75 thoughts on “Mystery surrounds Amazon cargo plane”

  1. All aircraft should be fitted with ejection seats! Where’s the technology? Doesn’t take rocket science to bloody figure this out 🤨

  2. 2:13 "… a woman who was partly sucked out…"
    Typical no-nothing story reader error: The cabin is pressurized to a level higher than the outer atmosphere. She wasn't 'sucked" out; she was blown out.
    Talking heads who don't take the time to learn about what they're reading.
    "I'm a reporter." No, your a teleprompter reader.

  3. Still beleiving in the highjacker narrative. Fools. The only steelframed high-rised skyscrapers ever EXploded was on that Day. The Whole complex was destroyed exactly 33 years after construction. The People worldwide lost their freedoms that day and it's getting worse every day.

  4. My guess is load shift. The tie downs for the freight failed which sent the load forward. It's clear the plane took a nose dive going on how fast it lost altitude. To much weight in the front will do that.

  5. Pure speculation, but no one ever speaks about Suicide by Airplane. No one ever thinks about how stressed out pilots are. We don’t know what divorce papers were delivered or bad doctor news that could be received.These are human beings that live in a world of shit like the rest of us and when we are above the clouds receiving our one half can of soda and peanuts ,we don’t know what the hell these guys are going through.

  6. My speculation is something they were carrying exploded and cut the wires that transfer data to the flight surfaces.

  7. You are substandard to your competitors. If you weren’t, you’d be a pilot for one of them and getting better benefits.

  8. “And there have been a couple of others overseas”

    This is relevant to the story, but he says that very dismissively as if they done care about them because it wasn’t in the us

  9. Have they checked the part in the elevator that caused three 727’s to suddenly nose dive? Something to do with the elevator locking in place in the down position

  10. Atlas Air has been cited by the FAA for improper maintenance procedures on 2 of their 747 aircraft, which lost parts while airborne. Doesn't seem to big a stretch this aircraft may have also not been getting the proper maintenance as well.
    Also, just because it is loaded with containers, does not mean a load shift is impossible. Look at Fine Air flight 101 for example, their aircraft were loaded with pallets. Except the ground crews had gotten in the habit of not engaging the locks, because while the aircraft was full, it wasn't an issue. When Flight 101 took off, the aircraft wasn't full, and the pallets inside broke loose and caused the plane to crash shortly after takeoff.

    This was likely a load shift, or poor maintenance, nothing more.

  11. Here's an F for everyone that lost their packages in this terrible accident. Also a nose dive in an aircraft as large as this I don't doubt the fact that they wouldn't have time to call mayday or anything like that.

  12. It's almost CERTAINLY Loadshifting.

    There is NOTHING more disgusting than shareholders having Quarterly meetings to decide on how much more money they can divide up between them to put into their bank accounts (and we're talking of 100's of millions of dollars here) While pilots are picketing outside because they can barely survive on the money they're receiving… This is Democracy for you… the perfect exonomic system hm!

    "1300 767's, only 2 have crashed in accidents". 9/11?
    edit: ok he mentiond it

  13. I remember when a lot of news used to be more professional, and less wild speculational, like this. This is EXACTLY what the news needs to be. None of this clickbait bullshit nowadays that pushes the Elites' agendas more and more so.

  14. Very well done journalism and reporting, I always see on the mainstream media a complete lack of even basic knowledge that goes into stories about aviation. This was a truly well made and well researched story.

  15. Friends, this is NOT a pilot fatigue issue!! Want a conspiracy; who was the jump seat passenger?! What interrupted the crews ability to maintain control, OR did they maintain control?!?! Hate to bust your bubble, but these reporters SUCK!!!

  16. Cockpit voice recorder says he "lost control" today? WTH, his speed would have prevented this from happening.

  17. Speaking as one who is a part of the airline industry, this was the best commentary I have ever seen from a news desk covering an aircraft accident.

  18. Cargo shift causing a aerodynamic stall? Similar thing happened about 6-7 years back. Think it was in Russia was a 747, cargo tie downs broke and plane aerodynamically stalled due to the sudden shift of weight in cargo bay and not enough power to pull up

  19. Sadly cargo has more stuff to go wrong. And they are always in the air around the clock. Cause of high high ecommerce.

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  21. My feeling is that it will turn out to be a weather related incident (possibly airframe fatigue/failure related also).

  22. Wonder if this is the same issue the Boeing Max are having :thinking: If so that's an issue.
    NTSB says it pulled up then did a nose dive. Just like the Max.

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