MAVIC 2 PRO REVIEW | Flying In Iceland

(upbeat music) – Hello from Iceland. I’ve been traveling through the Highlands with the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro and I wanted to share my experience with it so far. I’ve been using the original
Mavic since it first came out for my travel photography and video projects around the world. The Mavic 1 is an amazingly
compact and powerful drone but with the Mavic 2 it
basically made everything better and I’ve been having a lot
of fun with it out here. Let’s talk specs. Flight time, this is
supposed to last 31 minutes but in real world use it’s
more like 24 to 26 minutes. That’s still better
than the original Mavic. Speed, this thing flies very
fast at 45 miles an hour compared to, I think, 40 miles an hour with the original Mavic. The Mavic 2 also flies farther and it’s a little bit quieter, as well. (drone hums) The Mavic 2 Pro comes with a huge one inch 20 megapixel camera made by Hasselblad, has really good dynamic
range, excellent in low light and I’m really impressed with the images and the video from this camera. Basically it’s the same size camera as in the Phantom 4 Pro by
DJI but it’s in a drone that you can fold up
and fit in a backpack. The joy sticks are removable
just like the Mavic Air which is handy for packing. I love that the side switch
now includes quick access to tripod mode as well as the standard position and sport modes. You can now charge your smartphone with the remote controller,
too, and it only kicks in when your phone is below 40% power. Landscape photography is a
pleasure with this drone. Full manual control, along
with a larger sensor size, for greater detail in low light. The video has a higher bit
rate which means it’s less compressed and better quality. There’s also a 4K crop
mode which gives you a bit of zoom and makes
the background appear larger or even fade out of
focus at large apertures. The new obstacle avoidance system is way better than the previous one. If you’ve been following
me for a while now you may remember when
I crashed my original Mavic trying to active track a truck crossing a river in Costa Rica. Without rear obstacle
avoidance the drone backed up into trees and crashed
into the water below. This new system is far more safe and I feel way more comfortable
flying it around objects. The Mavic 2 now has sensors
in almost all directions. However, the lateral object
sensors, the ones on the side, only turn on during active track mode or tripod mode, not for regular flying. The new Active Track 2
technology is also much nicer. It can guess where your
subject is heading next and if it loses visual
behind trees or a boulder it’s waiting for the subject to appear on the other side and continues tracking. The tracking field’s much smoother than the original Mavic 2. It can even track you through tight spaces like foliage without
running into anything. Active track starts in safe mode which limits the speed
it follows something. While you can disengage safe
mode and fly much faster obstacle avoidance doesn’t work at speeds over 26 miles an hour so you should only do this in wide open spaces. The Mavic 2 has Advanced Pilot Assistance. What that is is when you
turn it on it will fly the drone around an object rather than stopping in front of it. This is what it looks like with Advanced Pilot
Assistance off normally. (upbeat music) See it just stops the drone
right in front of you. Now let me show you what
it does when I turn on Advanced Pilot Assistance. Whoooaa. Flew right around me. Of course the Mavic 2
comes loaded with all kinds of great automatic flying
modes to help you capture amazing shots without
needing to think too much or know complicated flying techniques. (bright music) (drone buzzing) Okay guys I’m back home
in Austin but flying the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro over
in Iceland was a lot of fun. I wanted to finish up this video with a couple more thoughts. Another great feature with
the Mavic 2 is it’s hyperlapse mode which allows you to
shoot moving time lapses as you’re flying through the sky. Shooting time lapses takes
between five and eight minutes to get about 250 images
and that’s gonna use up almost 30% of your battery power. The new batteries take about
one and a half hours to charge. The charger itself now comes with its own USB charging cable for the remote control and it’s attached to it. The memory card slot has
moved and it’s kind of hard to find because there’s two
doors that look very similar. So I’ve actually marked mine so I can find it really quickly. But let’s say you forgot your memory card you’re in luck because the
new Mavic includes internal memory, as well, so you’re not
gonna be completely screwed. Now there are a couple down
sides to the new drone. While it’s about the same physical size, maybe a little bit bigger
than the original Mavic, it’s about half a pound heavier. I also love how the new
cover includes its own Gimbal Clamp but it’s still
kind of a pain in the ass to put on and takes some practice. So which one is better,
the new Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom? For me having that larger one inch sensor made all the difference. It was way more important
to me as a photographer to have a sensor to get
as much detail as possible and have the best low light capabilities. The dolly zoom feature on the Mavic 2 Zoom wasn’t as important to me. I think it’s kind of
gimmicky and you can kind of do a similar effect in post processing if you’re shooting in 4K on the Pro. Well that’s it, my quick review
of the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I love this drone but
now I have an original Mavic I need to get rid
of so let’s do a giveaway. I promise this is not
the same drone I crashed in a river in Costa Rica. This is a different one. The other drone I crashed
yet again by flying it into a waterfall later in the year. Don’t ask. So if you want to win this
thing click on the link in my description below,
follow the instructions for a chance to win a
perfectly good working DJI Mavic 1 and I wish you good luck. (upbeat music) Don’t forget to subscribe
if you want to see more adventure travel videos and the
occasional review like this. And I’ll catch you next time.

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