I’m Brian Sitcer I am a commercial
airline pilot with over 8,000 hours of flight experience and I have a
background in in education I hold master’s degrees and doctorates in in
the educational field of a specialist in curriculum development
I was actually chosen by the FAA to to create this material to help you avoid
fines and jail time some of the areas where people get into a little bit of
trouble with their drone is careless and reckless operations the a good friend of
mine a contact that I made at the FAA called me up and said hey we have a we
have an issue in your in your hometown San Diego where pilots are flying drones
buying them and flying them all over the place and violating rules and the FAA
they’re not like a local police agency they are they’re a small operation and
they don’t have a lot of resources to go around and write people tickets so they
said hey rather than just us trying to police these infractions of violations
why don’t we get instructors like you involved in teaching people to do things
right from the get-go so they don’t make the mistakes that we’re seeing on
Facebook and Instagram and and Twitter so knowing that I had a doctorate in
education was a commercial airline transport pilot and a certified flight
instructor they asked me to see if I could tackle the problem so I got
certified got the got went through training learned to operate drones and
then started offering up my services as a consultant so there’s a very few
people that that can create and deliver the the curriculum that’s needed to help
the FAA fulfill their mission of of very few incidents and accidents with drones
in the National Airspace System that also have the flying background you know
I speak I speak aviation I speak business just because you are a hobbyist
just because you bought this really amazing piece of equipment at Costco or
Fry’s or wherever you got it doesn’t necessarily mean you know
everything you need to know about it you might know the Machine you might know
how to operate it safely but the National Airspace System is
something that has always been historically been reserved for
professionals so as soon as you take off you are subjected to it to a plethora of
rules that you know nothing about that doesn’t come in your instruction manual
and is not necessarily available online so just because you’re ignorant of the
rules doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for following them so a
violation of any rule that’s in the Code of Federal Regulations what we call the
Federal Aviation Regulations part 107 will result in an eleven hundred dollar
fine if the FAA deems you to be responsible for that for that offense so
to avoid these pitfalls and others click below and some of these other resources
that we have available for you


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