Neptune – The Autonomous Sea Drone

Neptune – The Autonomous Sea Drone

Nothing is lost in nature especially the
plastic we throw away. What about the consequences of using fossil fuels? Millions of cars dependent on oil
release gases that slowly kill us. This is way I’ve always dreamed of building a machine
that generates its own energy, so we can travel freely without contaminating the land
and depleting its resources. I’ve started few years ago working on a project of designing high
efficient electric cars. But today I’m inspired by the sea
and I’ve got this idea: OK, electric cars are amazing,
but why don’t we build a vessel powered by wind and Sun? Running in water is high more efficient, enough to balance the energy
produced by renewable nature forces. This means free and sustainable movement without worrying of running out of oil
wherever you want to go… And the technology is available
from a thousands of years so we only need to improve it. Neptune is a concept of an
energy independent, self driving Sea drone
for research and exploration. We start with creating some test models. They help us to master our skills
in vessel design and to test the technologies
we want to integrate, until we raise enough
financial resource to build a real working prototype. It will be able to
explore the sea with no limitations… Energy produced by solar and wind, sensors and cameras for
recording the environment, artificial intelligence for
autonomous control and ability to dive underwater. This will be only some of its features. This project will help us to observe the way we humans interact with water in rivers sea and the ocean, giving us a clear idea of where the problems and
contamination come from… And we’ll share everything with you hoping to inspire you
to be more responsible… Responsible for plastic you throw, for fuel you burn, for spending water and electricity etc. I know it’s hard but we have to do it because of our children and their future. THANK YOU!

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