Oplà hello friends and welcome to this new video I’m michele today together with a package ok if you see it all but in here there is a drone indeed very much expected or the JJRC X12 because it is long awaited let’s find out this together JJRC X12 has just come out I bought it last Friday from gear best was sent Saturday with shipping DHL arrived Tuesday in just 2 business days here without customs fees as you can see from this writing however, you are exempt if you have to buy something from a gear best band always use rai shipments that are always without touch instead of DHL despite being very fast could incur customs fees now let’s take the cutter and go immediately to open this beautiful package and meanwhile I’ll explain you a little bit of things about this drone is much awaited because it is cheap around 200 euros in full HD version twenty euros more than the 4k version but I don’t think it will change much I think it’s a simple one upscaling I know what version there is here I bought from 1080p I then asked to change into 4k but I don’t know which one they sent me so we’ll find out now together and should arrive already with the backpack included in the 200 230 around I leave you all the link coupons below in video description package the interesting well packaged as well as being equipped with a cam on the very good card there is also a gb all three-axis mechanical to stabilize our videos 25 minutes of flight brushless motors folding looks a lot like dj maric e a radio control, in short, a lot of stuff for what it costs now obviously we will have to find out if it is really worth those 200 230 euros if the marked specifications are true or not I have also brought you a small preview day ago in this first video we will see it up close then in the coming days we will try it with hand and here is the backpack The smell of the school backpack is that of a very simple very nice whole backpack with the inscription 26 degrees I think however it seems to be made very well there are also straps for the shoulder strap very simple, however, considering that it is included in the 200 euros of the drone is a very welcome thing let’s go open the pockets we see what’s there in the front is absolutely not there nothing of the back one there are many pockets this is a very positive thing there is nothing even behind and now let’s see inside I’ll be the drone or not in the meantime there is the foam rubber under the foam rubber we have the manuals of instruction with quarks or to download the application on both android and ios we are shown how to open the drone insert the battery radio Hand stick application complete little one in the council to give us a good reading this is the basic version with a battery but you can buy it with two three batteries first we have the shoulder strap very simple it does not need to explain to you what it takes to attach it to the bag and bring it comfortably with the propellers I think they go to live with the witt arelle in fact we have two reserve propellers plus two hexagonal keys then then then we have this what a cable is easy charging usb and micro usb the nice radio control a nice grip is entirely rubberized boys so we hold our two antennas well here the sticks seem to have good feedback switching on and off automatic take-off and landing photo and video back home automatic in the upper part we have a ring to tilt the gene ball is a m key that I don’t know what the battery is for incorporated and this remote control should allow a control range around the 1200 meters but now we come to really interesting things the drone aesthetically is almost equal to the dj mavic air with a small inscription jersey The arms can be easily opened in this way in an instant and here it is open pesantino according to me we are around 400 500 grams we go to weigh small and brushless motors shortly we can open the lower part in the lower part we find the two sensors sonar for height control the small camera v more to maintain the position both with and without gps this is a very welcome under the cam we have a small door where to insert the microsd we then the cam seems to be very well made and as you can see the gene ball does not happen on sight and seems to be quite enough solid The battery that arrives already connected to the drone can be removed from these two hooks and is a 2.4 trillion 11:48 before turning it on there are other little things in the package the base to recharge the smartphone support also this well done is rubberized to be connected to remote control in the upper part let’s see if it can hold my mimino veti show, which is certainly not a smartphone very small without problems and there is still a lot of free space great now let’s see if it works everything we are going to turn on obviously before Radio control is it lights up it works two red greens so it’s already loaded and now we’re going to turn on ours jersey x12 through the fretboard back will work We see the gene balls and it calibrates itself or not ok it is also alive jim ball We have two red LEDs in the front is a green LED in the back the gijon it seems be well stabilized and it really is solid does not even move pushing it really started very well and even the materials are definitely not from despise boys especially if we compare them to other drones of the same price range as the abs is above made of plastic but it is almost rubberized velvety by a plastic similar to that of the radiocomando The little arms seem small but solid enough and also the jingle seems to really work very very well I am very curious to try it in flight surely you will be too you are curious to know how much this jersey weighs 12 x well let’s find out together weighs without battery exactly 270 grams instead with the battery inserted we arrive at a weight of 435 g the battery really is pesantuccia alone weighs 165 grams almost well friends we arrived at the conclusion of this unboxing first look of the highly anticipated jersey x12 first impressions very good drone built very good very good materials beautiful is there what a pity that it is not a quick release but with the classic vitarella however the drone is very well made solid a little pesantuccio as you have seen equipped with v more sonar an excellent kamch is excellent on paper we should see the flight but the gip ball seems to work well and stabilizes on three aces mechanical so without anything small digital practically pocket-sized and with the welcome addition of get along with the drone without shelling out more money even his carrying bag with a shoulder strap is really this difficult to find on a cheap drone but also on more expensive drones I guarantee it now guys of themes your first impressions on this jersey x12 i like what you saw you want to see more you would buy yes no well if you want buy it you find all the purchase links below in video descriptions along with coupons that are not eternal but you find them always updated on our telegram channel of the offer and linked also below in video descriptions along with links for our facebook group donate technology italy and local The sandra official entered numerous good friends I would say that now this is really all if you want support us all we need is a simple and free like a comment a share sign up if you have not already done so activate the little bell to not miss notifications of our new next videos and I would say that this really is we all see ourselves in the flight test of the jazz x12 I hope in the next video anyway within a few days I’m waiting for your opinion, guys, and I’m counting on this, it’s all next time, so here I know about this game, guys

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  2. Miché dalla recensioni americane ho visto che lo smartphone si collega al wifi del radiocomando che poi si collega al drone, il che non mi ha convinto al 100%, temo interferenze, sarebbe stato meglio un cavo tipo Zino o Fimi. La VPU tanta roba, l'unica cosa, vorrei capire se i 4K sono reali o è un upscaling, facci sapè!

  3. sembra una tamagotchi all accensione…….mi sa che rimango fedele allo zino……..per non parlare dell app jjrc orribile

  4. Ottimo Michele. Ho già visto altri video prodotti dal jjrcx12 ma non mi sembrano un granché. Cerca di confermare o smentire. Poi ti è arrivata la versione 4k o full HD?

  5. Bellino questo drone, ormai è invasione di questi dronetti cinesi con telecamera 4K stabilizzata, si vede che produrre la tecnologia ormai costa poco… se penso a qualche anno fa ci volevano migliaia di euro per un drone così. Gradevole il fatto poi che comincino ad includere anche una borsa per il trasporto, altrimenti ogni volta ti tocca la ricerca di qualcosa di compatibile e quasi sempre compri robe non originali, troppo grandi o piccole per farcelo stare. Bel video! Ciao Michele! ♥

  6. Bella presentazione come sempre 👍… bello il drone, peccato x il peso sopra i 250 grammi , poi il portatelefono sul radiocomando non richiudibile… del resto non si può avere tutto a proprio piacimento. ciao Mister Michele… grazie

  7. Si è simpatico, certo da vedere in volo, la cosa che propio nn mi piace è la muuusichettaaaaa all'accensione 😳😳😳😆😅. Per il resto sembra un bel drone

  8. Molto interessante. Viste le dimensioni dei motori sarà da vedere come si comporta con il vento, detto questo, ci voleva una novità nel campo dei droni economici. Se la cam sarà all'altezza del resto, potrebbe dare fastidio allo zino, poiché avendo lo stesso range, un utente per avere di meglio dovrebbe virare sullo zino pro che costa ancora parecchio e quindi a quel punto si va sul Fimi x8.

  9. Ciao Michele. Prima c'erano le assorbenti con le ali, adesso hanno le eliche! Scherzi a parte, al di la della sembianze di adsorbente, sembra valido!

  10. Ovviamente come tutti attendiamo una prova dei fatti in volo, però già ora si presenta benissimo, meglio dello Zino.

  11. Ciao Michele, una domanda lo smartphone si collega alla WiFi del telecomando?
    Grazie sempre per tutto quello che fai e per questo video…

  12. Veramente un bel drone molto ben fatto ed un prezzo accattivante .Non vedo l'ora che tu lo provi ciao Michele e grazie

  13. Esonero* Il solito fortunato 😛 tra non molto lo recensiremo anche noi sul blog 🙂 Il drone si promette bene, attendiamo la tua prova di volo!

  14. Ciao Michele ho provato a fare l'ordine su Gearbest ( JJRC X12 4K nero 2 batterie ) non accetta il coupon GBJJRCX12A…….JJRCX124K1

  15. professionale Michele, video gradevole, drone interessante per il prezzo. La cam ricorda osmo pocket… fammi indovinare sensore Sony da 12 mpx 😉

  16. Bella presentazione. Non vedo l'ora di vedere la tua prova. Ho già visto dei filmati e ho notato che produce un video con i soliti scatti. Vedremo

  17. Il drone è collegato al cellulare tramite la Wi-Fi del drone? O hanno inserito la connessione al radiocomando come nei droni dji?

  18. Io ho preso un fimi a3 il 5 settembre ma non è in magazzino e chissà se me lo spediranno mai…secondo te mi conviene prendere questo al posto del fimi a3??

  19. l'Aurora jjrc e il Faith c-fly praticamente è come la storia precedente identici tranne il prezzo…….sono curioso di sentire cosa ne pensi appena lo provi………….. sei un grande

  20. Ciao, mi sto interessando da pochissimo al mondo dei droni. Devo avere per forza una connessione 5g per manovrare questo drone? Grazie per la risposta.

  21. Ciao buongiorno forse ho fatto una cavolata e cioè l ho acquistato ma non ho uno smartphone 5g .è quindi inutilizzabile?

  22. la cam NON È 4K
    entrambe le versioni fanno video in fullhd … la versione 4k solo foto 4k.
    per metterlo in FCC sul canale 149 e sfruttare la portata ad 1watt occorre premere velocemente ripetutamente 4 volte il tasto power e aspettare si spenga e imposterà FCC … procedura ripetuta e torna in CE sul 36
    testato (il cfly faith fino a 2km senza alcuno stutter dell'immagine…).
    venduto lo Zino e tenuto faith e fimi… portabilità e qualità!!!

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