top of the morning to ya laddies my name is jack septic eye and welcome back to the little Kerbal space program best cutiest little they’re not guiding anything they’re just standing there flicking around their wands like lazy bastards okay we’re going to build a jet today i was contemplating whether I would do the land speed record thing again but I didn’t want to do ittwo episodes in a row if people didn’t like it last time then they wouldn’t like it this time so I’m going to try to change it up so I’m going to build a jet but I’m going to do what i tried to do last time an that is build a jet that is tiny and is super speedy and its going to be amazing wait till you see if you don’t trust me you’re probably wise because I don’t trust me either what am I doing? fuselage

100 thoughts on “KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 14 | JACK’S JET FIGHTER | My Favourite Plane So Far”

  1. Jesse Parker needs to a dump on himself cause he sucks like if u agree 🙂 also dislike if u also agree:) do nothing to this comment if u also agree:)

  2. ”Because you can’t just build one, like that and leave it at that, because that’s stupid. You gotta double it up.”

    -Jack’s vehicle doctrine

  3. fun fact as a former us air force pilot you would actually want to cut engines during a turn because without you have too much forward momentum making the turn difficult unless the engine it self moves the engine moves it forward and ailerons steer by diverting air and generating lift so with little force one way and a lot going the other way the plane will go the way with more force i.e forward so by cutting engines you won't be forced one way wen you want to go the other

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  5. Jack, there is a mod called bd armory and it adds missiles and guns to the game a person named DevilDogGamer and he made a whole series of it

  6. If you watch this video with an iPhone set up with Hey Siri at 6:15 jack says: “jebediah I’m sorry” and Siri thinks you’re saying he siri

  7. when you have the gear farther back, use some little wings at the front to lift the nose, instead of pushing the back down. its a style called a Long EZ

  8. 16:30: Jack's dubstep GA-G-G-G-G then: FUCK, SHIT, COCK, BALLS AHHH! NNNNNURTS! Me: that should be a new song!! Wait. What are nurts?

  9. The center of mass, lift and thrust should all be aligned, and the center of lift and the center of mass should be as close to each other as possible for less tilting and easier maneuverability.
    You can think of the center of mass as the spot where you could hang a string, and while holding the string the plane would be completely balanced.
    You can think of the center of lift as the spot where the plane is being pulled where the arrows around it show, the longer the arrows, the more it is being pulled in that direction(also the faster you move, and if you don't move the plane isn't pulled).
    The center of thrust is where the thrusters push you, the arrows show which direction and the length shows how much.

  10. 4:49 it looks like it belongs in Star Trek oh and who is watching this in 2020 14:03 the way he said no is hilarious

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