100 thoughts on “iPhone Sized Drone! DJI Mavic Mini Review!”

  1. Hello Justine I am Jeremy im a professional artist raised in California traveled alot and I am now subbed to your channle thank you for sharing all you do ! I have just got my new iphone 11 pro max will my phone be compatible with this drone and is it really easy to use ?

  2. Ill be honest, most of the time i come here to just admire how beautiful you are. And the content isnt bad either. 🙂

  3. Other than the battery time, this drone is a huge disappointment. No flight modes like Active Track. Can't customize buttons on the RC. No obstacle sensors. No 4K. The list goes on.

  4. Can you share the settings you used to record those videos and do you know by any chance which is the transmission of the remote (wifi, lightbridge or occusync), BTW nice video, Thank you

  5. I need y’all help, I have a chance to upgrade to an iPhone 11 pro this Christmas (coming from an 8 plus) or should I wait until next year so the new phones can come out (iPhone 12) wait or upgrade?

  6. 0:23 Those shots were just beautiful.😍😍
    7:10 Justine: “This is handling really well inside.”
    also Justine: bumps drone into the wall 😂😂😍😍❤️

  7. I have a queston even if you wont answer how can i update my phone it did pop out the thing for the iphone to update but i wasnt sure to update it then now its lost and i cant find to update it btw i have the iphone xs if you can help i would be so happy.!?

  8. I think that’s what I want for my Christmas gift family been asking me what I want I think I just made up my mind

  9. Great video! Lol the one part of the coffee maker thing behind you on the left around 4:18 looks like the iPhone 11 Pro camera setup lol.

  10. "Finally!" I thought, "A compact drone I could get started with!". Looked at the rules on drone use in the UK. Gave up on the idea.

  11. So I’ve run into a problem… I have thought about which DJI drone to get for just about a year and if I’m being honest I’m still not sure. I was debating between the mavic 2 zoom, the air, and now the mini. I’m not a beginner but not nearly as good as Justine. The one thing that’s keeping me from buying the air is that the connectivity to the remote isn’t great from what I’ve heard. I would appreciate the help because I want high quality image but I don’t want to go all out in the mavic 2 zoom if one of the other two are a better option all though now for me it’s between mainly the mini and the zoom

  12. Hi, do anyone know what's package size of fly more combo? I need to see if can fit it all box in to my backpack when I go pick up to home.

  13. Do you know that drone mode FCC is ilegal in Europe? yes, in Europe there are another MM is CE, is diferent, be carefull in Europe Airport.

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