Nostalgic Neon Motels, Bagdad Cafe, & Abadonded Exploration

Nostalgic Neon Motels, Bagdad Cafe, & Abadonded Exploration

well good morning everybody from route
66 Barstow California is where we start today I’m gonna take the bike out a
little bit I’ve made one upgrade to my my bike
accessories and that is I got a full-face modular helmet I’ve had these
before they’re really super comfortable and easy to use because they open up
right here easier to get on my fat head and more just more comfortable and I’ll
feel safer they’ll be less wind noise my ears won’t ring as much my eyes won’t
water as much it’s gonna make me feel a little safer on the roads so got my full
face helmet I’m gonna get all the rest of my gear and batteries and we’re gonna
go explore Barstow California on route 66 this morning that’s right it’s early it’s 7:30 in the
morning this is my attempt to beat the heat I just missed ridin ol Roxy here so
this is my excuse for an early morning ride before we head out of town in
Barstow route 66 with the old bail air on the pedestal there ya and Barstow
California is full of these route 66 business corridor I don’t know why it
says Illinois we are in California we we’re at the other end but ok I know
what you think and Eric too straight route 66 videos featuring McDonald’s
what’s up with that well McDonald’s really hidden is
embracing the route 66 theme and I think it’s awesome as a matter of fact if you
are a business and you’re on route 66 and you don’t somehow incorporate that
into your business like Starbucks over there just plain nothing no effort check
out McDonald’s with the train cars that you can eat in outside oh yeah it’s
officially the Barstow station let’s go check it out inside by the way I am
super early they don’t really even set up this
station inside until lunchtime like 11:00 everything still tarped up I can
get a magnet problem if they have a magnet oh oh oh
Ronald Ronald wanted to talk to you Ronald I’d love what you’ve done over
the 56 keep it up we’re walking through one of those three train cars that I
showed you outside so you come all the way to the back sit here and eat food at
this Travel station in a legit train car that’s pretty cool so since this is a
legit still working you know train station and everything I think I think
that water tower up there is actually for the old steam trains that were here
I don’t think that’s for drinking water that’s pretty cool that they preserved
it to still the look look like a modern-day water tower of sorts and I
got to magnet walls here since they had quite the collection I actually got a
Santa Monica California magnet it’s got the pier and the ferris wheel and
everything because I didn’t have one in Santa Monica when I was there at the
start and I got a Barstow railroad route 66 station magnet for this particular
place because there’s so much here in Barstow there is no shortage of quirky
old route 66 themed motels around here the Stardust in motel with free HBO
yeah with vacancy y’all and evidence of route 66 all over the place I personally
like being reminded where we are constantly on the road not too many
roads paint it right on the road and just follow the brown route 66 signs and the cactus motel classic quirky road
side route 66 quiet nice rooms and at night this sign comes to life neon green
that cactus motel here’s the cactus oh it’s right across the street at the
route 66 hotel this one is closed up yeah another one bites the dust here
they got boarded up doors so yeah no vacancy here you got to stick to your
roots man it’s a motel soon as you start trying to call it a hotel yeah nobody’s
gonna come over it’s not route 66 enough you know alright and perhaps my favorite
of all here in Barstow the route 66 motel with almost a really old payphone
but no payphone in there huh free Wi-Fi round beds yes those are my favorite
kinds so the motel has some old trucks and cars outside between each hotel room
is like a route 66 garage type thing that’s open closer look at one of the
many garages between all the rooms complete with lots of route 66 stuff
yeah look at those taillights those Mopar taillights the Chevron gas pump
back there pretty cool little addition possibly the quirkiest motel in Barstow
here at route 66 motel ok the torch’s motel is right next door
to route 66 motel and they’ve got this cool painted mural get your kicks on
Route 66 hey we’re doing that riding a motorcycle starting in Santa Monica
California then we’ll head on into Flagstaff Arizona continue on over into
New Mexico then Texas and Amarillo and Oklahoma a little bit of Kansas on
the southern side Missouri Illinois with mr. Lincoln and yeah Main Street America
I love exploring on the old Mother Road guys there’s one more spot I wanted to
stop at but it’s actually not open for another hour it’s actually I’m gonna go
back to the RV make one more cup of coffee put the bike back on the RV and
Jackson iíll take Miranda back through one last time before we head east on
Route 66 to make one more stop okay all right all right
I’ll shower it up got my coffee there’s no tater haters here believe that place
I want to go visit opens in about 15 minutes so I’ll just pack up a few more
things and Jackson I’ll hit the road on the Mother Road what do you mean you’re
not ready yeah that all morning to get ready what do you have to do still Oh
yawn okay now you good good deal okay let’s
go are you kidding me for a third time in Barstow
I think it’s closed again randomly it’s Friday at 11:30 in the morning
everything is closed up I don’t get it this is the third this is the third time
this place this place is just never open Google says they’re open Tuesday through
Sunday this sign says only Friday Saturday and Sunday and boom boom on the
plus side though route 66 is going up into the mountains we may not hit triple
digits today depending on how far I get so we’ll just freestyle it for the day
how’s that sound all right route 66 here we come goodbye
Barstow Museum for a third time $4.99 a gallon and they are lined up for
$4.99 a gallon oh sorry but $5 a gallon for fuel California you are smoked out
okay we’re in Baghdad now Baghdad California on the Mother Road this is
probably one of the better paid versions of the back roads is this place open it
says cold beer and cocktails there’s a new berry springs now everything’s
closed every single thing here is closed but there is a human right there that’s
a good sign there is life on route 66 guys messy and
then every once in a while it looks like we’re out in the middle of the desert
right Oh pops up some random clue that something used to be here I mean this is
a neon Motel sign calling people in from the Great Mother Road right here it’s
just it’s kind of hard to believe there was ever power out here right although
there is it says there’s a cafe I would be highly shocked if the cafe is open
over there they do have an old Airstream out here outside Baghdad cafe that says
American Car Club into the wild impact dead cafe in reference to the movie when
he lived out of the bus in Alaska oh wow a lot of people have broken into
here and wrote their names lots of different years try our buffalo burger a
bunch of stickers there’s room for a nomadic fanatic sticker right there this
can’t be it says open 7 days a week 7 to 7 but originally built in the 1950s it’s
a world-famous restaurant location of the 88 film Bagdad cafe oh I know that
movie this cafe was in the movie it says seven days a week it’s you
oh yeah something I’m sorry I thought that was a joke I did not think it was
actually gonna be open it looked completely closed up didn’t it look at
all the dollar bills on the wall saying wow classic route 66 and that’s cool
historic Bagdad cafe kitchens closed but bid you sell some souvenirs here
come on no seriously I did not think that door was gonna open let me stand
back and get a better look at this did you guys think this thing was gonna be
open at all it’s all dark and none of the lights there’s no power inside but
she’s selling merchandise with cash only like shirts and t-shirts and stuff
strange so since they’re closed and not serving food does that mean I’m gonna
make it a whole day on route 66 without a 66 burger why are you licking your
chops why are you licking your chops kiddies don’t like ham kiddies like him
you want some ham how’s that pretty good then okay I was
gonna make a sandwich you’re even stealing my food now let’s see how it is
man it’s not a burger it’s a ham sammich uh-huh still delicious you wouldn’t like
it what’s this strange thing I believe you call it in a peel a @ peel a I’m gonna actually gonna pop Miranda and
autopilot here cuz I gotta stay refreshed I’m gonna go
get a drink stay straight
but you got to stay hydrated on the road it’s really really important
three she’s anything good on Oh Simpsons is on well you know what
I’ll have time later I’ll have time later that’s a carpet the carpet the carpets a
cop what look good and route 66 is a little creepy today
love it but I mean something burned down right there this apparently used to be a
gas station and to keep people out now they’ve added fence and barbed wire on
top of the fence I mean look at this old building generators regulators water
pumps and fuel pumps you typical route 66 garage no signs I’m going in the
stories this old place could tell this is the wood countertop now we’re going
back behind the counter lots of glass so I’m just gonna watch my step oh and lots
of nails in here also but yep these are gas pumps these are old gas pumps so
this may have been a gas station as well or they owned the gas station next door
and just brought the pumps here there’s the cradle right there part of a plastic
sign of advertising some kind maybe Pepsi look like not Chevron so it was a
Chevron gas station these are all acrylic yeah this is acrylic and what’s
left of the toilet yeah arc welding also ruins abandoned places all thanks to I
forty over there look at this one it’s got eyes ah he sees you and you’re
exploring he knows when you’re going into the old buildings now I’m not sure
what this was or what it could have been I just know they’re not doing anything
with it now now this building on the other side of route 66 you can see that
cyah next to my RV that little oval advertising who knows we may never know
what this place was I feel like it looks a little like a church almost from the
top area there but oh well they left the door open anyway
uh okay just watch your step cuz we don’t have a
full house here man what was it who knows okay yeah let’s
keep driving looking for a spot to boondock thank you find an RV park open
on route 66 no that’s okay though with a son we know we have now broke another record here on
the nomadic fanatic channel the hottest temperature I have ever been in in my
entire life not just YouTube logging but in my entire life it’s a hundred and
eleven degrees we got an extreme heat warning on my
phone it advises everybody to stay indoors well I’m running the a/c as much
as I can and we’re keeping it just at about 85 to 86 degrees inside the RV
just working as hard as I can not gonna be spending a whole lot of time outside
obviously but did want to talk about this because we are now officially in
the Mojave Desert here in California this is the Mojave Desert and it’s
record-breaking heat for this time of year although I’ll bet it’s often like
this for me this is unusual now all of the ash and lava burn off around here
pretty unique see that over there I’ll pop the drone up because that is an 80
thousand year old cinder crater there so it’s been inactive for quite a while and
there’s even like I said there’s that trail that leads right up over the rim
on a less than hot as hell day you can actually walk that and look right down
but since I have the drone I figure wouldn’t it be easier to just fly that
over there and enjoy it from the air-conditioned of the RV and yes I do
fly my drone with the controller inside the RV sometimes but I still have line
of sight through the window so yeah I got a piece all those people Eric’s
breaking rules not really but no it’s a pretty area and you’re you are allowed
to overnight park your RV you’re fully self-contained RV in this lot right here and I want to remind you all that I’m
putting everything I have into this YouTube channel and I appreciate all of
you for following my channel for liking my videos for subscribing sharing them
with your other friends I’m so excited about route 66 I can’t stop smiling I
love it so much I love route 66 so have a good night and please stay tuned at
the route 66 video coming up soon can I guess syncing both cameras right now I’m
trolling you guys hard oh here this is great actually gonna pop Miranda and
autopilot here no no no no no no now still totally worth it

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