If It Weren’t Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It…

If It Weren’t Caught on Camera, No One Would Believe It…

The amount of videos uploaded to YouTube every
day is absurd. You could spend every day of the rest of your
life and never get close to watching all of them – actually, you couldn’t even watch
all of the videos uploaded today, since 300 hours worth of videos are uploaded every minute. It would take about 750 years just to get
through all the videos that are there right now. Thankfully, not all of them are even worth
watching, but some certainly are, especially the ones that are so bizarre that you wouldn’t
even believe they actually happened if they hadn’t been caught on camera. Today we’re going to show you these videos. Let’s get it on! Sometimes things just happen for no apparent
reason and it can be terrifying. In 2014, the Korean version of Top Gear decided
to shoot an epic drag race between a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and a vintage Bell AH-1 Cobra
attack helicopter. I guess why not? The race itself wasn’t the strange part
though – as the presenter came to a stop in the Corvette, the helicopter unexpectedly
goes into a slow tailspin and nose-dives into the ground for seemingly no reason at all. Miraculously, despite the spectacular crash
and panic that ensues on set, nobody was seriously hurt – both the pilot and his passenger suffered
only minor injuries. What makes the whole incident stranger is
that, despite early reports blaming mechanical failure for the crash, the National Transportation
and Safety Board’s investigation into the cause of the crash revealed no evidence of
mechanical failure or malfunctions, so nobody actually knows what happened to make a huge
attack helicopter suddenly smash into the ground. We’ll just have to keep wondering I guess. Base jumping is known as one of the world’s
most extreme sports, and for good reason. Even the most experienced base jumpers with
the best laid plans can’t fully avoid things going wrong sometimes. Every jump means risking your life. So what about if you add some flips into the
mix? Norwegian jumper Richard Henriksen, is a surgeon
who likes doing stunts before a base jump. While being filmed for a TV show, he was attempting
to launch himself off a huge cliff by swinging off a high bar, but the mount wasn’t strong
enough and unexpectedly collapsed to the side, sending him over an unsafe edge of the cliff. The TV crew was sure he wouldn’t make it,
but through a stroke of remarkable luck, he narrowly missed the rocks protruding from
the cliff and wasn’t hit by the steel bars which followed him over the edge. He regained his composure in time to open
his parachute and land safely, but the video is definitely enough to make anyone’s palms
a little sweaty. We all know skiing can be dangerous – any
sport where there’s even a slight risk of getting caught in an avalanche has to require
nerves of steel. Sometimes though, it’s not the extreme weather
or natural disasters you need to worry about, as a genuine danger can occur without warning. That’s exactly what happened to four-time
overall World Cup defending champion, Marcel Hirscher back in 2015. During a slalom race in the Italian Alps,
his second World Cup run that year, the champion skier had a very narrow miss when without
warning, a camera drone plummeted out of the sky. It landed just inches behind him, making it
heart-stoppingly obvious that, if he’d just been a second slower, he could’ve been seriously
injured. Despite that, he finished second place in
that race, just 1.2 seconds behind the winner, and reclaimed his Overall Champion title yet
again. Still despite celebrations, the footage of
the once in a lifetime error makes it painfully clear just how badly the incident could’ve
ended. There’s a wealth of movies out there waiting
to show you just how terrifying sharks are, showing them hunting humans with their rows
of razor sharp teeth. You might’ve wondered how close to reality
that classic cinematic depiction actually is, but this next clip might give you more
of an answer than you hoped for. While competing in the J-Bay Open surfing
competition in South Africa, famous Australian surfing champion Mick Fanning suddenly found
himself in the middle of one of those films. The live TV broadcast caught the incident,
showing Fanning on his board waiting for his first wave of the competition, when suddenly
a fin like object appears behind him. He realised what was happening and tried to
swim away but within seconds he was pulled into the water and disappeared behind a wave. The incident is bone-chilling, but through
an amazing stroke of luck, he wasn’t injured. The shark had actually pulled him into the
water by the rope attaching his surfboard to his leg, so the shark never actually touched
him – and it’s a good thing it didn’t, or this story would’ve ended very differently. The classic Rubik’s cube has captivated
people for decades. It looks deceptively simple before frustrating
you for days when you can’t solve it. Some compete to prove they can do it faster
than anyone else. But for others, speed isn’t enough and Jeremy
Allison really wanted to raise the bar of what’s physically possible. He’s a wingsuit flier, which is impressive
enough on its own, but he decided to combine his two passions and set out to solve a Rubik’s
cube while falling out of the sky at 100 miles per hour. He turned onto his back and ignored the fact
that he was plummeting toward the earth so effectively that he actually managed to solve
it before having to open his parachute. It’s easily one of the most impressive things
you’ll ever witness. We all know that ships and storms don’t
mix well. Watching ships navigating huge waves or dealing
with extreme weather out in the middle of the ocean is always terrifying. But what happens when a storm hits in a harbour? That’s exactly what happened in Barcelona
in 2018, when unusually strong winds swept through a port where a passenger ferry was
attempting to manoeuvre. It was caught on camera crashing into a huge
crane as the winds threw it off course. You can see dock workers flee as the crane
collapses and some containers which unluckily contained flammable materials catch fire. Despite the slow speed, the incident quickly
starts to look like something out of an action movie. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident,
but the terrifying scale of the incident does make you wonder if everyone surviving was
just a lucky escape. Most people don’t usually like getting out
of their comfort zone, but there are a select few who don’t let anything stop them. Bartek Ostalowski is one of those special
few. The rising star racer sadly lost both his
arms in a terrible motorcycle accident when he was just 20 years old and that should’ve
meant the end of his career, but he wasn’t about to let that keep him from his passion. For some time he searched for new ways to
keep driving, and soon enough he learnt to drive using only his feet. That would be impressive enough if all he
did was drive a car normally, but he definitely doesn’t. He became the first driver with no arms to
ever earn an international racing license and after that, he took it even further. He and his team specially modified a Nissan
Skyline, firstly with a V8 engine and then with several other modifications which allow
him to drive it without a need for arms – like putting the chair further back from the steering
wheel so he can operate it with his feet and a special shift so he can change gears with
his shoulders. In this super cool custom car of his, he recently
finished 9th out of 50 drivers in the Polish Drift Championship, which is known as one
of the most competitive championship series in all of Europe, and he previously won the
Czech Drift Series, proving once and for all that just because something is considered
difficult by average standards, doesn’t mean someone with setbacks can’t triumph
in it if they have enough talent. Formula 1 pit stops are always pretty amazing. When something goes wrong with your car, it
might be gone for 2 days while it’s being fixed, but somehow the F1 crews can do comprehensive
pit stops in the middle of a race in a matter of seconds. They need speed, agility, precision, and an
ability to work under extreme pressure as one wrong move could cause a fatality. Now imagine all of that, but in zero gravity. Can it even be done? Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing thought it
could and set out to prove it. They’d already performed 3 record breaking
pit stops in the 2019 season and needed a new challenge, so they took to the skies,
32,808 feet up, at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre. They completed a week of flights, where the
plane they were in climbs then falls in what’s known as a ballistic arc, that’s 45 degrees,
creating a moment of weightlessness. The zero gravity only lasts for 22 seconds,
so each filming session was reduced to 15 seconds to ensure things weren’t floating
around when gravity returned. It was incredibly demanding on the crew, but
it makes for breathtaking viewing. In China, this poultry farmer has become an
unlikely internet star by walking his chickens and filming it. It might not sound impressive, but it is an
incredible sight to see an astonishing 70,000 chickens blazing their way through the Chinese
countryside. Finding that a little hard to imagine? Luckily, you don’t need to. The farmer and his assistant move on a motorcycle
with a trailer and spread out millets to make the chickens chase him. He claims the chickens travel a total 10 kilometers
a day and he’s even in the process of teaching them to fly. It’s a very surreal sight. And if 70,000 chickens wasn’t enough to
satisfy your poultry craving, we have some ducks for you too. Everyone likes a relaxing day by the beach,
but that’s not what the beachgoers in Norfolk England got. People along the coast were shocked to discover
twelve absolutely giant pipes which washed up on the beach, seemingly out of nowhere. And they really were absolutely huge, with
a diameter of 8 feet and the longest segment at a massive 1,574 feet long! It’s no wonder this made people suspicious
of what they were and where they came from – you don’t really expect something that
big to just wash up on a beach. The mystery of their origin was solved pretty
fast though. Turns out they were being towed from Norway
to Algeria for a big project. The Coast Guard were quick to point out that
the brand new plastic pipes posed no danger of pollution, so the giant alien-like objects
weren’t really as scary as they seemed after all. Time lapses are all over the internet and
for good reason! From flowers opening to skyscrapers being
built, there’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing something grow in a matter of
seconds. This video isn’t that though. In fact, it’s the opposite of that: instead
of seeing something grow, you’re about to see something destroyed, but it’s still
just as satisfying and significantly more exhilaratingly scary than your average pretty
timelapse. This is the demolition of the AFE Tower in
Frankfurt Germany. They used almost 1 ton of explosives which
were inserted into 1,500 holes drilled into the building which stands at 381 feet, making
it the tallest ever building in Europe to be demolished using explosives. And it’s a good thing for us that they decided
to do it that way, because the video footage is truly spectacular.

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