Make Moulding / Molding with Hand Planes | Sticking Board Jig in use!

welcome back to clean fill today we
are going to try to make molding well crown molding cornice I’m doing this
because I’m working on another project with a gentleman at a club and I kind of
want to see if I can do it by hand so I built that sticking board from the last
episode and I’m going to try to learn to use it but that’s okay it’s prototype
that’s prototype we’re going to see how well this works a little below down here
I come in an 8 come in an eighth round it over convex and I’m going to appear
do a concave one with a eighth roof i teef eighth of an inch drop down from
the top always want the grain go on up that way I’m going to work that way if
you’re left-handed you’re probably going to have this your reversed mirror and
you’ll work that way I also want this to hang over be at the edge or hang over
the edge these are the stop blocks normally I’m just going to probably be
using this for doing a little rebates and getting it down to size it’s my
moving Phyllis trip Lane I also fix this up recently you might want to check that
out but this is an aftermarket somebody made this depth stop on their own this
is as far as it goes down I need to be less than that which means I’m switching
over to my plow plane which has more control on the desk depth stop good lord
I need water that’s my shape and what we need to do
is connect it like that a hard duffle that waist really really
quick with my number five if it was a longboard I’d probably use my joiner and
to talk that off with number five set up the hog so that’s what it worked well behind the scenes I
started working on a little cam to help hold this when it’s in a vertical
position I need to keep working on that but I’m going to tell you that’s
definitely something you kind of want I was using a peg in a wedge system but I
think this is a little bit better less pieces um yes I’ve shaved turned out a lot better
than I really thought it would and I know it’s not as smooth and machined as
a router bit but hey it feels really good to have done it and I’m really
proud of myself for it but it really wasn’t that hard it took time and it
took building this thing this looks great to win I’ll take that
I’ll take this every day all right subscribe like comment next up so we’re
going to be making that marking gauge this guy it’s actually really easy I
made it the same day I made the jig so real easy and useful never have too many
of these

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