Iphone 11 pro max : Your next purchase?

Iphone 11 pro max : Your next purchase?

so we have all seen the countless
unboxing of the new iPhones let’s skip that part and start talking
about the nuts and bolts of the new… iPhone 11 Pro max Bonjour my fellow hi tech fans welcome back to my channel I am so glad to be back for another
high-tech review. All of my statements are shot with the iPhone 11 for Max
without any microphone so you can hear the quality sound and of course the
video quality as well. Now let’s see if the first pro iPhone earns the upgrade!
Pro often means better processors and bigger displays , the iPhone 11 Pro max
has the same processor as the iPhone 11 but its display is better. First of all
you should know that I’m coming from an iPhone 8 plus and an iPhone 6s plus I
don’t like to change iPhones every year as I really don’t have the money and I
also want to have the wow effect with all of the improvements and new options.
This video isn’t a thourough review we will discover more of the phone together in
my soon to come videos of the new iPhone Why phone 11 Pro max ? while iPhone 11 at
$699 dollars or 809 euros is a great value and will satisfy I’m sure a lot of
buyers I wanted to have the dynamic OLED display compared with the iPhone 11
LCD screen .You will love the high precision display calibration and color
accuracy I never liked to play video games on my
phones because of the poor quality compared to a console but with the
iPhone 11 pro max it’s incredible. I was also looking forward to the third lens
on the iPhone 11 pro max for telephoto zoom wich the iPhone 11 lacks and of
course the improvement of the battery life. Talking about the third lens let’s
start using the cameras and see the differences with the old iPhones. If you
love taking photos you’re going to enjoy the iPhone 11 Pro max. Let’s see the
three lenses in full action in addition to the standard 26 millimeter wide lens
there’s the 52 millimetres telephoto lens which has been upgraded to a wider
2.0 aperture allowing in much more light in the photo. and “La cerise sur le gâteau” (transl) the cherry on the cake of this phone for me is a spectacular new 2.4 13
millimeters ultra wide lens with a hundred twenty degree field of view.
Compared to the older models the experience with the app is more pro
friendly it feels more like the interface of a real camera compared to
the previous app the photos I’m taking on the iPhone 11 from Max are clearly
sharper brighter it looks very professional than the older iPhone 8
plus photos of the same scenes or subjects. The iPhone 11 Pro now has the
ability to zoom in twice optically and zoom out twice optically let me explain
what an optical zoom is. So before on the other iPhones the zoom was digital
meaning the camera enlarges the image area at the center of the frame and
trims away the outside edges of the picture. The result is the same as when
you open an image in your photo editing program crop away the edges of the
picture and then enlarge the remaining portion of the photo. Optical zoom uses
magnifying lenses to get you a much closer up view of a scene then you’d see
with your eyes. You don’t lose quality images nor see the pixels with
optical zoom. The new iPhone 11 Pro max is equipped with a new feature called
night mode which is designed to take crisp clear photos even when lighting
conditions are poor such as at night. How does it work? the new wide-angle camera
in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models are equipped with a larger sensor that is
able to let in more light the photos are brighter even when the light is low. Now
let’s talk about the video ! All 3 cameras can take 4k 60 video now and if
you record in anything less than 60 frames per second you can switch between
the wide and ultra wide lenses with no color shifts or exposure changes which
is “super sympa” (transl) impressive! Each camera in the triple camera system records
brilliant 4k video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization.
The battery life! Apple claims to have added an extra 4 to 5 hours battery life
compared to its previous models so far I can say that the iPhone 11 pro max is
definitely lasting longer on the charge I have used it all day starting at 8
a.m. watching YouTube and Netflix video
playing video games listening to music and posting videos and photos on social
medias and of course talking on the phone I still had more than 20% of
battery life before going to bed at 11 p.m. and I used it again the next day
until early afternoon that’s when the battery died so if you want or need
maximum battery life then that’s one of the main reasons you should go for the
iPhone 11 Pro max. In the past few years Apple has been the only company to ship
its expensive phones without a fast charger in the box. Today if you buy the
iPhone pro you get a 18 watt wall adapter with a USBC connection on one end,
and apple”s lightning port on the other end connecting to the iPhone. So how fast
is it charging? it gives you close to a 50 percent charge in a half an hour on
the iPhone 11 Pro max and in 45 minutes you get 70 percent charge! About the
audio : the iPhone 11 pro speakers are loud and the sound is better than ever
the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro now have something called spatial audio it’s a
Virtual Surround decoder it gives you an immersive surround sound experience … Me astonished to find blackberries 🙂 and
when you’re using the video option youcan easily zoom between each of the
three cameras while audio zoom matches the audio to the video framing for more
dynamic sound . There is more to talk about the haptic touch the slow motion
selfie called the slow fees we’ll talk about this subjects and many more in the
next video if you have any other questions about the new iPhone please
let me know in the comment section down “en-dessous” (transl) : below thanks for watching and
before you leave don’t forget to click on the thumbs up button just down “en-dessous”
below and if you haven’t done it yet subscribe to my channel take good care
of yourselves I will see you very soon “C’est promis” (promised), Salut ! Celine you are talking nonsense !!! “You” my friend are definitely way too tired for this !

13 thoughts on “Iphone 11 pro max : Your next purchase?”

  1. I’m so glad to see you and be back for a review of the new iPhone. What phone do you have and which option do you like best on your phone?

  2. Super video Céline. J'ai le XS depuis 1 an alors je vais attendre à l'an prochain avant de changer. Utilisant mon XS pour photos et vidéos, j'ai hâte de voir la prochaine version. Bisous et bon retour, tu nous manquais 🙂

  3. So good to see you back Celine, no one delivers the tutorial like you. I am most interested in the video aspects of this phone and looking forward to more reviews. Welcome back we missed you.

  4. Celine!!! Way to give er. What phone do I have, answer is simple, none. I have never owned a cellphone in my 44 years of existence… Oh yeah! Solid review as always. The quality is getting so good with these phones.

  5. Welcome back. Got an iPhone 8 Plus and can’t see the point of upgrading at the moment Will be looking to update my iPad Pro and phone next September

  6. Welcome baaaaaaaaaaack! Even if it's an Apple video I'm still excited to discover your new video 😊👍
    Mais blague à part de ma "dent" contre Apple, j'ai l'impression que mon Huawei P30 (normal, pas pro) n'arrive pas très loin derrière technologiquement parlant mais… pour nettement moins cher (environ plus de la moitié du prix sur base de certaines mémoires). Ca confirme que je ne suis clairement pas prêt à passer sur l'Iphone 😛

  7. Bonjour Céline,

    ça fait plaisir de voir de nouvelles vidéos. J'espère que tu vas bien et que tes enfants aussi ; ).
    Est-ce que tu vas faire une vidéo sur l'Osmo mobile 3 ? Ou les nouvelles GoPro ? Je viens de faire un tour sur Utip mais je n'arrive pas à regarder une publicité ("Pas de pub disponible").

    Bonne continuation !

    PS : Mon oreille gauche à bien entendu ta voix et mon oreille droite la musique.

  8. SuperbeS vidéoS !
    Sans conteste largement d’un niveau professionnel. Qualité des vidéos exceptionnelles. Messages très précis, clairs et concis.
    Source d’infos objectives et réalistes.
    MerciSS – Continue à nous mettre l’eau à la bouche avec tant de réalisme et de joie de vivre.
    Serge – Le beau père d’Hélène et Jérôme

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