Invisible Drone WITH & WITHOUT Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition – Pros and Cons

Invisible Drone WITH & WITHOUT Insta360 ONE R Aerial Edition – Pros and Cons

Hey what’s up, everybody? It is your boy Hugh here from CreatorUp! Today, we are going to do an in-depth technical
review of the Insta360 ONE R Invisible 360 Drone Mod for Mavic Pro 2. To truly understand the benefits of ONE R
Drone Mod, we need to know how to capture 360 drone video and remove the drone in post-production
without using ONE R drone mod. And this is still the professional way I will
recommand if you use other 360 cameras like Qoocam 8K, GoPro MAX or the brand new Labpano
Pilot One – another 8K 360 camera – review is coming next in Feb 10th. So right now I am gonna do my professional
setup as you see the drone right here. I have a different Insta360 ONE R right here
and then is this is my setup with the vibration dampener right here if you see it vibration
dampener right here and then we just connect this part onto the drone mounts connect to the camera to the vibration
dampener as you see the drone and the camera shaking but it absorbs the vibration right
here in 4 concerns – let’s fly the setup to see how good is compared to the invisible
drone. So now we have a different setup right here
as you see the Insta360 one r on my vibration dampener on my drone and that is actually
my professional setup that what I have been filming 360VR for the past 3 years so let’s
fly this compare it with the invisible drone. As you see, it is really stable even without
Mocha stabilization. But you do see the drone, very big in the
sky. I will show you the easiest way to remove
first in Premiere. Click the Export Frame button here to export
a PNG still frame. Open that frame in Photoshop. We see a pretty blue sky without any cloud
and bright sun. So we are going to match that with sky replacement
technique. This is a very quick demo. For a detailed tutorial on sky replacement
– check this one here instead. Go on – choose HDRI and choose
skies. And we see this one is a perfect sky to use
to replace my sky. HDRI haven is free. But if you can not find your skies here – you
might need to buy them from other websites. Go in and download the 8K version as our video
is 5.7K. So you want to get the sky that is bigger
than our resolution. Download it. Now open the HDRI file in PTGui or any free
HDR software. I like to open the panorama editor and edit
the tone mapping to match my sky. Then click create panorama. Change the width & height to 5760 by 2880
– use Tiff format – click settings – make sure it is 16 bit per channel with none compression. Hit Create. Bring the Tiff file into Photoshop and put
it on top of the screenshot layer. Now we need to align the sun location so your
shadow looks realistic. This is a very important step. Take notes. Hide the sky layer, drag a vertical guide
line in the middle of the sun. Also, drag a horizontal guideline to find
the lower spot of the drone like so. Go to filter – Other – Offset. And offset the sky layer to match the sun
location. Now show the sky layer and drag another horizontal
guideline to meet the top of the mountain like so. Click Add Layer Mask button right here. Select Gradient Tool and draw a gradient like
so to create a gradient mask. Now hide the guideline. We just need to color match the sky. Create a level adjustment layer. Right-click and select create a clipping mask. So your color adjustment only affects the
sky layer. Now adjust the setting until you match your
sky. Now, hide the original screenshot, export
a transparent PNG sky patch layer. Bring it into Premiere on top of the video
layer. As you see the drone gone. For more complicated drone removal technique
– like using Photoshop or BrorisFX Mocha Pro to paint out the sky to have a more original
looking, realistic sky – please refer to this in-depth tutorial on step by step drone removal
technique. You can literally remove any size of drones
in monoscopic and stereoscopic 360 video. The advantage of ONE R Drone Mod – Post Production
Cost Saving So the biggest advantage of using ONE R drone
Mod is in post production. You just saw how complicated to remove the
drone in Post Production, and it involves expensive software like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop,
PTGui, and even Mocha Pro and Mistika VR. In ONE R, it is as easy as drag and drop. So right now we gonna fly the Insta360 ONE
R invisible drone compared to my regular professional setup to see how stable this version compared
to my version and everything else So again we don’t have a GPS right here we gonna go
ATTI mode so we gonna fly very careful [Music] Here we have the ONE R studio software. I just drop in the footage just shot, check
Use FlowState Stabilization, Dynamic Stitching, Aerial Edition, and Chromatic Abberation. The Aerial Edition button is the magic button
to make the stitching work flawlessly. Make sure you DO NOT check Lock Direction
to avoid sudden movement. We control the reframing in post production
with smoothing instead. Then I hit the Start Explore button. DONE! Bring the render into Premiere, you see the
exact same result as before – without the drone. It literally takes me like 5 seconds and 4
mouse clicks. Think about the money and time you can save
in post production. Stabilization Comparison / Jello effect
Another big concern of FPV drone pilot and 360 videographers is stabilization. As right now, both lenses are touching the
drone body directly without vibration damper – as I show you right here. So the images will take in all the machine
vibration – which will create a jello effect – the rolling shutter causes the image to
wobble unnaturally. Let’s do a quick comparison to show you. Here you see the TWO flights. The first one we have the Insta360 ONE R Aerial
Edition. Then we have my vibration damper setup also
filmed with Insta360 ONE R – the twin edition. Put them together, they both are invisible
drone 360 videos, and both are very stable thanks to FlowStation stabilization. Look at the horizon line, they are a lot better
than GoPro MAX or Qoocam 8K – both will need post stabilization with Mocha Pro to achieve
the same result. But, if you pay extra attention, you can find
the differences. I circled 3 spots on the ONE R Aerial Edition
for you to look at. You see this Jello Effect on the horizon line
comes and goes. Let’s zoom in 200% and see it better. Pay attention to the tall buildings here in
front of the mountain. You see it clearly this unnaturally wobble
caused by rolling shutter. Something that Insta360 really need work on
to remove the rolling shutter problem. The Aerial Edition is not the final production
unit – so there is a chance Insta360 will figure out how to remove rolling shutter. But again, this is not an easy problem to
fix. I will suggest also purchase an ND filter
for the Aerial Edition to reduce the shutter speed and remove this Jello Effect. A common solution very well-know in the FPV
community. Hey, if I help you, don’t forget to this video
a like. Stitching Distance
Since the two lenses are far apart, there is a safe stitching distance for anything
film with this Aerial Edition. Again, since we do not have GPS, you should
never get your drone too close to anything anyway. But as a good 360 videographer, this is the
thing you should know when you are on the field. So you can position your drone correctly to
capture the best, seamless footage. As you see right here, the stitching distance
is pretty large. I am standing 5 meters away from the camera,
and I am still affected by the stitch line. If you look at the pole here on your right,
it is about 7 – 8 meters away from the drone – and it is looking good. So in general, I will push everything 8 to
10 meters away from the camera to avoid the stitching artifacts. You should also pay attention to where the
Sun hitting the camera. If the sun is hitting the camera around the
stitch line – you will see this line of different brightness. So change the attitude of your drone to avoid
direct sun hit on the stitch line. This is just the part ONE of the Insta360
ONE R aerial edition series. I hope it gives you lots of useful information
that is not mentioned by others. All sample footages of this video are available
to be downloaded. Check the link in the description. Insta360 told me they would try to modify
the Mavic Pro 2 setup to get a more stable GPS connection – so you don’t need to fly
in Atti Mode. But, as I mentioned, you do need to have the
skill to fly in Atti mode, so you don’t panic when you lost GPS like indoor or in a forest. In the next video, we will review the Mavic
Pro 1 version, which will have the full GPS. And I will teach you some 360 reframe techniques
as you saw in the introduction of this video – to recreate them step by step using only
your mobile phone or inside Adobe Premiere. If you are new here, it will help me a lot
if you subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bells for the latest tutorials
on 360 productions. Until next time, please fly safely and keep

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