I mixed events – Dutch Drone Squad (DDS) | MaiOnHigh

good morning guys from Netherlands we had a really good sleep we’ve been using campermode and dream case again and we’re kind of getting hang on of it there’s I mean while you do it there are
little things you have to start em considering and yeah doing to make it
easier make your life easier yep so we’re getting it slowly but surely But Franz told me that there’s sheep so Lexie: we’re going to say hi to sheep
Franz: there’s the first one Where is sheep!? You wanna be pet? This one is so happy!
He’s walking like: *shakes head* This one is running! Hi sheep! I don’t think they want to be pet so guys: today we’re in Edam Netherlands we’ve been here some time ago but it actually feels like yesterday and we’re
just spending some time a little bit here before we get to “nice to meat you”
made by Dutch drone squad so yeah today’s event is starting
actually pretty late because it starts at 2 p.m. I think so we decided to you
know just spend some time exploring sightseeing all those things
Franz: yeah So – we managed to get to “fly to meat you” which I thought that is called “nice to
meat you” but then it turned out that “nice to meat” is actually a name of a
company that produces meat doesn’t matter now so we made it And we have a grill!

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