Mutt & Stuff – Dogs on a Plane

Mutt & Stuff – Dogs on a Plane

Hey everyone, guess what? we’re going on vacation Now remember we’re on the airplane you have to follow the rules okay Hey Calvin, we’re about to take off in and think we forgot someone Who? Zippy! Don’t worry. Zippy’s here! Captain, are we ready for takeoff? Copilot junior shades. Can I get you anything water? Kibble? A milk-bone? Then I think we’re ready to fly Excuse me cuddles, um It’s like a fun toy, but we do need to keep the main out clear Cuddles there are lots of great things to do in a plane. Fortunately, I brought my travel size activity wheel Arts and crafts what a great activity to do on plane Grandma, do you have an itch? Is there a doctor on board? I’m a veterinarian It’s Dr. Christina our favorite vet! that’s no emergency. It’s just an itch that needs more scratching That is amazing What’s that? A toy! Where’s the toy!? The dogs aren’t following the rules on the plane! Attention all dogs, this is your Calvin speaking. Tails up, ears out. I have an announcement. I think everyone forgot that we’re supposed to be following the rules so everyone can enjoy a nice flight Um lady attendant Janine, on behalf of all the other dogs Well, we want to say we’re sorry for not following the rules. You guys turned out to be the best plane travelers ever, huh? And just in time! That sound means a Captain Zippy has cleared us for landing We’re all officially on vacation we made it to Hawaii! Let’s go to the beach and celebrate with a doggy dance party! Thanks for joining us today! see you back at Mutt & Stuff! To see more Mutt & Stuff videos, hit the subscribe button below!

85 thoughts on “Mutt & Stuff – Dogs on a Plane”

  1. Alvin kiero ke me de es tu numero para enseñar a mi perro pastor alemán porfavor en ke pais enseñas

  2. me encanta la actitud la azafata, en el minuto 2:53 eres completamente excepcional ❕excuse me, is your name⁉️

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  5. I. Subscribe. I.really.really.
    Like. You're. Moves. And. You. Kelvin. You. Are sooooooo. Silly
    I. Also. Like. You're. Moves😃😄😆😄😁😃😀😆😅😂🤣

  6. 😲 "Enough is enough! I have had it with these monkey-fightin' dogs on this Monday to Friday plane!!!"

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