Insta360 ONE R Unbiased Review – Best 360° Action Camera of 2020? (vs GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K)

Insta360 ONE R Unbiased Review – Best 360° Action Camera of 2020? (vs GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K)

[Music] Pardon my French, everybody. It is your boy Hugh here from CreatorUp. Today we are going to focus on the 360 Video
and photo of the brand new Insta360 ONE R. We will talk about the 360 video quality. The impressive stabilization called FlowState
2.0. Then we will talk about 360 photo quality
– the Night Shot. Then we will review some of the exciting features
of ONE R. We will put ONE R in the water to test underwater capturing. We will fly the ONE R with the brand new ONE
R drone modification and my DJI Mavic Pro 2. Then I will teach you some new AI features
to create interesting videos for your Instagram that you have not seen anywhere else on the
Internet. I are not gonna just talk about it like everybody
else. I am gonna show you apples to apples comparison
amongst Insta360 ONE X, GoPro MAX, Kandao Qoocam 8K, and Ricoh theta Z1
This is a long, in-depth review video, so let me provide you all the timecodes in the
description below AND samples download links. No time to waste. Let’s go. 360 video quality Let’s take a look at Image Quality comparison. From left to right, we have the Insta360 ONE
R, GoPro MAX, and Qoocam 8K – GoPro MAX has a more saturated look, and ONE R has a more
flat color look – but the sharpness is mostly the same for close distance. Qoocam 8K is larger and sharper because it
is 8K and 10-bit. But Qoocam 8K in the current version has some
coloring issue as you see the color chart. Hopefully, it will be fixed tho in the next
release. Let’s turn to the chart that is 6 ft away
from the cameras – we see again Qoocam 8K is obvious sharper and clearer. But ONE R is actually slightly sharper than
GoPro MAX. Let’s zoom in 300% and look at ONLY the chart. I highlighted RED for you to look at. You can tell the dots are clearer in ONE R
than MAX. The reason why is because ONE R, with its
new HEVC or H.265 compression, has more data than GoPro MAX. ONE R is about 100Mbps in H.265, and GoPro
MAX is about 70Mbps. The extra 30Mbps in data make the GoPro MAX
footage look more compressed compared to the ONE R. If you are doing any source of post-production,
it will be easier in ONE R than GoPro MAX. If you are using a mobile phone to edit, then
it does not matter. By the way, Qoocam 8K has Chromatic aberration
around the stitch lines – which is highlighted purple. GoPro MAX and ONE R does not have this problem
at all. You can easily fix this in post-production
tho. If you want to learn how, comment below. Now let’s check the dynamic range – which
seems to be the only thing everyone cares about these days. Well, if we turn to the California sun, we
see all three cameras are mostly the same, with GoPro MAX better in the highlights and
Qoocam 8K better in the shadows. But, here is where Insta360 ONE R gonna kick
both of their asses. With HDR video, you see ONE R can dramatically
recover highlight like the SUN and lift the shadow. The result is pretty obvious. Althought, be very careful when to use HDR. As you see right here, left is HDR from the
Insta360 ONE R, and on the right is without HDR. You see these crazy flickers and color noises
right here. So, in general, don’t use HDR in low light
or indoor lighting. I only see good results right now in bright
daylight in both Insta360 Pro 2 and ONE R in HDR video. If Insta360 has a fix, you will be the first
one to know by following this channel. It is only fair to compare all 3 of these
cameras in 360 Video within a VR headset. So, I made a separate video on YouTube VR
and Oculus TV, link right here, to show you the comparison, including stitching quality
side by side. I also include Insta360 ONE X in that video. So go check it out NOW. That video will answer the question: why you
need to upgrade from your ONE X to ONE R. FlowState 2.0 – better 360 Stabilization Insta360 spent lots of time to make ONE R
the prefect action 360 camera – by giving it an even better stabilization called FlowState
2.0. Look at ONE R on my poodle just for fun. Ops… wrong clip. Okay, this is the correct one. Look at that, the stabilization is so good
it is almost radicular – no gimbal or steady cam can ever achieve this kind of result. Well done! Insta360. They officially take the crown of the most
stabilized camera ever – including 2D cameras. I will have an in-depth review of why I think
Insta360 ONE R is the most stabilized camera ever in 360 VR – so stay tuned for that. Beside impressive horizon leveling and directional
locking, what makes FlowState 2.0 special is how it deals with low light stabilization
by removing motion blur in low light. Let me show you. Here we have me running at night. On the left, we have ONE R, and on the right,
we have GoPro MAX. As you see my face on GoPro MAX – it is very
blurry. Also, look at the stores in the background. You can not read the store names. On the left, ONE R, it is noisier – but my
face and the background are crystal clear. This is the result of AI remove grain. But if you want a more aggressive noise removal,
my upcoming Davinci Resolve and Fusion 16 360 editing tutorial will help you with that. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Nightshot – 9 DNG merging For people doing Virtual Tour, or just taking
tiny planet photo like I do on Instagram – having a good 360 photo camera is going to be important
as well in 2020. Most people don’t want to carry a separate
360 photo camera like Ricoh Theta Z1 – even we know Z1 will have better image quality. Let’s take a look and see how ONE R stack
again other 360 cameras. First, we have just a single DNG from the
ONE R. Next, we have Nightshot from the ONE R. Then we have GoPro MAX. Lastly, we have Qoocam 8K DNG8. Now, we put them together. As you see, just single JPG or DNG from the
ONE R is not great compared to GoPro MAX. BUT, the Nightshot is a lot better than single
DNG, in terms of dynamic range, color, sharpness, and noise. So for ONE R, you always want to shoot Nightshot
at night. It is actually as fast as capturing one photo. During daytime, you can also use Nightshot
on a fast-moving subject like horse racing or DMX bike jumping if you want to avoid motion
blur. I tested ONE R Night shot with this handheld
360 selfies at CES 2020 against ONE R HDR photo. As you see the result is great. Compare Nightshot with GoPro MAX, and Qoocam
DNG 8 – let’s zoom in onto my shoes. You see a lot more details in Qoocam 8K and
Nightshot than GoPro MAX. If you look at the back of the dinosaur, you
see the dynamic range is a lot better in both ONE R nightshot and Qoocam 8K. Qoocam 8K capture even more details than ONE
R night shot, but Qoocam 8K has pretty bad coloring and chromatic aberration. It will require more works in post-production
to make it look great. On the other hand, ONE R Nightshot just looks
great out of the box – and it will look better if you do color grading in your phone with
snapseed or Lightroom mobile. From a consumer perspective, if you are releasing
your photo on Instagram, then ONE R night shot is the best among all 4 of the results. Do notice, ONE R nightshot does not increase
the resolution of your photo – it is still 6K, and Qoocam 8K is 8K. So in 360 photo, Qoocam 8K still has an advantage
b/c larger resolution. Let me also provide some shooting tips for
you. When using Nightshot or Qoocam DNG8, try to
drop your EV down to -1 or even -2 to underexpose your image. The idea is to protect blow out highlight. You can always recover shadow in DNG merging
technology, and the noise is very low. But you can NOT recove blow out highlights. The information is just lost. So, always expose according to the brightest
part of your image to get the best result. Want more shooting tips just like this, subscribe
and give me a thumb up. More tutorials are coming. Ricoh theta Z1 is still better than all three
of these cameras in 360 photos because of a larger sensor and better-looking lenses. ONE R has a 1-inch sensor MOD coming – so
it will be really interesting to compare it with Z1 when it is out. Worth to mention, ONE R also introduces AI
in night photo capturing. They called it Virtual OIS. Basically, it is impossible to capture a blurry
photo at night even you have a shaky hand. So this is a really consumer-friendly feature. Waterproof and underwater test. You know by now, another big selling point
of ONE R it’s waterproof. Even better, it can focus better underwater
compared to GoPro MAX. Something that you don’t know until you see
apples to apples comparisons. Let’s drop the camera in my fish pond and
see the result together. So on top, we have GoPro MAX, and on the bottom,
we have ONE R. They both have stitching issues underwater – as we all know that already. But even just for over capture, you see GoPro
MAX is slightly out of focus underwater. ONE R looks less out of focus compared to
MAX – and in general – look sharper. I have a full 360 underwater camera comparison
with Vuze XR underwater housing, Insta36O ONE X underwater housing, GoPro MAX, and the
ONE R. Check the link here when it becomes available. ONE R Aerial Edition Aerial 360 is the most anticipated feature
of ONE R. As you see here, I just received the beta DJI Mavic Pro 2 Mod and have been
testing during the weekend. Let me show you some of my results instead
of the official result you saw on their website or every other reviewers’ video. As you see the result is good out of the box. The stitching is solid. Top and bottom sync in the frame-level without
rolling shutter. It is 100% genlock synced. If you have not built custom 360 rigs before
and have no idea what is genlock and why it is so important – check this description on
screen here. Again, I don’t want to turn this into a college
class like in USC film school and make myself into a professor. You only need to know this is the one and
only genlock solution for aerial 360 I know so far that works. People make fun of Insta360 of copying Kodak
SP360 drone edition with 3DR Solo which is out of business now. If you are in the 360 industry long enough
– one of those OG members like your boi Hugh – you know about the Kodak products
And I can tell you that this Insta360 ONE R drone solution is completely different from
the Kodak. It is not only frame-level genlock synced,
but also stabilize as a full 360 video with unified IMU data. The stitch distance is about 5 to 6meters,
acceptable in aerial photography. Anything closer than that, you will risk crashing
your drone. So it solves all the pain points we have as
360 aerial videographers. So should you pull out your wallet to buy
this immediately? No. This is not for consumers unless you are an
FPV pilot, drone racing pilot or commercial pilot who can fly without GPS. 99.9% of the
Mavic Pro 2 owners, including your boy Hugh here, is NOT GPS data does more than just show you where
your drone is on the map. It used to help stabilize your drone to prevent
drifting because of winds and environment variables. When losing GPS, your drone will go into Atti
mode, or altitude mode and start drifting toward the direction wind hit. That is 99% of why people crash their drones. So unless you are a licensed FPV pilot that
can fly in altitude mode without GPS assist, and only fly within line of sight or indoor
like a racing drone, you want to wait for the Mavic Pro 1 mount. I will have a full, in-depth review and flying
tutorial of both the Mavic Pro 2 and Mavic Pro 1 coming. I will highly recommand to check those out
before buying your setup – even you know how to fly without GPS. I have lots of friends in the FPV and racing
drone community will help you achieve the cinematic 360 shots, safely. And Sorry to be the hype breaker. But that is why I am here as a professional
360 camera reviewer – helping you to be safe, and be responsible. Also, this is not going to be covered by your
regular drone insurance in the United States. Well, I will save that information in that
next tutorial. Creative over capture effects
If you are using 360 camera as an over capture 2D camera for Instagram or other social media,
you have more creative effects besides the bullet time – thanks to the newly AI-powered
mobile app. These features will also be introduced to
ONE X after the official roll-out. So yes, it benefits you too if you decided
to wait for the ONE X 2. You hear it, ONE X 2 is coming this year,
and it is going to be EPIC in an entirely different way. I am going to show each new AI effects on
my Instagram and how I created it. So don’t forget to follow me on Instagram
and sharpen your creative skills and gain massive followers. So the first one I am going to show you is
AI Stop Motion – my personal favorite, as you see here. All you need to do is to walk with your invisible
selfie stick and to point the 360 camera on your front right direction. Make sure your clip is more than 2 minutes
long. Do it in your morning jog and give yourself
a motivation to exercise. Then in the mobile app, pick stories – stop
motion – use this theme. Select the clip and hold the person you want
to track. You see the “detecting pose” message comes
up with a percentage meter. BTW, having the latest iPhone 11 will help
dramatically improve the speed of this. Go ahead and hit preview and you get this
nice effect to share on Instagram. Make sure to use Color Plus and set the resolution
higher if you want to use it on YouTube. The other one I like that I never saw anyone
does is the Time flip – as you see right here. You can simply put your back against a wall
– preferably a wall with nice graffiti and swing the invisible selfie stick in one direction
ONLY. The key is to have a clean ONE swing 360 video
to make the AI works flawlessly. Start your recording with your swing with
a mobile phone and end it when it is done. It should only last for 1 – 2 seconds. Then repeat 3 to 6 of them in front of different
walls. In the app, go ahead and pick Time Flip, use
this theme – pick 3 – 6 of them. And let the AI does the rest for you. You can even change transition and music to
make it more personalized. If you use it on Instagram, please don’t forget
to tag me @hugh.hou to let me know your creation. Thank you for watching part ONE of the ONE
R hands-on review. On Part 2 – I will focus on 2D filming with
my Leica 1″ MOD that shoots 5.3K with a super wide angel. We will explore technical things that you
won’t hear from other reviewers, so you can get your money worth if you decide to go for
the 1″ inch sensor modification. There is a 360 version of this video on YouTube
VR and Oculus TV to show you, instead of telling you, the quality difference amongst ONE R,
ONE X, GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K and Ricoh theta Z1. I highly recommand to watch that video NEXT
to spot everything you hear in this video. So together, you should now be able to decide
if you want the ONE R or decide to wait on it. Honestly, I think ONE R is a great action
360 camera with its very affordable price point. It is one of the coolest techs in 2020. And a lot more upgrades are coming with different
modifications. You will learn them all first on CreatorUp. So don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification
bell to stay up to date. Give me a like and comment below for questions. I am sure you have a lot and I will do my
best to answer them all. As I am here offering my expertise in the
360 industry and truly want to help you to grow your creative skills. Until next time. Chao!

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