Intelligent Flight Modes for DJI Drones: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Intelligent Flight Modes for DJI Drones: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of Exploring Photography, right here on AdoramaTV. I’m Mark Wallace in Kununurra ir Western Australia, right beside the Lily Creek Lagoon, and that’s a perfect location while the sun is getting low on the horizon, for me to show you some basic Intelligent Flight Modes for the DJI Mavic. This also works with the DJI Air and any DJI Drone actually, has these Intelligent Flight Modes, and there’s a bunch of intelligent flight modes that you should learn, but really there’s one as a total game changer, that you should absolutely know. So we’re going to get to that, but I’m going to show you two other ones first. They’re very, very, basic. The first one is cinematic mode, and what cinematic mode does, is it basically slows down the Mavic when it’s stopping. So normally when the Maverick stops, it goes errr….and what that’ll do is, it’ll make the gimbal sort of jerk around, and it doesn’t give you a nice smooth motion! Also when you yaw, which is this movement right here, so when you’re yawning your drone, that can be sort of quick, and give you a herky-jerky video. In cinematic mode what that does, is it slows down that yaw, and it slows down your deceleration, so instead of it going and stopping, you’ll sort of coast into a nice slow stop. Same with acceleration instead of wwerr.. taking off, you’ll sort of zip out. So cinematic mode just gives you nice smooth motion. So let’s take a look! Okay once again, we have our drone our Mavic Pro in the air. I’m going to fly it out. I have it out over the the lagoon. Now what I’m going to do here is first, I’m going to fly toward this little bush right down here, and I’m going to fly and then stop. So fly stop, so you can see that sort of just stops really quickly there. Fly backwards, stop, it stops, okay, if I tear it to the left, I’m going to full yaw left,woah… I’m going to get sick… it’s pretty darn fast! Alright so now let’s see what happens when we click the little robot, and then what we’re going to do is, we’re going to turn on Cinematic Mode so Cinematic Mode is right here. I’ll say okay. Now the first thing yaw should change, so I’m going to jerk the joystick to the left, full-on much, much, slower, much smoother, so that’s full 100%. So normally you wouldn’t do that but that’s a much smoother movement, and then, now let’s watch and see how this glides to a stop. So full-on, notice it’s a nice smooth start, and now I’ve stopped it’s still gliding, gliding, gliding, comes to a nice smooth stop. So you can see I did some side-by-side comparisons, and you’re in normal mode, you can see that the Mavic comes to a screeching halt, and that can wiggle the gimbal just a little bit. When you’re in cinematic mode, it glides to a stop, cinematic mode is pretty nice, but there’s one mode that’s even better in my opinion, and that is called Tripod Mode. Now what Tripod Mode does, is it slows down all of the motion of your drone. So when you’re flying, you’re yawing, you’re accelerating, and decelerating, and doing all the movements, it just makes everything go much slower, and much smoother. So if you’re looking for that really amazing shot, and you’re moving your drone, put it in Tripod Mode and that will work. So don’t think about Tripod Mode as the drone just sort of.. sitting there on a tripod, but think of it as a stable platform. So you’re moving in a stable way, so let’s take a look at Tripod Mode. All right, well let’s get our Mavic out over the lagoon. Once again zipping right over there, so now what I’m going to do here, is I’m going to get it up in the air, just a little bit, and then what we’ll do is, we will put this in to Tripod Mode, so again I’m going to push the little face of the robot over there, and then we have Tripod Mode. I’ll click on that, I’ll say ‘Ok’, now this is going to make my movement substantially smoother, and it’ll take the controls to make them not as herky-jerky. So here we go. I’m going to push forward, I am, this is full forward on the right joystick, and you can see that it’s just crawling along, crawling along, which is awesome if I go to the right for a tracking move. You can see again, it’s crawling along, and this is perfect for those tracking
shots for anyone. I want that cinematic look without having a really, really fast move, so my joystick is all the way to the right, it’s full-on to the right, so normally we would be smokin’ right now, and then if I need to make a move to get my drone to a place I want it to be, I can turn off cinematic mode. Okay, now I can fly up zuup… now we’re back to normal! Notice that when I’m moving my joysticks around, everything’s moving very, very, quickly, as we would expect. Notice how I move my yaw left and right, things are really changing dramatically, but let’s go back into Cinematic Mode. I’m sorry in Tripod Mode! So I’ll say okay. Now watch this I’m going to yaw to the left, full-on, much slower, similar to what we had in Cinematic Mode. But I’m going to now push my right joystick to the left. So I’m doing a tracking move.It’s very, very slow. I’m going to go down. Notice that I’m coming down, very, very slowly, and this is just awesome, and so Tripod Mode gives you the ability to have these really refined, very, very precise camera movements. Now there is one Intelligent Flight Mode that I think, it’s a game-changer, that every single drone pilot should know about. It’s called point of interest, but what that allows you to do, is to fly your drone directly over the top of something that you think is interesting. You’ll tell your drone, hey this is my point of interest, then you back the drone up, and then it will automatically start circling that thing, and you can tell it how far away, how high, and what speed and what direction to circle that point of interest, and you get these just perfectly smooth videos, because everything’s working on autopilot. So let me show you how easy this is, and what kind of dramatic effects you can get. all right well the Mavic is in the air, let me zip it out over the lagoon here, just a little ways now, if I go up into the air here, what we can see is that there are some boats off in the distance, and that’s going to be my point of interest. so the first thing I want to do is fly out to this boat. So I’m just going to zip on out to this boat, that’s out here in the lagoon. that’ll take me just a couple seconds. Once I get there what I want to do is I want to fly directly over the top of that boat, so I’m going to keep panning my my camera down until I get there. Now you notice I’m flying at about 50 meters. It’s about 150 feet, and so that means that he’s not going to be able to hear me, so I don’t want to annoy these guys, so I’m almost there. I want to get right on top of this boat, so my gimbal needs to be facing straight down, so I’m almost there, gimble’s straight down, and there he is! Okay, so now that I’m directly overhead of the thing, that’s my point of interest. I’ll position my, my drone, so he’s just right above. Okay now I’m going to push this little robot on the left-hand side here. I’m going to agree to the safety message there, and then what I’m going to do is go over here to point of interest. This is going to give me a little tutorial, If I want it I’m going to hit okay. So this is my point of interest. So on the lower right hand side I’ll say record point of interest, now it’s asking me for my radius, so now I’m going to back up, so I’m using my right joystick, and I’m backing up. I want to back up to about probably 50 meters or so, that looks about right, and then what I want to do is. I want to drop my altitude a little bit. I want to go down to about.. oh… 40 meters something like that! All right. Now that I have that, I will make sure my focus is set. I’ll click apply, and now I’m going to hide this little thing right here, if I need to I can bring it out, and I can tell it when to start going. This little slidy thing here tells me when to make it go. So I’m sliding it to the right, telling it to go 29 kilometres an hour. I can slow that down a little bit, but the drone is just going to automatically track around this
boat. So I’m just going to let it go just like that, and I have this nice creamy smooth perfect video of my point of interests. Well there you have it. Three Intelligent Flight Modes, that I think every single drone pilot should know about. Now there’s a lot more to this drone and to DGI Intelligent Flight Modes, that we want to talk about in the future. Specifically the Tracking Modes, where you can have this drone follow different things in different ways. We don’t have time for that in this video, but subscribe because these videos are coming in series, and I don’t want you to miss a single thing! Also make sure you check me out on Instagram, because I’m posting all kinds of behind the scenes footage and stills, and putting these tips into practical everyday use. So you can see how I’m using these things in real life, and you can see what didn’t make it into this video, which was a bunch of Hawks trying to take down my drone. So make sure you check me out on Instagram. Thanks again for joining me, and I will see you again next week!

49 thoughts on “Intelligent Flight Modes for DJI Drones: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace”

  1. Your the first guy that I've seen that has done a good tutorial for cinematic mode. Thanks! Great video!!👍

  2. My wife said if your drone goes RRRRRRRR when you stop, SOMETHING IS BROKEN!!😉

  3. Thanks very much, Mark! As someone who hasn't purchased a drone yet, this sort of thing is especially useful in helping to make buying decisions.

  4. How long time of fly time do you have I am a still photopgrapher that came from the negative and all this technology sounds very interesting and you controlled like a electric car?

  5. Hi Mark, I love your videos. Could you do one one those focusable parabolic reflectors? There have been more affordable ones of late (at least compared to broncolor). I was curious what the real affects are. Like a model with the exact same pose and the reflector at the exact same distance and angle, but just different focus points. Thanks!

  6. i think the icon is a representation of the CONTROLLER not a ROBOT. take a look at the phantom remote and let me know…

  7. Hi friend, what is the micro SD card you use on your drone? Is it compatible with the Phantom 4 PRO? Great video. Congratulations!

  8. excellent. nice tutorial. one of my next golf course or tesla videos will certainly use in particular the tripod mode, as panning did result a bit jerky in the past (adding slow-motion in post production helped a bit, but is not ideal)

  9. Hope the folks in that boat didn’t notice a little flying spy – people get pissed over that! I’m a 107 guy but am SUPER careful not to arbitrarily film people without CLEAR consent! But regardless, great and informative vid for peeps needing to learn intelligent flight modes!👍🏻

  10. what LUTs did you use to edit the video? do you use any ND filters? noise reduction? Drone settings (contrast, etc)?

  11. Hi. Great video. My question is when fly in POI mode will the drone follow a slow moving object for example if the boat you used as an example was to be moving slowly would the drone still operate circling the boat? Thanks.

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