New Russian forward-swept wing training plane SR-10.

New Russian forward-swept wing training plane SR-10.

MODERN AVIATION TECHNOLOGIES FLYING TESTS OF THE PLANE SR-10 -Allowing to perform the flight? -Performing flight allowed. -What is the lowest clouds edge? -Lowest edge – 550 meters. -Step 3. Speed 300. -Execute. -Tell me wind speed and direction. -Wind speed – 3 meters per second.
Direction – west. -Flaps are extended. Allow to go for landing. -Execute.

47 thoughts on “New Russian forward-swept wing training plane SR-10.”

  1. Стоит как вездеход шерп! Эх, мало в россии аэродромов в деревнях

  2. 2:01 LOL I love it!! I can almost hear them in the factory saying: 'Даваи полажы краску и паёхалы!!'

  3. что за огромные болты торчащие в кабине? сразу вспоминаю шутку: в России все что чинится ключом меньше чем на 20 – нано технологии:)))

  4. this fighter jet is so cool it is so much better then f16 and other american fighter jets out there RUSSIAN company that made this fighter jet they going to put new stuff in the cockpit but for now this is just for the test to see how it gonna be oh men this fighterjet is like little brother of yak 130 i love this kind of fighter jets small and fast and it can turn much faster that's what i like it is beautiful good job guys

  5. at 2.44 you see dried runny dripping paint behind the seat. Long bolts protruding around the cockpit bubble glass great to tear flesh.
    years ago talking to a Sri Lanka air force sergeant he commented on the crude build quality of Russian planes.

  6. put on a more powerfull engine and give this aircraft a missiles and bombs and it will be a cheaper light fighter than the MiG-29.

  7. Обратная стреловидность? Красиво)) Что это они решили на учебном? Может хотят примерится к новому поколению с обраткой.

  8. Yak-152 won a contest for military training jet. But for unknown reason Ministry of Defense ordered 4 prototypes of SR-10 in 2015.

  9. …who paintes te inside of the cockpit ? Did you see the runs on the paint ? How y'all gonna sell an airplane with this level of finish ?

  10. The Russian keep making good stuff when we stuck with the joke F-35 and beside I can't believe the navy give up on the F-14 to get that suck aircraft F-18 😡 thanks to the great GOD we still have the egale

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