Mitsubishi Zero, P51s, Corsair at Planes of Fame Air Museum

We’re at the Planes of Fame
Museum in Chino California. We’ve heard some great things about the museum
and we love air museums. We wanted to come down today to check it out
and go through to see all of their displays. [engine buzzing] We’re in the fliables hangar and this is
a B-25 Mitchell behind me. We saw about three or four
of these at EAA. It’s just cool to be able to come to the museum
and actually walk up and put your hand on it… …and feel something real.
And it flies. This is an ME109
Messerschmitt. This was an aircraft that was flown by
the Germans during World War II. We’ve seen a lot of American
World War II planes, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen a
German World War II plane up close and personal. [off screen]
– And it was in Pearl Harbor! – The movie, yes. It was one of the planes
flown in Pearl Harbor. This hangar commemorates
the U.S.S. Enterprise. She was a World War II
aircraft carrier. These are some of the aircraft that would’ve
actually been on that carrier. They’ve done a display down here that makes you
feel kind of like you’re on the flight deck. It’s very cool and some cool
airplanes in here as well. This museum has a lot of planes that are not only
fliable but some that are just in great shape. However, in the back, they
kind of have a graveyard. A lot of these planes have seen
much better days. Some of them are
just falling apart, but it’s really cool to walk through
and see them in this state… …because sometimes seeing a plane
absolutely pristine is awesome… …but seeing the way it is just sitting here
untouched, is pretty cool in its original form. I couldn’t find any information out on this plane.
There’s no plaque or anything. But it looks like it must’ve been
hit with a missile. This whole back end is
completely chewed up. You can see where shrapnel went through
the plane, in the engine and all that stuff. But the plane must have landed because
the rest of it is pretty much intact. That’s an impressive
sight. This is really exciting. I’ve never
seen a P-38 in person. They didn’t have it at the
Oshkosh Air Show. And there is one right over there
in that hangar. Behind me is the world’s only flying example
of a Mitsubishi Zero. This plane was captured by the Marines
when they landed on Saipan. It was loaded onto an aircraft carrier
and brought back to the US. This is amazing. I’ve never
seen one in person, let alone the world’s only
flying Mitsubishi Zero. How many air museums can you go to
and watch them fire up a plane… …and take it out, taxi it around
the airport for its first test flight. I don’t think they actually took it into
the air, they just taxied it around. They just finished restoring this
and they’re out testing it. That’s really
cool. The other thing is, they’re supposed to
be taking out their Corsair. It is going to I believe Missouri
or another air show. That should be starting up fairly soon. I’m hoping
we can catch that and watch it taxi out. The Planes of Fame Museum in Chino California
has to be one of the best we’ve been to yet. It has some incredible examples of planes that are
some of the only flying examples in the world. In essence, this is a living museum because these
two P-51s behind me, a P-51A and a P-51D… …both of these
fly. The A just flew in the air race
out in Nevada. We saw a Corsair take off, there’s an F-86
they just finished working on… …and it’s been firing up and
taxiing around the airport. They are wheeling planes out to get them washed,
to take care of them. And they do a big air show
every May… …where they take a lot of the planes.
That Zero will go out and fly. Pretty incredible to see
all this history here… …and the fact that they can fire it up
and take it right out. They’re also in the process of restoring a B-17
and they are taking donations for that. If you’re interested, we will put a link to that
in the description below. So that plane will be
a flier again. And that just warms my heart because I love history
like this and I love the old war birds. Thank you so much
for watching. If you haven’t already seen our Oshkosh Air
videos, we will link to those here. We also did a war birds compilation
from that air show. Be sure to
check that out. Thank you guys so much.
We will see you next time.

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