Nameless RC Malaysia : Episode 1 – Budget Mini UAV

KODOX : Hi I’m Wan KODOX : And er.. I am Wan DJLILG : Hi I’m DJ
KODOX : I’m Wan Kodox Today we will try to maiden this mini UAV DJLILG : A 400 sized KODOX : I tried to get the cheapest items cheap motors, cheap frame this frame costs around RM60
DJLILG : What motor is it using? KODOX : Angel motors
DJLILG : Angel 800kv KODOX : Under sunnysky company
Using 3000mah 4 cell lipo DJLILG : How about the ESC? KODOX : F20A, a 20amp esc and using FrSky with failsafe we have power module for APM We choose APM I forgot! Ardupilot Mega for copter …
Arducopter! Using firmware 3.1 with autotune
feature DJLILG : And what is this? KODOX : This is a pole
(laughing) DJLILG : Not that one, this one on top
KODOX : Oh, GPS built in with compass DJLILG : The compass is inside?
KODOX : It’s inside You may get this (APM / Arducopter supported board) in Malaysia
around RM400 DJLILG : How heavy is it?
KODOX : Under a kilo but without any payload DJLILG : For normal setup? KODOX : Yes normal for those who just learned about UAV,
you can connect (APM) to your handphone
using a USB cable DJLILG : The prop is 9 inch9x4.7 KODOX : OK let’s try and fly throw it
No no!! (laughing) DJLILG : It’s in Loiter mode What is loiter? What does it mean?
Does it just do position hold or just altitude hold?
KODOX : Position hold lock and altitude hold
lock There is quite a number of modes on APM We may set position hold only
Can go up and down at the same spot If you want to go to the clouds Return to launch and loiter … at 2 meters DJLILG : Return to launch
hover at 2 meter height Like warthox flying…? (laugh)

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