J’apprends le drone en double commande (MAVIC PRO)/Chronique_061

To Youtube members, our models, those who inspire us all have one thing in common air shots Today we’re getting close to the topic because we are with Hubert Aile who nicely invited me in his nature, his universe He’ll be teaching me how to drive a drone wow awesome a dream comes true in Chronicle n°61 go go go Hubert is working hard setting up two remotes so we both have one That way he can correct me if I do something wrong just like at driving school And let me introduce you Jeremy whom you know well He’s Bonheur Sur Seine’s official Mr. Drone Today he’s handing Hubert the reins It’s ready so let’s get going Truth is man learned to walk and the next second he wanted to learn how to fly The drone makes this dream a reality, within our grasp See the world from above like a bird It’s so great I want to go back to it so let’s just do that We ate well, this morning we learned to fly, now we learn to spin And Hubert just told me, in passing, that he left the second remote home So this afternoon I’m on my own Thank you Let’s see how I’m doing Wait a second, before we launch before flying the drone on my own, let’s get over the bases Hubert, tell me if I’m wrong, but to pilot a drone there are 4 commands with one remote and two joysticks When you lift the left joystick, you step on it you lift or lower the drone The other one makes the drone go forward or backward If you go back to this joystick and turn it left or right you create a translation, a rolling effect to the left or the right and you make it turn, it’s called the laces If you tilt the little wheel in the back to make the camera lean in Hubert, tell me if I got anything wrong Nope, all good on my part, go for it Then now I’m confident and ready It’s the end of a beautiful day, chronicle and encounter Thanks a lot Hubert for sharing your universe Thank you Raphael and to you Jeremy for you company and pretty shots My pleasure If you, as I start having an itch like I had go have a look at Hubert’s page and you’ll be smitten I’m adding all the links in the description and I’ll see you next week Thanks again to Jeremy, go check his Instagram

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