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  1. I’m new.”, so please excuse my stupid question. “ how do you get your video to move from slowno to Normal at the same. Because I realised the guy walking in slowmo switched to normal speed

  2. Don't encourage them dude. iPhones are a toy. Wait, no, I am thinking of something else. iPhones are magic boxes that do things my brain doesn't even understand in ways that weren't possible just 10 years ago. In fact, iPhones are pound for pound the greatest filmmaking tool you can own (portability vs quality vs availability).

    Oh, I was thinking about a remote control car. Yes, that's a toy. Don't get me started on the mechanics of that though.

  3. the problem I have is I don't see many options and accessories I can use with my otter box.  and if I cannot do that whats the point in having it?

  4. Thanks man! I’m new to all this and have a Quick question, I use an iPhone 8 which has a pretty weak stabilizer built in. Are there problems with using a gimbal and a phone that has a stabilizer already?

  5. so is 24fps better than 60fps? I always thought the higher the better? I'm not shooting with motion it's just going to be for sit-down youtube videos

  6. Thank you for the awesome tips! I've just made a cinematic video using my iphone! Check it out in my channel!

  7. This is my first time seeing your video and I really enjoyed your video you did a really good job keep up the good work

  8. I'm getting jerky footage when using iPhone 8 with Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal running Filmic Pro with log profile at 1920 x 1080 @24fps. Any ideas?

  9. Acabo de subir mi nuevo videoclip Ausencia No. Fue filmado y editado con IPhone 7 y protagonizado por Yara Gasaui. Disfruta y difunde, Alejandro Delius. 😁😁😁

  10. I think Filmic Pro sucks. I bought it for my iPhone 7 plus and the 120fps stopped working on it plus wouldn't save videos to camera roll. They recommended a deletion and clean install. I did as they recommended and it's still now working and now they're saying there is a problem with Apple products.

  11. Does filmic pro have 4K as an option I was looking at it but I didn't see anything saying 4K… My gimbal is my favorite tool 🙂

  12. I’m using a Smooth 4 and its giving me marvelous stabilization.😇 and Filmic now can link with ZY Play app. Its just that Filmic Pro price has gone up.😔

  13. Subscribing to Matti’s Channel ! Like the video very informative, I deff need to get started but that public fear though 😱😱😱

  14. I have the IPhone XR and I’m looking for a microphone attachment. Do you guys have an suggestions for good ones, under $50 if you can. Thanks

  15. Boss , 2 use stabiliser 3 put lens 4 put mic
    How you will put that mic and lens on that gimbal ? Do it I will pay every penny you spend on these 3 pieces

  16. Let me get this straight. You record everything with 4k and FilmicPro max quality and at 24fps. Slowing down/fast forward effects, all of that is done afterwards in Adobe Premiere or similar apps, correct? I just purchased Filmic Pro and I am diggin my way in to get most of it.

  17. Matti, remember when you were excited about almost reaching 100k subscribers..now you are almost at 600,000 subscribers, this is awesome!

  18. The sickest part is the exporting, if you don’t do that right you are fucked , just like me hahahahaha, I most be doing something really wrong cause in my computer looks great but when I get it out of premier sucks

  19. Can anyone recommend or send a link of a mini iphone mic like he shows in the video? Please and thank you in advance. 🙂

  20. Thank you for tips! Does anyone knows how to learn editing? Like, I know nothing and all the videos I"ve been watching seems to be for someone who has an ideia about editing and color grading.

  21. I am going to try this out. Not very good with computer stuff so what is an easy good editing software to make music videos with my iPhone can anyone tell me what software

  22. Hey Matti, found your channel a few months ago (I think 'tato Jet might've caused that) – awesome info, I appreciate your efforts a lot. I'm shopping for a phone to use with filmic pro something to use when not lugging my dlsr 1 Ton crap around (99.99% of the time? lol). So I'm looking for a super phone with stabilization, dynamic range to have it as a spread sheet for brainstorming cinematic ideas. I surf so ip68 seems to be a must (although gonna use a case to double protect, and I wanna pair the phone with additional gopros) and a 4000+mah battery would be nice. On paper p30 pro seems to fit the bill but BUT – the footage that goes around is not all that convincing. iPhone seems to give amazing (not overly sharpened, stable) footage.

    Any opinions on what's the best these days? I like Android because, like a PC, I can customize and do whatever I want with it (I'm hands on and fairly tech savvy, I can open gear, change parts etc etc, make custom photo gear – u name it). A lot of the dudes online don't focus on the film ability of a phone. Even though I own a DSLR, in my experience I almost never lug that thing around unless I do a project. If you had a way to test various top phones, including Pixel 3, Xperia 1 and whatnot, I'd like to see a comparison of challenging light situations, action shots and whatnot.

  23. The problem with this video is that all of the tips to get better videos are to all do with money.

    Stabilisers- Really expensive so no one can afford it especially young filmmakers like me.

    Lens- The best quality ones are again really expensive

    Editing apps- Really expensive and need good technology to run it, my laptop can barely run filmora and it’s a bad app for cinema video

    Mic- again expensive

  24. When will you make an updated version of this video with the Zyhiun 4 or newer iPhone? Love the video.

  25. Great! I’m Only iPhone blogger!
    I also want to reference this technique! And This channel will make my channel very good!
    Thank you😊

  26. Great tips!
    oh and Squarespace = boring template sites that look like 100,000 other peoples
    #WordPressROCKS for truly amazing top notch custom World Views 🙌🏻⚡️💪🏻💥📱🌎👍🏻

  27. Matti, I'm an old subscriber of your channel and because I love you and have a lot of respect for what you do, watching now this video published more than 2 years ago, I have to tell you… the image in this looks better, it sounds better and also, the overall vibe of the video is more pleasant.. i'm not one of those haters that have a lot of time and don't know what to do with it so they make other people feel terrible because they are terrible, but because I appreciate a lot what you've done for the community I thought I could share my thoughts as a fan with constructive feedback.. Cheers & love

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