Mavic Mini | How To Replace The Propellers

To ensure flight safety you will need to switch the propellers if they are damaged, cracked, distorted, erupted or if the screws become loose Identifying propeller types Please use the original screwdriver and screws in the box to replace the propellers The propeller types can be identified by looking at the design of the silver stripes If there is one wide and one narrow silver stripe on the propellers tip and a raised mark next to the screw hole mount the propeller counterclockwise on a motor with a corresponding concave mark next to it If there is just one wide silver stripe on the propeller mounted on the motor without a mark on the aircraft’s arm How to replace propellers Place the screwdriver on the screws cross recess and rotated it counterclockwise to unscrew. To ensure flight stability replaced both propellers attached on the same motor old propellers and screws should be discarded Before attaching the new propellers remove the blue thread locker in the screw hole you can screw the old screws in and out multiple times to clean the screw hole Place the new screws into the screw holes of the propeller and insert the screwdriver into the screws cross recesses align the screws properly and rotate it the screwdriver clockwise until the screws are secured If you feel strong resistance check that the screws are inserted correctly If not, remove the screws and insert them properly Then hold the motor and rotate it the screwdriver until the screws are tightened firmly Check that the screws are securely tightened after replacing the propellers Gently pull on the propellers to check if they are attached properly hold the aircraft and turn it to one side to check if all the propellers rotate smoothly if not, repeat the whole process Flight stability will be affected if the propellers are not properly attached Please install the propellers by carefully following the instructions and check their conditions regularly to ensure flight safety

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