MINI DRONE Combien peut soulever CX10 – CX10 Poids max – CX10 quel poids peut-il soulever ?

Today I decided to test
lifting capacity of the CX-10 I appreciate your posts and read them carefully. So thank you to – MAELSTROM – for this great idea. Some may have already watched this video I made. As stated in the description so that’s a joke here is the proof. Each drone was fully loaded before each test. we will start with the CX-10A weighs 12.7 g without load. I fixed a small container on top of the drone. I fill The CX 10A now weighs 14 g it raises no problems with 1.3 g So I went to a container of the upper size. The CX-10A now weighs 16.8 g It raises 4.1g always without problems. Now 18 g for a weight lifted of 5.3 g. It always flies without difficulty. 18.4 g and 5.7 g raised. A 20.3 g or 7.6 g raised. The drone takes off but falls quickly. The last test to 20.6 g, 7.9 g raised This really is the limit Past to the CX-10C weighs him 15.1 g Add to start : a weight 1.3g. The total weight is 16.4 g As you can imagine it flies without
difficulty. Now 17.7 g in total for a weight lifted from 2.6 g still no problem 18.9 g and 3.8 g raised still no worries we will move to 19.3 g for a weight lifted from 4.2 g 20.2 g total raised to 5.1 g 20.4 g total raised to 5.3 g 21.9 g total 6.8 g raised We just reached the weight limit for the CX-10C The CX-10W weighs 17g without her extra weight. We’ll add him to start a weight of 0.9 g the total weight is 17.9 g Let’s go to 19 g or 2 g of weight lifted. Without surprise the drone takes off and flies perfectly 20 g or 3 g of weight lifted. Again no surprises Turning to 20.5 g or 3.5 g of weight lifted. The weight is very limited and the drone collapses. 29.9 g drone takes off even more. Let’s move on to the CX-10WD. It weighs 19 g without extra weight. We will start with 2.8 g. For a total of 21.8 g total weight. Test 24 g, 5 g of weight lifted No problem taking it off. 24.6 g or 5.6 g raised. I fill the container to the maximum
for a total weight of 27.2 g 8.2 g of weight lifted. No problem it takes off. It’s amazing. The winner is to my surprise the CX-10WD which raised 8.2 g hard but it flies for a total weight of 27.2 g I would have bet on the CX-10A, it is much lighter. In this video I am not talking about flying time which must be significantly reduced with the load. If you have ideas for videos, tested to perform or questions please leave them in comments I hope you apréciez this video, leave me an inch If you want to know more you can visit my YouTube channel or click on the links on the screen. thank you for watching Subscribe ! See You !

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