Morissette Amon Never Enough Reaction Wish 107.5 Bus – OMG TALAGA!

Morissette Amon Never Enough Reaction Wish 107.5 Bus – OMG TALAGA!

I have a tougher one it’s Dennis here
and I’m back I’m back with another reaction video today we’re gonna be
checking out more zet I’m on from the Philippines and she performs never
enough from the greatest showmen OST live on the wish bus 107.5 she’s singing
never enough from the greatest showmen if you haven’t seen that movie really
really nice movie plus you know I like actor Hugh Jackman not only easiest read
but he’s also Wolverine so anyways you’re new here make sure you subscribe
and turn on notifications so that you always be the first to see and in my new
reaction videos now that’s out the way let’s check this video prepared to be
mined below from her voice here I think that’s my expectations okay
wishing her all right I will link the original video
down below alright so this is from the witch 107.5 youtube channel never enough
heart told wish 107.5 so I have to do Dallas and she has that soulful voice in yeah she’s singing with her emotions as
well she looks like she’s gonna be in tears Oh you know I am because Fonzie already oh man jeez jeez she can easily sing those high
notes a oh my goodness please oh my goodness this makes you feel happy what you’re
saying saying this this girl damn Oh they’re heaven she’s so good man she’s
so good aha yeah I like I like this part when she
doesn’t Nevernever man please man which makes it look so easy to sing
this song oh my goodness oh damn geez alright
comment down below let me know your thoughts of Morsy as she performs never
enough at the wish bus 107.5 honestly mind blown
blown away from her voice man expectations were set expectations were
met and exceeded expectations actually crank it up a notch we’re now expecting
maybe like a nine and a half out of ten performance but no she did a 20 out of
10 performance in here it’s incredible her voice you know this is the sound
that comes out of her mouth the voice that soulful voice she can hit though
off those high notes you know really easily I’m torn because you know I’m
listen to Sarah Geronimo and she consumer the well and now Morissette she
can sing so well as well it’s like it’s kind of hard to choose which one’s the
best one between two of them so right now I don’t know what it is a lot of
comparisons between between these two you know some words
nobody’s comment down below let me know your thoughts of our her performance
here so also if you guys have know any performance from Moore’s that comment
down below let me know which ones you know worthwhile to watch
yeah really appreciate that one okay thank you so much for dropping by and
hang out me if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a like I really
appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos I’ll see you the
next one

18 thoughts on “Morissette Amon Never Enough Reaction Wish 107.5 Bus – OMG TALAGA!”

  1. I'm moving on from Sarah G because my reaction videos of Sarah G keep getting blocked! Glad there's Morissette Amon to fill that void!

  2. Hey Dennis!
    You should not miss this one!
    Get ready to be amazed!😳😳😳

  3. I told gonna be addicted with morissette performances, pls try to react her Secret Love song by little mix it's 125 millions views already and her own song Akin kana lang.

  4. Morissette Amon as always is a vocal beast 👑😍🇵🇭 she's a Queen for me like Charice and Regine Velasquez the three Greatest Filipina Singer for me👑😍. Watch more Wish Bus Akin Ka Na Lang, Against All Odds, Naririnig Mo Ba, Di Mapaliwanag. Asia's Song Festival 2017, MYX Performances😍❤️❤️❤️

  5. MORISSETTE DANCES – – RUN THE SHOW @ asap – JLO MEDLEY @ wish olympics event – MOTOWN MEDLEY DANCE Live in Laguna – Grand Opening Performance @ MADE Concert – CEBUANA @ MADE in Cebu Concert – Little Mix's POWER Dance @ It's Showtime – Little Mix's TOUCH Live in Dubai – Beyonce's IRREPLACEABLE Live in Dubai – Meghan Trainor LIPS ARE MOVIN' @ It's Showtime – Janet Jackson's RHYTHM NATION Dance @ asap – B E Peas' Let’s Get It Started w/ Sam Concepcion – Beyonce's SINGLE LADIES with Sam Concepcion

  6. MORISSETTE – – Akin Ka Na Lang [cc] (WISH) – Morissette in Korea @ 2017 ASIA SONG FESTIVAL – Morissette's Throwback + Resignation 2018 ASF – ALADDIN – A Whole New World – Sia's CHANDELIER @ PLATINUM The Concert – Morissette's DI MAPALIWANAG @ MYX – I Want To Know What Love Is @ MYX – Demi Lovato's STONE COLD @ MYX – Little Mix's SECRET LOVE SONG (WISH) – Mariah version AGAINST ALL ODDS (WISH) – Morissette's YOU AND I [cc] (WISH) – Morissette's Naririnig Mo Ba [cc] (WISH)

  7. At one point in time, Sarah said, she is a better version of me. But Sarah's fans would not agree to that. Just enjoy listening to them both. In time you will find out who makes you the happiest.

  8. Hai.. please react too
    -Lyodra – id do anything for love
    -Lyodra – and im telling you..
    She is 15 years old

  9. There are other artists in the Philippines that are equally as good as Sarah and Mori but are not getting the same recognition. I am sure folks will be suggesting them as well.

  10. Welcome to the kingdom of Morisette. You will be more amaze if you see her other videos. She can sing and dance. Check her latest sing & dance performance – link

  11. Kindly react to Morissette singing and dancing JLo medley songs with this link …

  12. Pls try to react Maori's cover of Arianna Grande's "Stonecold"… New subs dude from d Phil 👍😁

  13. Hi! Thanks for the nice words for our Mori.. in case you didn't know, Morissette was formerly a finalist of The Voice PH under Sarah G's team so Morissette also look up to Sarah as her mentor… they are both really good..I also love Sarah but I never get addicted this much to watching performances again and again as I am to Mori now.. this girl is incredibly amazing! There's a lot to watch from her..😊

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