I crashed my mavic into the water This sucks, so I’m getting some Epic B-Roll footage I’m backing out kind of panning backwards underneath this really cool Pedestrian bridge coming down trying to catch the little stream There’s like a little mini waterfall for some reason this thing kind of kept pulling to the left and I was trying to I was Having tripod mode I was trying to come back nice and slow to get that real buttery Smooth footage without anything crazy jerking and it just kept kind of like tipping left Just kept going and I’m like oh And then it sucked it into the tree Fell down right into the water, and I could see the green light blinking out of the water I was getting way too brave like look how close. I am to the water way too close That is tasty footage right there, and I’d probably do it again. Just because it was so awesome You know what I’ve decided to go deeper. We’re going to have to do open drilling surgery I feel like there’s still water stuck in there there has to be there’s so many little tiny compartment I’m going to open this thing right up and Holy shit. I’ve been blowing this thing out for another half an hour now first test is going to be the battery okay? We’re over in the charging Cabinet well both plug the battery and see what happens We got some green lights everything is green battery. Oh there it is ladies and gentlemen I think the batteries okay must be waterproof is this thing fully sealed oh? Stop this is supposed to be blinking right now. Well we’re going to let that sit for a bit there It’s a 3-cell battery so it might be bumping into balancing mode oh No, no see that red light right there game over That’s it battery is gone battery did not make it. This is not looking good if a battery can’t even make it What about all this stuff I? Can’t live without this thing you don’t understand I’ve only had it for like three weeks this thing has changed my life like I’m serious this thing has made my life dull from here to like here All right, I’m going to take a fresh battery and plug it in and we’re going to try this Okay, here. We go. Oh Man, I’m nervous to turn this thing on to be honest here. We go one two three it’s alive it made the sound so red get a red light Everything is red As far as I know red is not green green is good anything other than green is bad Not good son of a bitch Okay, little buddy Funeral is going to be in about three to four days. I hope you guys can make it I’m thinking maybe I need to give it a little more time to dry out I’m going to put it in front of a fan with a battery out. Hopefully it dries it out It might not be dry enough, or just might be fried Well, that’s it for now guys. Thanks for watching hopefully you guys can all learn something from this don’t slide near water I mean, I’m talking like six inches. I was a little bit too bred, but I was really going for those slick shots That’s what I’m here for us to create. I’m new to all of this stuff I’m very green So I’m trying to grow I’m trying to learn and I’m trying to build a YouTube channel hopefully network with other people Thanks for watching guys see on the next one you

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