Mavic Pro & DSLR  Manfrotto best camera backpack Bag Review UAV tech review

Mavic Pro & DSLR Manfrotto best camera backpack Bag Review UAV tech review

Welcome to this video today we are going look
at the bag that I use to carry my equipment when filming the Mavic Pro Documentaries. [Music] Ok this is the bag So in this bag I’ve got the DSLR, microphone
the Mavic Pro, spare battery, Mono Pod and you can also put a tri-pod on there as well. On the side here you’ve got the mono pod you’ve
also got an outside pocket where you can slip some things in like your phone or some spare
blade that I have here. So in here I’ve got a couple of bags, in the
first bag I’ve got the Mavic Pro and in the second bag I’ve got a normal camera bag for
the DSLR. In here you’ve got a space where you can have
SD cards and theres loads more pockets in here In here theres a place to put your laptop
I have a spare mobile phone in there but you can put your laptop so you could do some editing
on the go. Okay lets put that to the side. Ok this comes with the bag and this is what
I am keeping the Mavic Pro in. This morning I just put on for the first time
these leg extenders which are also able to be kept on inside of this inner bag. These are the leg extenders already on the
Mavic Pro. So it sits higher so it dosn’t get caught
in the grass. The remote control and in the bottom a spare
battery. So there is two batteries in there one on
the Mavic and one in the bag. This is a big size DSLR bag that you can also
fit in there. So normally the DSLR would be in here but
we are filming with one of them, there is even a spare 200mm lense in here is as well
so it gives you an idea of the size of how big this bag really is. [Music] So I hope that you’ve enjoyed todays review of
this Manfrotto sling bag. One of the things I love about this bag is
how snugly it fits, you can easily jump over fences jump run through the trees and get to the places
where we are filming with much ease. So until next time please remember to like,
share and subscribe and join us again in our adventure.

5 thoughts on “Mavic Pro & DSLR Manfrotto best camera backpack Bag Review UAV tech review”

  1. Thank you, this bag looks great. Handy for jumping over fences and running through fields with your Mavic and camera packed safely

  2. That looks like a neat compact bag. I've thought about buying the Manfrotto Advanced Befree Messenger Bag for a while, but this might suit me better ….. hmmmmm!

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