Mercedes-AMG: Sports Car vs Racing Drone | Drag Race

Mercedes-AMG: Sports Car vs Racing Drone | Drag Race

This is our racing drone which we use for drag racing this weekend. You are at 100 km per hour in under 1 second. We built that for only one
reason: be faster than the race car. This is just a standard carbon frame on a 4S battery. I just have 4×25 ESCs. I have the AMG GT. This is the standard road car.
And we have 476 horsepower and the torque, which is
really the most fun in this car, is 630. It’s like an explosion. From 0 to 100 it’s about… 1 second, maybe less. 1 second? It’s really
unbelievable. Because this car is around
4 seconds, which is, for a standard road
car, unbelievable. And if you are sitting in it, it’s really like: wooooooh! For me it’s unbelievable to see,
somebody is sitting next to you while he cannot
really see you but is only watching me through the camera. It was a fantastic battle against this unbelievable race machine. Yeah, I would like to do it again, for sure. Just bring more power then! Ok!

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  2. As a bit of context, the drone used in this video is quite outdated. Some of the parts used in it are from spring of 2016 and in the drone industry 2,5 years is a lot of time. There are a lot faster machines in use today. They should've at least built a modern drone when they spent so much time and money on the video.

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