iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!

iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!

So I’ve been giving Apple a hard time lately
over the construction of their recent iPhones because they are so expensive to replace. With the iPhone X, it’s $549 to replace the
back glass. With the iPhone 8 Plus it’s a little bit cheaper,
but still incredibly expensive. So today I’m going to put my money where my
mouth is and I have two brand new phones, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus. Both of them have the glass backs with the
new construction design, and we’re going going to drop them both with realistic drops and
see when they may or may not break. Remember that drop tests are never conclusive. With a larger sample size you can get a better
idea of what’s going to happen. I have done two drop tests in the past with
regular sized iPhone 8’s, but I have never dropped these two phones. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Plus I’ll be attempting my own back glass
repairs on these broken phones, so I need broken phones in order to do that. So it’s all for a good cause. Apple does claim to have the most durable
glass ever on a smartphone, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this iPhone X and
the new iPhone 8 Plus. Let’s get started. [Intro] So like always, we’ll have two smartphones. This is the Galaxy S8 Plus, and over here
we have the Google Pixel 2. Both of these will be recording in slow motion
as we do the drop test. So I’ll start with the iPhone 8 Plus. It also has an aluminum frame which is slightly
softer than stainless steel and can be pushed into the glass a little more easily. Now, both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone
X have a small plastic layer between the glass and the metal, but since aluminum gets pressed
in easier, I’m going to assume that this one breaks sooner. So I’m just going to set this on my leg. Right now it’s about 3 feet up or 1 meter
give or take. Both cameras are recording and I’ll just stand
up. [Music] So after the first drop it looks like the
back is fine. We hit right up here on the corner next the
the camera bump. But the back panel is fine and the front is
fine. Set that down. And we’ll start playing with the iPhone X
or the iPhone 10 – whatever you want to call it. This one does have the stainless steel rails
on the side, which is a little bit harder than aluminum. So my assumption is that this is going to
break after the 8 Plus, but there’s only one way to find out. I’ll go ahead and set this on my leg, and
we will stand up. [Music] Looks like the back glass is totally fine. Front glass is still good. Let’s try it again. We’ll do sitting down one more time because
this is the most common type of drop – just forgetting it’s on your lap and then standing
up. [Music] And the back glass…this is amazing…the
back glass is completely shattered. I’m impressed at how shattered that is from
such a short drop. Wow. So this brand new iPhone 8 Plus took only
two drops from about knee height as it slides off of my leg to completely shatter the back. And now we owe Apple a ton of money to replace
this thing. That is mind blowing. This wouldn’t be an issue if we could just
remove the back without destroying the camera, and replace it with a third party. But what Apple does is they replace the whole
housing of the phone, transferring over all the internal components because the back glass
does not separate from the back housing. Alright, now that the iPhone 8 Plus is completely
shattered, let’s go back to the iPhone X. Once again, I think this one will last a little
bit longer because of that stainless steel frame, but let’s find out. It is on my leg. Standing up. [Music] It looks like the front is still fine. The back glass is still totally fine – no
damage. So hopefully that stainless steel side is
absorbing the impact and not denting in to hit the glass. So the iPhone 8 Plus is completely shattered,
but we’re going to do another drop test anyway and see how long it takes the front to shatter. Now I’ll be pulling it out of my pocket and
dropping it from about waist high. [Music] That time around it did fall directly on the
screen as I flopped it out of my pocket. From waist high, the front of the phone is
completely damaged, whether it’s from the glass slightly protruding above the edge of
the aluminum right here, or just the aluminum getting pushed into the top edge of the glass
and breaking it that way. Either way, the front and the back of this
phone are completely damaged now from I think drops 2 and 3 of this drop test. So as far as most durable glass on a smartphone
ever, glass is still glass, and gravity is still gravity. But we’re not done with the X yet. Let’s keep going. We’ll pull it out of my pocket and let it
hit the ground. [Music] Alright, still nothing wrong with the X. We have complete, solid glass on the back
and no cracks on the front. We’ll do one more waist high drop with the
X since the 8 Plus has bit the dust. [Music] Yet again, waist-high. There is nothing wrong with the front of the
phone. Still zero cracks on the whole front side
of the device. But on the back side, right next to the camera
hump, there’s the smallest of nicks. So I’m going to assume that with the next
drop or a drop soon after, the whole back is going to shatter from that point because
once there’s a weak point introduced into the glass, that’s where all the damage happens. We’ll do one more from about chest high. [Music] So I was wrong about where the glass was going
to crack. It did not start from up by the camera hump,
it actually emanates from the bottom corner all the way up to the top. But now the back glass is shattered and we
owe Apple $549 to replace it. It’s not because the components are expensive,
this back glass portion probably only costs about $20, it’s the construction of the phone
that makes it expensive. It’s is not removable and that’s the bad part. With Samsungs, you pay that $20 and get the
replacement part and you’re good to go. So now the iPhone X/iPhone 10 has been damaged
from chest high. We’re going to do one more, like if it drops
from your hand while it’s up by you ear. I’m about 6 feet tall, about 2 meters give
or take, so let’s see what happens. [Music] So the front glass of the phone does have
damage in that bottom left corner. Nothing too drastic, but it is damaged. And the back is not just shattered everywhere. So overall I would say I’m pretty disappointed
in the construction of the Apple phone. I think they look fantastic. I love the glass, I love the metal. The stainless steel is probably one of my
favorite phone materials of all time. But the way the back glass is adhered to the
phone is incredibly stupid. It is not repairable and it is incredibly
expensive to replace for us as the consumers, which means there will be a ton of these phones
walking around in the wild with cracked backs from people who don’t want to pay $500 to
replace them. So now that we know how the phones are constructed
and how fragile they are, it’s time to make a decision. And to me, a case seems like a no-brainer. In my past videos I did have a case on one
of the phones that I was dropping and it lasted significantly longer than the naked phone. And with the high price point cost of repair
on these phones, the risk is not worth the reward. Yeah, the phones look good naked, but they
don’t last long naked. So yeah, I would say a case is mandatory on
both of these phones because you’re basically buying a new phone with the price it costs
to repair it. Definitely a poor decision on Apple’s part. Let me know what you think though, down in
the comments. I’m curious, would you buy a phone like this? And if you would buy an extremely fragile
phone that’s expensive to repair, would you walk around with it naked or would you put
a case on it? As always, thanks a ton for watching, and
I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!”

  1. Apple is such a greedy company Samsung can just remove the back panel of the phone that’s glass and just replace the back going to cost less And Apple pretty much have to replace the entire housing because they’re stupid goodness me no wonder why people are going broke

  2. This is good to see how strong apple is but dam it hurts that your just breaking $1000 phones like bru I have a iPhone 4 cuz I’m broke 😭😂

  3. Get a clear case I have the iPhone 8 Plus and I don’t want to break it but I wanted the red to show so I got a clear case. ITS NAKED BUT NOT NAKED 😱

  4. just get the mous cases they look amazing and can wistand a drop from a weather balloon in the atmostphere

  5. Glass of IPhone x is very unstable. My phone slipped from couch and fell on the floor and it had multiple cracks on the back…

  6. Meanwhile in Malaysia we should just buy a new one instead of replacing the back cover . The cost is way over .

  7. And I would not buy an iPhone with a back glass at all. But if I did I would definitely put a screen protector and case on it..

  8. Why do we think making phones with glass is a good thing when it's the most drop thing we own. I want durable long lasting battery not solid glass so I put it in a cheap plastic or rubber case

  9. I'm only buying plastic phone like moto x force, naked without screen protector/case….small scratch on screen its daily life

  10. Fucking trash pieces of shit never buying another iphone again

    1 mistake for 1 second your not paying attention and your phone is basically fucked, yeah it still works fine inside its all good but i cant tell you how many times ive cut my hand on this piece of shit because they wanna make it look nice over durability, is it so hard to make the front glass and the back a heavy rubber material so it falls on its back and no damage is done to glass? Nah sorry i forgot they wanna charge an extra 10-20 bucks for “protection” when it should come included with the iphone because they are flimsy pieces of shit.

  11. How hard it is for me to arrange one iphone x brother 😢its been almost 6 months m still struggling to save money for if nd u?😓

  12. First of all iPhone is way better than Samsung no doubt the only reason why it cost so much money is because Apple is a huge company that is BOOMING in America the Better it gets the more it cost… like do you not expect a phone that UNLOCKS WITH YOUR FACE has an AMAZING CAMERA QUALITY AND WAY MORE SO DON’T EVEN START TELLING ME YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED IN APPLE

  13. Maybe my iPhone 8+ is good, dropped many times on asphalt threw my phone across cement and nothing but a few scuffs and two tiny cracks on the edges 💀 Knox on wood

  14. I actually have an iPhone X and I’ve dropped it multiple times but I have a hitcase so it’s really fine I’m also pretty tall and it’s landed on concrete so that’s my imput

  15. I can a dozen Apple's all glass free, different colours and sizes, red and green are popular. Very cheap, Let me know

  16. I don’t use cases but I’m scared of this happening to my iphoneX hopefully the front and back screen protectors help a bit

  17. Yeah that’s what I thought don’t diss Apple my g ur a gurbur glass ant just glasss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Bought my iPhone 8 Plus, and immediately put a case and screen protector on it. They look great. But considering how much they cost up front, a $10 case is worth every penny.

  19. "The most common kind of drop" I never realised iPhone users were that stupid… Well, To think iPhones are good, That's a whole new level of stupidity

  20. OMG I have an iPhone 8 Plus and from now on I’ll be more careful cause I don’t wanna spend this amount of money to fix it if it brakes! Apple is unbelievable…..

  21. Mine break in my pocket back glass they want £549 swop it Iphone not worth it I buy Samsung a50 better than iPhone X anyways, if u go to iPhone Bromley and complain of their lightening cable not lasting they give u an insulting lecture of how to treat your cable when 2 went just sitting under max then they insult u by saying they have had their cable for 2 years , funny how all 6 sales guy and women say 2 years no one said 1 year or 3 all day same time , Iphone is not honest and not worth no more our time and the iPhone X still hard to do screen shot always miss right buttons on important moments , IPhone X waste of money don’t buy it it cracks in a case and if rubber case 2 years old and bent they say the case did it but I take it out case every night to charge on the wireless dock , annoying shop now

  22. got an X with a broken back for a good price online. Replaced the glass with liquid nitrogen and now I have a new daily 😀

  23. I dropped my iPhone X off the top of a 100ft + Ferris wheel last night. It landed on grass but still is perfectly fine. No glitches or anything.

  24. Cringe. next time you wanna attempt a repair, give me your new phone and smash mine. You should be punished for destroying such a beautiful creation.

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