Les MEILLEURS PILOTES de DRONE DE COURSE (Vlog au Championnat de France de Drone Racer 2019)

Hello everyone, this is Armel
for the ADIKT DRONE chain and today we meet again in Quessoy
in the Cotes d’Armor for the championship of France drones racer!
This year the championship brings together 37 best french drivers
who will compete directly on the circuit behind us, and I will make you
discover all that! So get ready, because it’s really going to be very, very
quickly and we will see crazy races! Here we go ! So for those who disembark and who does not
do not know too much the discipline I will still give you back a little
little in the concept: the discipline of the drone racer was created pretty much
in 2013 by a group of pilots passionate about flying in FPV so in
immersion, and this discipline has been know through some videos of
forest race that went around the world.
The principle of piloting a drone racer it is that we pilot with glasses on
the eyes that broadcast live the video that is taken by a camera that
is installed on the drone racer which allows us to really fly as if we were in the drone, which is really great and that allows
to have a great precision on the circuit, and to go really very very
quickly in the obstacles. It’s a discipline that is really
all new so inevitably there are incredible technological innovations
every year and that’s why it’s a really amazing discipline I
find, Now the drones are so
evolved they can reach 200 kilometers / hour even though in
circuits that are pretty restricted like this one and well they never reach
this speed but they’re still going really fast. Small information
also the drones are the vehicles which accelerates the fastest in the world
since it goes from 0 to their speed maximum in one to two seconds. That’s why it comes the circuit two drones racer is just at bottom there so you can see it
y to different obstacles: the best known these are the flags that need the most
often bypassed and there is also doors called gates that he
must cross and all that obviously in a certain order.
The principle of competition is very first we have hens first
qualifications and then a chart to go to the final.
In France the races can be done up to 4 and races are done
always in three turns. During this championship we will see
evolve the four best drivers French who have been selected for
go to participate in the world championship in China that will happen in December so
it’s in really not long and so that makes them very, very good
training. We can see that there is a race
started right behind, it does not hurt noise so we’ll go see all this
right now ! Look at it, there is one that has burst the structure by it’s really a crazy thing
competition! Right next to the field we even have the right to a small
car show collecting on the theme of returning to the future and we have
same right to a Delorean the most world class created by the supervisor
special effects of the film in person, and it’s still class! look
there we see the pilot stand really super impressive they have
all brought two or three quads and some dozens of lipos, when we know that nothing
that a drone costs between 300 and 400 euros and that in addition we must add
all the gear behind, the radio control the mask etc …
it really is expensive. so here we have So here we are even entitled to a little freestyle break! Okay I’ll leave you with the
final and the flight of the champion of France Dartex do not hesitate to leave a thumb
blue and a comment if you have enjoyed the video, in any case it was
Armel for the ADIKT DRONE chain and we say to each other in a
new video, subscribe!

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