Killing Stage 2 Exhaust Drone with a Vibrant Resonator

Killing Stage 2 Exhaust Drone with a Vibrant Resonator

Hello and thanks for visiting my channel.
Today I’m going to share with you the difference between an APR down pipe with
an otherwise factory Volkswagen exhaust versus the APR down pipe with a
vibrant resonator along with the rest of the factory exhaust. This is on a Stage 2
GTI. So when I got my car upgraded to Stage 2,
the Installer told me… this is in response to me sharing with him that I
wanted to get a resonator… “You don’t need a resonator; you won’t even be able
to hear the difference in sound.” As a little bit of a skeptic, the discussion
forms at there’s a very popular discussion there led in part by a guy whose screen name I
think is “GTI_Jake,” sorry Jake if I messed that up, but Jake, you get the credit for the discovery here. He’s very fond of a
particular resonator by Vibrant, but the thing that the Installer said to me that
made sense was “Give it a chance, try it first, then decide.” So we put it on, or he
put it on, and as soon as I started the car I could hear the difference. Not a
big deal… the engine was cold… it happens, right? So then I take it for a drive and
I immediately hear the drone between 2800 rpm and 3500 rpm. So right now I’m
keeping the the RPMs below say right around 2500 and cruising here
at 40 miles an hour, or on the highway at 65 miles an hour, it does it sounds
perfectly stock. I’m very happy with it. It’s just that little spot right between
2800 and 3500 rpm. I’m going to accelerate gently. Take
a listen and we’ll see how it sounds. This is 2500 rpm… There’s 2800… This is 3000 rpm… I’m backing off now and just so you can
hear the difference, let me roll the windows down. I’ll do that again because
I don’t know what this microphone is picking up. All right, so this is 2300 rpm I’m gonna
go and accelerate a little bit… 2500… there’s 2800… By the way, I’m really glad my car does
not sound like the Honda that just passed me. So anyway, you know people have
ridden in the car they’ve commented that “hey that’s not bad at all… it really
doesn’t sound that bad…” and they’re right. It doesn’t sound that bad, but I’m picky.
So if I can reduce or eliminate that drone, I will like it even better. If I
can’t, that’s alright. It’s not awful, but I really don’t want a loud exhaust. So
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take the car and get the Vibrant
resonator swapped in and then I’ll run the same little drive again and
we’ll see what the difference is and we’ll see if the difference can
even be picked up by this microphone. I’ll talk to you in just a little bit. Okay so I have the vibrant resonator installed went in pretty nicely. I’ll
I’ll flash a couple of photos up here. What they did was they put some
stainless pipe before and after the resonator and then used the APR reducer
to reduce the resonator size down to the size of the the rest of the factory
system. So as soon as I got in the car and started it, I felt that it
immediately sounded like stock. Very very pleasing for me. Now that
I’ve driven the car a little bit, it’s not all the way as quiet as
stock, and that’s okay… it really is… But all of that that drone that I had
mentioned before, and and I don’t want to say it’s all gone, because there
is still just a hint of it, but it’s way better. Believe the hype. The resonator
swap-out works. It takes the edge off of what was once there. It doesn’t
eliminate it, but it is drastically reduced and almost sounds stock all over
again. So let me make a turn here and then I will show you what it sounds like.
Right now, of course, my windows are up. This is 2500 rpm… 2800…
3000… it still sounds the same… there’s 3,500 now… I’m going to let off. I’ll roll
the windows down… So there’s 2,500 rpm… 2800, which is about where you
heard the drone before… 3,000… and 3,500… Backing off now. One place that I did hear
the drone a little louder than stock was when I did a brisk acceleration,
just a light one, I should say. Here I’m at 2500 rpm… I’m going to give
it just a little bit… so right there. But, come on, that sounds fine. Let me do that again with the windows up.
So like I said, it’s just a little bit of a drone. But, you know, when you’re
accelerating, who cares, right? It sounds fine. I almost forgot one last thing and
that is the sound files. Now at my sound levels I kind of don’t care how the
thing sounds on the outside. But it’s important to some people, so I have
included the clips here. Thanks again to Jake, whose screen name I
can’t remember, but it will be flashed on the screen here. The guy really knows what
he’s talking about has a lot of experience turning these cars and
tinkering with different types of exhausts, after treatment, noise
suppression, tuning, toning, whatever you want to call it. So that’s it. Feel free
to ask any questions below if you have them. Make comments and subscribe if you
like the kind of content I’m bringing in. Hopefully we’ll keep on bringing, so
have a great one!

20 thoughts on “Killing Stage 2 Exhaust Drone with a Vibrant Resonator”

  1. I have the SAME issue with my mk6. Around the Same area 2800-3200 rpm is a loud buzzing Honda like drone other than that . My exhaust is louder and I love it just the initial low end sounds horrible …I have APR downpipe to a AWE catback and cut the resonator off the catback. ..I don't wanna result in going back to regular turbo back. Will a Aftermarket vibrant help ? Do u have any knowledge of that ? 1792? Bullet ? Ultra quiet ?

  2. I have a mk7 sport that I just added a dp/stage 2 to and experience the exact same 2.5-3k drone qualm as you did! Did you consider the vibrant “ultra quiet” resonator in your search? If so, what made you choose this model over it? Do you still get gurgles and “dsg farts” if applicable? Thanks! Keep making videos!

  3. Great comparison. You can certainly hear the difference. That drone was quite noticeable prior to the resonator install.

  4. Why didn't you leave the stock res and add the vibrant towards the s type bend.. There's plenty of room. I added a MagnaFlow round one there, eliminating the drone period.

  5. On a 2016 TT, I tried to do this with a 17950 3" resonaator on my unitronic downpipe but there wasn't enough clearance. Too close to the heat shield and drive shaft, unfortunately. Still looking for a solution to kill the drone. I didn't want to replace the stock resonator. Please send me a comment if you have any ideas.

  6. Thanks for the review. About to put the APR EFR Stage 3 turbo kit on my GTI, minus their garbage wastegate and software, and got a little worried when I noticed the DP doesn't have a res. Vibrant 17950 will be the perfect midpipe between the APR Stage 3 DP and the rest of my CircuitWerks v2 TBE! I, too, am getting it based on the recommendations of GTI Jake from the golfmk7 forums. But your review confirmed it. Thanks again!

  7. So you have the vibrant resonator with the stock muffler? And with your current setup do you still have a deep tone but without the rasp and drone?

  8. Thanks been debating weather or not to install a resonator I purchased for a resonator delete (lol). The aftermarket resonator is like yours (straight through design). Very informative.

  9. Thank you for this informative video! I have a stock 2004 Nissan Armada which has a V8 and 3 inch pipe. I have owned it since new and love the car but hate the drone that I hear inside the cabin at typical cruising speeds. My desire it to eliminate this drone and hope to make this car as quiet as possible. Would this resonator do that for me or do I still need to dig deeper? I am trying to find a relatively simple and cost effective solution.

  10. Damn
    I have an AWE track exhaust , ended up doing a muffler delete so now I have 3” stainless straight piped exhaust and it sounds great with no drone. A 3” straight piped MK7 with 4” tips sounds wonderful and can still go louder with a DP or quiet it back down a bit with the muffler added back.
    Sound level scale
    1 res. delete ,very mild
    2 full cat back exhaust with res.
    3 full cat back no res.
    4 stock exhaust with DP
    5 stock exhaust ,muffler and res. delete
    6 cat back , muffler and res. delete
    7 DP and cat back, no res.
    8 DP , cat back , res. and muffler delete
    AKA loud and proud.

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