It’s now legal to eat roadkill in Oregon! * And 17 more true weird news stories!  #DDWN

It’s now legal to eat roadkill in Oregon! * And 17 more true weird news stories! #DDWN

From, I’m Darren
Marlar and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News… This episode is brought to you by the audiobook,
“Your Haunted Lives, True Tales of the Paranormal” by G. Michael Vasey – a collection of creepy,
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by downloading the audiobook for yourself at Johnny Depp, speaking onstage Thursday at
Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England, said this about President Trump: “This is
going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible. But I like that you’re all a part of it. When was the last time an actor assassinated
a president?” ***Of all the bandwagons you could’ve chosen
to jump on, you chose the career-destroying Kathy Griffin one? President Trump admitted Thursday that he
made no audio recordings of his meeting with James Comey. ***Which would’ve been great news…FOR
COMEY! President Trump was recorded on video recently
driving his golf cart over a well-manicured green at his New Jersey golf course. Driving onto greens is considered a serious
faux pas among golfers. ***Then he started making bets with other
golfers on the course and cranked up Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” on the stereo installed
in his golf bag. The Pentagon has blown $28 million in taxpayer
money over the past decade buying the wrong uniforms for the Afghan army. The uniforms feature a woodland camouflage
pattern but, the problem is, forests cover only around two percent of the country. ***”Hey Akmed, it looks like there’s a
forest COMING RIGHT FOR US…and the TREES ARE CARRYING RIFLES!!!” Cher is blaming Nancy Pelosi for that loss
in Georgia the other night. ***She’s had two failed marriages, a variety
show, a daughter who had a sex change operation… so obviously she’s the right person to listen
to when it comes to political analysis. Boeing is said to be working on jets that
fly themselves. ***Of course, the first question by the folks
at United: “So who would drag the passengers off?” A faculty adviser at Vista Murrieta High School
in Southern California has been fired after it came to light that the adviser had rigged
the election for class president. ***Vladimir Putin has refused to return calls
from reporters. North Korea says that President Trump is a
“psychopath” who may launch a preemptive strike against them to distract from his problems
at home. ***Pot… meet Kettle. A new study indicates olive oil can help you
preserve memories. ***Now, to remember that the next time I’m
at the store… According to a new survey, the #1 thing most
Americans want to do on their vacations: nothing. ***Hey, good news! I’m actually offering Marlar House vacation
packages starting at $1,000 per person where you can stay in my basement for a week and
do… nothing! The perfect vacation! Don’t talk to your travel agent – just
email me directly. The latest report says that the modern KKK
is beset with constant infighting. ***Well, if they got along with people they
wouldn’t be a hate group now would they? Well it appears Mr. Kim Jong Un is just as
insecure as the rest of us – and is self-conscious about his body – specifically, his ears. North Korea has strangely taken to photoshopping
its leader’s ears, which a pair of non-proliferation experts picked up on. Dave Schmerler of the James Martin Center
for Nonproliferation Studies and Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International
Studies at Monterey say they’ve noticed several photos in which editing specifically targets
Kim’s ears. As Lewis puts it, “He doesn’t like his ears,
or so it seems.” This cosmetic alteration and others like it
are likely designed “to help Kim look a bit more handsome than he is in real life,” Lewis
says. His ears aren’t Kim’s greatest cause for distress,
apparently. The chairman of South Korea’s parliamentary
intelligence committee says Kim is limiting public appearances and travel over fears that
there’s a plot to cut his head off, per the Korea Herald. ***Hey, you can do THAT with PhotoShop too! A Texas woman has had 8 surgeries so far,
with her goal — to look like Melania Trump. ***I would make a comment about how stupid
this is, but I’m just glad someone is not trying to look like a Kardashian. The median age for Americans has risen to
38 years old. ***Hey, I’m above average! Burger King has started serving Lucky Charms
milkshakes made with ice cream, syrup, marshmallows and Lucky Charms cereal. ***They’re free if you can prove you’re
a real leprechaun. In Shelton, Connecticut, 33-year-old Lance
Churchill would do well to choose his battles a little more wisely. He’s facing charges after police said he got
into an altercation with a 5-year-old – yes, a 5-year-old. This went down last Friday at the Apple Tree
daycare. Churchill was visiting for a Father’s Day
party where all of the children’s fathers were invited. Police say a child “playfully took the Father’s
Day card that Churchill received from his son and ran around the room with it.” That’s when Churchill, who is 6 feet 4 inches
tall and weighs 270 pounds, chased after the child, picked him up over his head, and then
pinned him to the ground and screamed at him. Daycare staff took the child away from Churchill
and called the police. When officers arrived Churchill allegedly
“wanted the 5-year-old boy arrested.” Instead, they arrested Mr. Churchill and charged
him with risk of injury to a minor and disorderly conduct. ***Next time, pick on somebody your own size,
Lance. Good news Oregon – your fresh meat supply
just became more plentiful! Thanks to a new bill passed overwhelmingly
by the Legislature and signed by the governor, motorists who crash into animals can now harvest
the meat to eat. Yep, it’s now legal to eat roadkill in Oregon! ***That’s right Oregonians, you’ll never
again have to worry about running out of possum in your freezer! Amazon is launching its own fashion service
allowing people to try clothes for a week before buying. ***That’s great, because I could use some
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5 thoughts on “It’s now legal to eat roadkill in Oregon! * And 17 more true weird news stories! #DDWN”

  1. Now that's quite the OREGON trail. The government is always wasting money as long as trump is in charge of it! Ugh I hate olive oil. Kim's ears? What an EARY situation! Burger King lucky charms? I gotta try that next time I go to the dentist! (I know it sounds like an oxymoron but the only time I eat Burger King is when I go to Maryland to visit my dentist)

  2. when I lived in Oregon, the cops had dibs on all fresh roadkill
    Of Deer or Elks or any other larger meat animals…
    for the jails…Prisoners gotta eat meat once in a while…

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