  9. #511 Good morning, Eric. I would worry about a rogue wave hitting the beach and really messing up your camp! Being a sailor I have seen large waves come out of nowhere. The Ocean is a Fluid Surface.

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  11. Just a idea for ur next trip! Go to a SEMI TRUCK WASH!!! They have a AWESOME UNDERCARRIAGE TRUCK WASH!

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  17. BEST LIFE EVER!!!!!! ❤
    You're AWESOME!
    Congrats on the weight loss challenge.
    What a GREAT day…you, Jax, toys and the beach.
    THANK you! 😁

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  25. Hey Eric look into Woolwax undercoating it is amazing I've done all 4 of my vehicles it's also a lubricant YouTube it👍

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  30. I have enjoyed your vids. If you ever want to come visit here in San Augustine, Texas about 80 miles north of Livingston, I would love to show you around. We are home of James Pickney Henderson, first governor of Texas, were the site of the first Episcopal Church and Presbyterian church west of the Mississippi.

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    Thank you

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  35. Where did you get 17 miles? It’s 70 miles of beach highway or you can go to the channel ! That’s a lot of beach highway. Looks amazing, I tent camped last year with my daughter in March and we did see high tide come to the dunes, however, we loved our bonfires!

  36. 🚌Nice to see your into RC as well. That's what my channel is all about, though I would like to combine the two, RV + RC💨

  37. Some people like community….to be close to another person's campsite, kind of like in a Walmart parking lot at night. So, they forget that they need to be on their own away from you 1/2 mile or so.

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