LQC – Quel poids peut soulever un drone ?

Come on ! So nice to make leaves flying like that Shut up ! Hey ! Today I’m answering the dumb question submitted by White Tiger How much weight can be supported by a drone ? I have to admit that we struggled a bit to set up this LQC ! Yes but… How is that, you took some time to set up this LQC ? as you just have to buy a drone, and you have lots of YouTube Money as you do many 10:01″ videos ! Uh, how come ? First, you have to know that le Tatou and drones is not an easy story. We have quite a passionate relationship, meaning that we love each other as much as we hate each other. We go through great “Boom” times where a lot of lovely things happen, which we like. And other more difficult times where we don’t speak anymore, we don’t even text. Honestly, I won’t lie, having a drone is like dealing with a very complicated chick. very, very, very complicated… Because she’s the kind of chick who is stopped at customs in Morocco And you don’t want a chick like that. It is true that we bought a first drone. and as I just said it was taken from us by customs at Marrakech. So, we bought another one, we thought, “we love this thing”, we went to Tokyo with it, everything went fine. Ludo even went to the waters off Portugal with it, everything went fine. But the issue we had is that, this time, it was the controller that uh… that controls the drone which decided to stop recharging… Like not at all meaning that you plug it in… And nothing happens You’re facing a dead animal. So we obviously sent it to customer service but, I think it’s going to take several months to fix So, in order to make this LQC, I went to our friend Romain from TechNews & Tests and he agreed to lend us his controller for the duration of filming, in exchange for a beer. So, I suggest that you leave him comments on his channel like : “Thanks Romain for the drone, you’re welcome for the beer” That’s not bad ! In conclusion, I just realized I’ve been talking for way too long Let’s see, right now, let’s go ! For this LQC, we have A drone, obviously, the DJI Phantom 4 with Romain’s controller, thanks Romain, you’re welcome for the beer Some twine, well, string, well, some rope, well something a scale, some scissors a plastic bag and 15 kg of sand. So here’s what’s going to happen : In brief, it is very simple : we are going to hang some sand to the drone and see how much it can support. I am going to weigh the sand to get the first unit that I want to test, being 100g. We are thus going to hang our 100g plastic bag of sand to the drone and see if it can take off. I think I am going to use my hand instead of pouring, because there’s too much sand and I don’t want all 15 kg ending up on the ground. But that’s fine, it reminds me of when we were young at the beach What? You weren’t at the beach when you were young? You’re not from Réunion Island? ooOOOh !!!!!!!! I’m by myself. Everything is ready, we have hung the sand bag to the drone with our string. Let’s go ! It is going to take off to 1.2 metres first and stabilize, and then we’ll do the rest. Ok, it is stabilized now at 1.2 metres, it’s our turn to work. Yeeeees ! It is supporting it, it is supporting it. Ahahah ! Excellent !! Well, no surprise it managed to support the 100 grams. Now we’ll take it to the next step : 250 grams. Yes. Now, we are moving it up. And there it goes ! It’s working. 250 grams is not scaring it, it supports it without any problem. So, I am going to push its limits and we are going up to 500 grams. You know how it works, there’s 500 grams and here it goes. Ok ! It’s ok. We are going to move it up a little more… No problem. Without any problem, it’s beautiful. You saw this ? I’m not touching anything and it moves all by itself with the weight, that’s huge. Yeh… Well. We are going to try to stabilize it. Come on, land ! F***, it’s scaring me ! Well, I have to admit that I am surprised, I didn’t think that it could lift 500 grams. So, we are going to double the load. It is going to raise 1kg. Ok ? So, here it is, 1kg of sand attached to the drone, bear in mind that’s equivalent to the weight of the drone itself So we are going to see if the drone can raise it’s own weight. Well, double its weight. Already 1m20 Ok. Now doing the rest… That’s a nightmare… It’s hard work, it can’t do it. Oh là là là…. Ok. It is disconnected, bro. It is disconnected ! I don’t know what to do. What is it doing ? Is it going to do it’s own thing now? Crap, reconnect ! Crisis situation… Crap, where are the scissors ?! It was my secret weapon… Scissors !! Where are they ? I can’t turn it off. I can’t. Where are the scissors ?? Where are… the scissors ?!! I have to save my drone ! Unbelievable, where are they ? I’ve been here for 5 minutes and I’ve already lost something, It’s just like my room. Here ! Ah ! I have the scissors ! Argh ! Come on ! Yes ! Come here now, maybe I can reconnect it now ? (Shout of joy) Yes ! I was so, so scared. It was a moment of stress for today, huge stress really. I think that the drone was overloaded. on the screen, um, of the controls of the drone was written something like: “Maximum power of the wings, or rather, the rotors reached.” So it could not push more in order to raise the weight. But I maybe have a solution. I am going to put it in SPORTS mode. What does it mean ? It simply means that it is more powerful, you can go faster etc. so I deduce from that, that the rotors, that is, the power of the rotors is increased by a bit. And we are going to see if, even in sport mode, the one kilo is too much. Come on! It is not going to make it. No, no, it will not work. Stop it can not ! Come on. Ok, nevertheless, it was a bit better than before. But even in sports mode, 1kg is too much for it, it’s telling me. It is even on the screen : Uh…”Dude, maximum speed of rotors reached, I can’t do any more for you” What are we going to do now ? Well, we will gradually remove 100g per 100g Until we find the maximum weight that it can raise Ok, 900 grams, still have my scissors nearby , let’s go. Ok, come on Yes!! (Cry of panic)!!!!!!!! warning (x5) we are stabilising and we come down. Ok, I think we have our conclusion We tried different weights, yeah, with this little drone It is damaged, oh no, it’s dirt , ouf In any case, I conclude today that the drone weighs 1kg and it cannot carry 1 kilogram or more. Either in normal mode or sport mode. But when the weight to be lifted is less than the weight of the drone itself, then, there is no problem, even with 900g, it takes off and all is fine. Well, all is fine, yes and no, You saw, the drone was a little like this and it’s normal. there is an object weighing it down below, which is also balancing itself, so it gets fooled and it follows the movement. It’s hard work, I too was afraid. (Laughs) There you go, this DJI Phantom 4 drone can lift at most, technically, less than 999 grams. So when I told you just then that the drone weighs 1kg, so if really, we want to be precise, we have to say that it can only support 1.999kg. As it has to carry it’s own weight. Agreed? Anyway, if you enjoyed this silly question, don’t hesitate to like the video and share it. and above all, subscribe!

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