Introducing the Lume Cube STROBE: Anti-Collision Lighting for Drone

Introducing the Lume Cube STROBE: Anti-Collision Lighting for Drone

Hey Riley from Lume Cube here to
introduce you to the latest addition in our drone lighting line, the Strobe an
anti-collision light for drones. As drones become more regulated
anti-collision lighting is now more important than ever for both the
line-of-sight and safety reasons. The Strobe meets all federal drone
regulations including 360 degree visibility, can be seen from over three
statute miles away, and it has three different settings including high strobe,
low strobe, and a continuous light output. Rechargeable via microUSB the Strobe can
last over two hours on the highest strobe setting. Our anti-collision light includes two
color caps in every box so you have the ability to strobe in white red or green
color and we use 3M dual lock technology to mount to every single drone in the
market. Available in both a single and a three
pack at

11 thoughts on “Introducing the Lume Cube STROBE: Anti-Collision Lighting for Drone”

  1. "3m dual lock technology", never heard a fancier way of saying velcro..And unsurprisingly, just like their Lume Cubes the price of them is stupidly high.

  2. Can lumecube post a video demonstrating the 3 set mounted on the Mavic 2?
    Recommended positions and such. Can the strobe be mounted on the sides and rear parts?

  3. Like to get one for my drone but the price for the light to high plus postaged to Qld Australia Too expensive

  4. Thank you for sharing. I do assume your company did extensive testing of this product on all of the most popular consumer and professional drones in the market AKA DJI, and I hope you can answer directly one question I have.I fly a DJI Phantom 4, I received a Lume Cube STROBE last Saturday I tried to fit it in the best position possible away from critical components such as motors and GPS antenna. If the unit only fits flat on the position you showed in this video, which is directly on top of the GPS antenna would you guarantee the unit will not interfere with GPS reception? Thank you in advance for your answer.


  6. I'm going to place an order for this on your website. What color [Lens] on your product best suits the FAA in the United States? I know it comes with all 3 colors but I want to make sure I'm not flying a particular color that means something [wrong] to pilots and the FAA. Thanks.

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