Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

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  1. Hi can you please give the window shortcuts, I'm finding git hard to follow especially this part 6:36 / 12:20. please help!

  2. Im trying to do something like this with a beach picture in water, any videos like that u could make/show me. kind of want to

  3. Im trying to do something like this with a beach picture in water, any videos like that u could make/show me. kind of want to make it look like the water is moving

  4. First of all I now a new subscriber because you are awesome brotha man! I’m looking forward to learning how to do this really good!

  5. When you have 3.3M followers, I think you're beyond the "smashing it" crowd. Nice vlog, I learned something and it gave me a few Ideas. P.S. Working out every day, like Casey Neistat does, will make you look old, prematurely. We can talk about endorphins all night. Eat healthy, be mobile! My 100 year old grandfather drinks two cups of coffee a day and two glasses of kentucky bourbon at night. Ask Casey to argue with that. Grandpa is lucid! Love your vlogs brother!

  6. This is a nicely produced video, but you are using maybe easily the slowest technique to mask something out. Why pen tool on an image such as this where you could use Photoshop's integrated masking tools for a much faster and quality mask? Another issue with your workflow is that you proceed to create smart objects of the layers AFTER scaling them down from their original larger sizes, thus defeating the whole purpose and degrading your images. Then, after scaling down the background, smart object convert, you scale it back up. It's a little misleading. Not trying to kick you in the balls, but this stuff is important for new users. You get the general concept across though, so that's good.

  7. Someone help! Every time I try making a new selection it just selects the shape and not the actual image. What am I doing wrong?!?!?!

  8. my pc is taking years in render video i'm not even seeing the windows with the options.. it is normal? did you cut/edit your clip? i supposed to had a nice PC T__T

  9. Does anyone know if there's a place where i can buy a picture like this? Something like fiver where i send my photo, pay some money and someone makes a picture like this for me?

  10. Your using Adobe photoshop? I am using the free version currently I’m new to photography. Is this paid version? It’s worth it! Amazing results in your video! Love learning from you!

  11. I can do that with my video editor any time. My question es how did you make that video an actual image. An image you may want to post on facebook or instagram.

  12. For the love of god… what is the song in the background of this video?!?!?! It is heard clearly at 5.55 in. I have searched far and wide, and if someone has the answer please, please please let me know!
    Thanks for your help!

  13. Hey Peter I prefer saying bokeh as “bok-eh” as opposed to “bok-ah”. Maybe it’s a shout out to a Canadian if they came up with that word 🤔😄. Keep up the good work and have a nice _____ 👍

  14. If you had converted to Smart Object prior to transforming the images they would have retained their pixel dimensions and quality.

  15. Great Vid. But I had a problem with content-aware being grey… I found a solution by:
    1. Masking the subject with a pen tool. (P)
    2. Making a selection (right-click then Make selection…)
    3. Then copied it (Ctrl+C)
    4. Shift+backspace on PC (shift+delete on Mac)
    And here the content-aware got available for me.
    5. Then create a new layer (button right corner)
    6. Paste the selection into a new layer (Ctrl+V)

    Hope this will help you guys and girls)

  16. Hello, I tried the Content Aware but for some reason it is Grayed out. I don't know how you got it to work. I am using a PC not an APPLE

  17. please please told me which background music you used in this video?? please tell me the name or giv me link.

  18. I have pictures from Egypt and would like to make the picture move. Then hang the picture in my livingroom. Help???

  19. 6"35 to fill the content layer on solid background …. and then I`m stuck on 3rd tutorial like this one thanks mac commands . Spoon Graphics did it on workable layer 0 with select – modify – edit – fill- content aware , but function modify on my PS CC 2018 is not working on Windows 7 Enterprise . Just wonder what I missed that modify under select panel is not active . I can`t go forward , any ideas Peter ? shift with delete key on windows makes background layer white blank … greets

  20. My background layer is moving randomly but the foreground seems to work as intended it scales correctly the BG also scale but there are small movements in a spiral manner.

  21. FOR EVERYONE WHO HAD TROUBLE WITH CONTENT AWARE GRAYING OUT, do this: Go few steps back and after "making selection" to 1 pixel, press Ctrl C. After that press Shift Delete, then select "content aware". Press OK. And then make a new layer and Ctrl V into the new layer.

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