I Got Stopped by a Park Ranger While Flying My Drone (in a LEGAL fly zone!)

I Got Stopped by a Park Ranger While Flying My Drone (in a LEGAL fly zone!)

Do you have it with ya?
Yeah. May I see it?
Sure thing. Hey, it’s KRUSER! Where I show you how to make professional drone videos. Today I’m
showing you when I got stopped by park ranger for fly my drone in a go fly zone.
Stick around to find out why. So what happened was me and my family were on a
vacation out in Central Oregon. What is that? Oh ****
What is that? Black Butte, if any of you have ever been out there. And we went to hike
Black Butte. As you see on the picture here it was a fly zone. No issues. No um. Nothing prevented me from flying there. And we climbed to the top and I was
gonna get some sweet footage. I’ll show you that right now. *Indiscernible screaming* Pretty tight right? The part where I’m
flying by that fire tower there was a lady who was in that tower and she came
running out and she was like instantly she started yelling and screaming at me, “Get your drone down! Land that right now!” And we were all kinda like, “Whoa.” Like what the heck. Okay. Like obviously like immediately I flew it back landed it and I like put it away. And I’m looking up at this fire tower and she’s just out there, binoculars and
everything like looking at me. And then she gets a camera and starts taking
pictures and I’m looking and she pulls out a walkie talkie and I’m just
thinking, “Oh, I’m in it now.” Like, “I’m in for it.” And so our whole family
like okay let’s just get down the mountain like let’s just forget about this and so
like from flying the drone landing it was probably up there only for
like two minutes total before she told me to land it. And I didn’t try to contest it. It’s landed, it’s put away. I put it back in the bag. So we’re heading down the mountain
and half my family’s ahead of me. We’re starting to go around a bend
and then my mom’s waiting there and she tells me, “Hey, I got a text from dad. There’s a
park ranger waiting down at the parking lot who’s waiting to talk to you.” And I’m just thinking, “Oh great” Like, “Come on. You gotta be kidding me.” Like, I didn’t do anything wrong here ya know? And my mom’s telling me, “Don’t, don’t cause
fights with him. Don’t get at him. Don’t get in his face.” And of course I wouldn’t do
that. I would never do that to law enforcement but we
head down the path and we see the law enforcement officer. We actually got I got a little bit of video of it. To kind of show you the conversation because I
figured whatever he was going to tell me it would be something important that I
could share with everyone on my channel of, you know, what I did wrong here in
this situation. So check out the clips. So it’s cool to see that I did get
slammed with a heavy ticket or heavy fine. I was really worried about that and
essentially the message was don’t fly a drone over camp sites or anywhere where
people are sleeping or living and as well federal buildings. Apparently that’s what that lady was saying on top of the tower was you know
no flying near federal buildings. Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments below if
there’s a regulation with FAA about not flying your federal
buildings. If there is I completely missed that but that fire tower was
a Federal Building so he said don’t fly near that as well. Good to know in
the future! That was a mistake on my part for not knowing that. But essentially it turned out really good. The park ranger supports drones. They use them to help fight fires to look where they’re at and catch them and so overall
it was a really good experience. Glad nothing bad happened but watch out in
the future in case your caught in the same situation as I am. And thanks for
watching. I hope you all really enjoyed this video. Make sure to subscribe to my
channel if you want to learn how to make professional drone videos. And comment below if you’ve ever had a run-in with the law, with a park ranger of any level
of authority who’s told you that you can’t fly a drone. And let me know why. And as always thanks for watching.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Tell me your story of being stopped by law enforcement while flying your drone, if you ever have. I want to hear how it went down!! Hopefully not bad…😬

  2. Fuck DJI all you God damn douche bags ruining the hobby for people who fly for fun, thinking you're some videographer. God I hate DJI so much.

  3. Shit. I wonder what happens when birds fly past the the fire tower. They must cause one hell of a distraction.

  4. Flying over isn't illegal, they don't control the air space. Standing in side the park while flying was, or landing and taking off withing the park.

  5. First off what app were you using for the flyzones? What was the last update? And also the FAA updates the areas very frequent here in the 🇺🇸, thry are normally updated once a month, so if it says it is a flyzone, most likely these officers just havent been updated on the Drone Laws!! He is in the wrong, i have been in this exact situation and he was wrong as well!!!! All you have to do is study the laws for your area!! Thats it, and make sure you have a good trustworthy ap that is constantly updating, if it doesnt update get rid of it!!! And as far as the updating, sometimes it just depends, sometimes updates more then once a month sometimes it might not be updated for a month but theh usually keep up the updates!! There are places going up constantly!! I wil say DJI has a good app, but the best….will most likely be the one you pay for!!!

  6. its just a hobby. theres nothing about a drone flying high around a tower that would interfere with any job. So IMHO, this is just BS rules.

  7. You handled it like an intelligent, polite mature young man. I would be proud of you if you were my son.
    I thought the Park Ranger was very polite and understanding of the situation. He even offered up that they use the drones to help the forestry service in certain activities. Kudos to both of you.

  8. I guess all things being equal, we should be glad he didn't shoot the kid in the back… for officer safety.

  9. Great video, drones are amazing. Please check out some of my drone videos and subscribe if you like what you see. I will definitely be posting more.

  10. "If it's an occupied area, like a campground, you can't fly over it"

    That ranger is straight up fucking lying to you. You can absolutely fly over 'occupied areas' like a campground, a shopping mall, a parking lot, or anywhere as long as you aren't flying over people who are not involved in your flight, or moving vehicles. You can fly over all the tents, parked cars, and people who are with you that you want.

    That said, you can't fly from within a National Park for years now. Ever, at all, anywhere.

    You can fly from next to the park, and fly over it, but you cannot take off, land, or control the drone from the park.

  11. That's because there's laws… You can not fly in a National Park

    The restriction has been in the USA for the past two years

    When I didn't know about it I used to fly out of a RI State Park..flew from a field near out to the Bay. A park ranger informed about the law I looked it up.. it's valid. I joined the AMA, became a member. Now I fly from the club's airfield, over a river inlet, over a river and out to the Bay.

    You can still fly, but there are rules you have to follow

  12. What people dont understand is parks are not "go fly" zones no matter what your app says…They are property owned by the federal or State Government and if they don't want YOU on their property flying drones,they are within their right to pack you up same as if you are breaking laws parks go by,like drinking,ect….Now if you fly over without being physically on their property,thats a different story,you won't even be approached about it! Problem solved…Get Litchi and do a automated flight if you can get within range of the area you want to fly in…..

  13. Omg! Someone's one job is to is to look out for fire and these morons apparently do not have the attention span and cannot manage to be just look out for a fire over looking at the pretty drone. WOW! Tax dollars well spent

  14. You are never wrong to defer to law enforcement, even if they are in the wrong. You are unlikely to convince them otherwise, at that moment. It never hurts to contact the local ranger district before you fly, though. I have done this and emailed a copy of the Tidwell directive, in advance to proactively educate before I flew and ended up on some really good email discussions with Forest and BLM officials. I also had one district respond in an ignorant fashion. The truth is that apart from the NPS, the other federal agencies have not put out any real statements about drones and the info on their websites is pretty dated. The @thedroneu guys have had some good videos on forest service flying. Check them out.

  15. If that stupid woman's job is to spot fires, she's probably worried that the drone can make her job superfluous. The drone can easily replace her sorry useless butt.

  16. Kind of ran into this at a State Park here. I did some research. Local jurisdictions cannot restrict airspace, but they can enact rules and regulations on launching and landing. So in my case they could ban me from taking off and landing in the park, but if I launched from outside the park boundaries then I could fly inside the park all I wanted.

  17. the cop isn't lying about a drone going haywire and losing as he said his boss had one and it went to sea my friend has one and he lost all control of it for a brief period of time so there is either a radio wave interference problem with these new drones and are susceptible to interference or just go haywire from time to time for some reason

  18. Wait! You got stop at a park? Why? Parks are not private property, right? I mean parks are owned by the people so how's that a private property?

  19. Officer was polite BUT, he is stepping beyond his limits. He has zero authority over airspace, and if someone is "uncomfortable" to bad! The operator of the drone does not have to worry about peoples feelings, pilot has enough sh!t to worry about. They try to make fun illegal.

  20. They are wrong. More government overreaching.. the officer was not reasonable they were breaking the law buy infinging on your rights.

  21. Shes deff a retart, and a hater. I can already see her been a fat, obnoxious B***H, sitting her fatass there, all day, mad at the world because she doesnt like her job. Probably gets no D, MOST likely gets no D, spreading negativity and busting peoples chop at the smallest minimal thing. “YOU DROPPED THAT GUM WRAPPER!??? I NEED BACKUP, I NEED BACKUP SEND IN SWAT AND THE BOMB SQUAD!!!” Ahh Humans…

  22. She has to sit in a tower all day, day after day, watching families have fun below her. Hmmm, guess I can start reading this book again. Bzzzzzzz. Hey! Finally something to do! I can sound important and cause a situation! Most excitement she probably had all month. I'm glad you did the right thing and just put it away.

  23. I still have never been bothered flying my noisy racing drones. Once a guy came up and said, 'Sir it's late, I'm going to lock the gate' hehheh. Cool people here in Florida. In NH I was (legally) firing full auto guns and the cops showed up. All the paperwork was in order and the conversation quickly turned to them wishing they could fire the MP5. The local law enforcement here seems to know the rules and laws for drones these days, and if you are following the rules they don't bother you.

  24. It's sickening to me that law enforcement just makes up regulations now based on other people's "comfort zones."

  25. so let me get this straight so planes, helicopters can fly there either , man the law is not all way's right

  26. Did anyone notice that we really didn't have too much trouble with law enforcement officials until we cheaply was able to discreetly record THEM from a safe distance. Ya know, where we can see without being seen.
    Yah, TPTB seem to frown on the people are on the same level as tbem.

  27. I don't think its a law so much as a common courtesy. It would be a shame if it annoyed enough people to make them take action to ban it.

  28. I once had someone actually square up to me for flying my fpv racing quad within mere earshot of his garden. I did stop flying it but still couldnt figure out why the guy had such animosity and anger towards it or me considering I was flying 100% legally and responsibly. Turns out my brother, who lives locally, know of him and that the guy threatening me was known to have mental health issues. Wish I'd videod it though, he was going absolute nuts!
    The park ranger was a really reasonable guy… I think the female ranger in the fire tower was on on a bit of a power trip though.

  29. That guy was pretty cool. I’ve had cops be Dicks to me in the past…. until I explained and showed them my intent and in some cases actual video footage.
    After that, they seemed to understand why us pilots love the hobby and seemed to be a little more understanding. In some cases they seemed to be impressed and even interested in getting in the hobby, which is also very cool.

    Nice video bro 👍

  30. This officer was really good about explaining the situation and the regards for privacy and for interference with other officers doing their duty

  31. officer was not reasonable….. Reasonable is telling the person that called that flying a drone there is legal and to stop wasting everyone's time.

  32. Millennials at 20…whahhhh someone told me something I didn't like. Guys my age when we were
    20…yes sir we can take out that gunnery position…times have changed.

  33. None drone flyer here.

    Student of our highly regulated Kingdom ONLY.

    United States Code of Federal Regulations. Forest Service falls under Department of Agriculture. EVERYTHING per Law is contained there in. Help me here, because this ain’t my homework folks, FAA, wording such as other regulation/s local, county, city, municipalities, regions (Wilderness designated) Memorial parks lands.

    Each code book. Such as United States Water Resources, United States Fish and Wildlife has their own LAWS regards to drone an aircraft including paramotoring ultralite flying. I gave up ever becoming involved in Paramotor flying due to the fact its is a serious violation to land and take-off from my own private property due to my land being surrounded by a designated Spotted Owl sanctuary. Never mind my ever seeing one ever.

    But folk’s, your opinions are meaningless as the law is the law of the land. The coastal commission has tons of regulations regarding low flying harassing interfering with species period. Currently, there is a memorandum of understanding to all pilots large and small to maintain a ceiling of 1000 whenever flying over wilderness regions for reasons of animal disturbance even mating seasons.

    Opinions are meaningless. The FAA has no say so on land.

    Again. I started with drone flying research, then, became interested in Paragliding as a fun hobby only. Bring some excitement into my life. I researched, I did my own due diligence. Hours and hours of online work. I wanted it in black and white per Law. Not what Uncle Barney said…

  34. YouTube suggested this video after viewing one more unlawful drone video; https://youtu.be/q6JvCPvSOpw

  35. I’m seeing some public areas here in Texas creating no-fly zones (like Town Lake) which is essentially a small shopping mall by a fake lake. I was making a video of a performance by Kelly McGuire and his Redfish Island band.. After I landed, I was “accosted” by the facility’s manager and a security guard, who weren’t interested in the fact that I have an FAA license or that my P3 is FAA registered. They said there were “no drone” signs posted, which I never saw. There was a sign that said “no balls” but I wasn’t going to observe that one. During the flight, my 2 visual observers never saw or heard my drone though I flew it right down Main Street at 189 feet. So I know I wasn’t endangering anyone. I will admit that I looked at AirMap and did see that it was a restricted area. My bad there. But there is a developing trend of more and more of these public no fly zones. Check before you fly.

  36. As long as you can't see the local lawmakers & other politicians in their campers getting underaged girls drunk and taking advantage of them you can fly there but not over here!

  37. Ok, a few things to know.
    First, know ur rights and laws. If ur following them, stand ur ground.
    We have a right by DHS memo and law to recording government facilities including federal facilities from publicly accessible areas. We do this so we can see our tax dollars in action. Public employees in the course of their duties can and should be recorded by citizens. (See 1st amendment audits)
    Also, the only reason he asked u to see the drone was for his report. Once u confessed to having it, u actually let him see it. Now he has proof u had one for his report.
    These people are not ur friend.
    I have seen this a lot!!!! LEOs standing on the ground of “they’re uncomfortable” so don’t do it.
    That does not trump our rights.

  38. We hiked that on our high adventure trip! Same tower we had somebody come out and threaten us with a $1,500 dollar fine for throwing our watermelon rinds in the forest. I think it was Sam that got spotted doing it too haha

  39. My dad fought in World War II for the freedom that we appreciate in the United States of America and I don't understand why your taxpayer dollars and you flow the Drone around the tower that you paid for and now the Adolf Hitler SS / guys can say you can't do that you can't do this and if you do it again we're going to take in Lehigh high is making you talk

  40. Nice video Sir and good job. Nicely done.🚁🚁🚁✌️✌️✌️💯💯💯👍👍👍👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️. Keep those good videos coming. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  41. If it's that distracting for her she needs to get a new job so what's next to birds are flying so she's going to demand that the bird stop Flying cause 'their distracting'?

  42. You could have avoided this by checking in with the ranger before you flew.
    They don't like surprises, and being called up by a fire breathing b___ will go toward ruining your day … not making it memorable.
    You are an ambassador for the sport… be a positive one.

  43. It's nice that your letting other people know what went on for their benefits. I don't fly drones but let me pass on what I have learned from watching videos and the news. I'm sure you know that you can't fly near airports but you actually need to know the imposed limits on that as it might not be a square or a round zone. It may cover areas to allow for special runways. During the Chicago Air and Water Show last year a special Federally enforced NO FLY ZONE was created over a large part of the City and Lake Michigan for aircraft not in the show and all drones. I think four people were arrested for flying drones, and I think the fines were quite high as well as I'm sure they were probably charged with a felony as it was a federal offense, so you then have that on your record then. I also found out from watching train videos that it is illegal to fly over rail yards (but I have seen drone videos and don't know if they have some type of special permit) as because of the freight they haul can and is from other countries it makes the yards Federal Trade Zones Which then makes it illegal. Now my question is then that I work at a former Chrysler now FCA plant which makes autos for America and also other countries of the world, and so we have signs at the gates saying that you are entering a Federal Trade Zone so I wonder if that means if they wanted to have that no flying over those zone laws enforced if that means you could not fly over it? It would be interesting to know! I'm sure as this field grows and grows so want the rules and or laws. I mean how is a politician going to earn his keep otherwise. All in all I'm glad I saw your video and very glad that you did not get in any real trouble.

  44. You had every right to fly near the tower. You should have told tower chic to go back to sleep.

  45. That law makes sense, but like our parents how had their motorcycle license at a glance, the law changed and now there are lessons and exams to have by law to get the motorcycle license. So that would make sense that all hobby pilots would be free of that new law. It is called "acquired right".

  46. Not sure if this area you were flying in is a national park area???? But if it is, as a pilot you are required to stay above 2000' agl while over the national park areas. And as we all know, you cannot fly a drone more than 400' agl.

  47. I've been reading the 107 drone requirements. I don't plan on getting a license but it had a number of scenarios outlined in which one cannot fly without getting permission to stray from the rules ahead of time.

  48. I just subscribed to your channel looks like I may enjoy your content.
    Illinois also northern part hope one day we will fly. Sorry but I turned to Autel
    The Evo is a great drone.

  49. I'll state my thoughts as questions… to be at least equally polite as the young man in the video. If it were, in fact, (for any reason deemed necessary, even the very weak. "Your teeny tiny drone buzzing around the facility distracted me from my duties at work.") illegal to fly a drone over or around Federal Buildings in any municipality, or Villiage, etc. Would not the FAA (with "F" meaning FEDERAL…) have already have declared them as a Class "whatever" type of RESTRICTED AIR SPACE?
    Question #2. IF a LAW Enforcement Officer was, in fact, informing the young pilot of such legal restriction wouldn't it be incumbent upon said officer to cite the specific LAW(s) involved? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a Police Officer's legal authority over citizens start and end with the enforcement of LAWS… rather than Opinions? It's nice and prudent to be POLITE to officers… BUT It is WRONG for them, and a violation worthy of at least reprimand for them to use their badge, uniform, and gun (if it's on their person, it is a potential threat) to enforce personal opinions outside of the law. It is CLEAR that this officer KNOWS that, which is why he clearly suggested "go fly somewhere else."
    The REAL moral of this story is this. Drone Pilots… Know the FAA rules before you fly in any airspace… be prepared to quickly show them, and educate ANY dufus who might confront you. There were quite a few laws at least bent here BY THE PARK RANGERS… Which is far WORSE than "I don't like being distracted by your drone, go fly somewhere else. There are some impolite responses the young man could have stated that start with "Go… __ _____." Which would actually have been somewhat appropriate, as he was detained, by an officer of the law, having done NOTHING wrong, or illegal. We drone pilots are not required to become victims of ignorance. #DroneOn

  50. I have a solo 3D smart drone, I was in the park one all by myself flying when this guy called the police on me saying I was flying over his house, I never got close to his house and I was flying at 400 feet. I showed the officer my drone license and keep flying.

  51. There are >300 million people in this country. You're gonna have to clear your flight with each and every one of them each time you want to fly. It's just that easy…

  52. Because we wouldn’t want the employee to “…get out of their comfort zone…”, no no, not the comfort zone! Flip man, I’m getting so tired of this snowflake temperament where everyone else must walk (or fly) on eggshells because you might “offend” someone and upset their comfort zone 😏

  53. Everything that ranger said to you was made up as he went along. For the woman employee it's about control and you weren't in her control so you are a problem. These public servants believe they are the Royal Game Keepers.

  54. Pretty good outcome. The ranger was pretty calm… it’s always best to be cool with them, helps us all in the long run. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully he’s not annoyed for being covertly recorded, or did you tell him?

  55. If someone called the police about a guy flying a drone in my city the cop would laugh at you right through the phone or get annoyed and tell you to stop wasting their time.

  56. My thoughts about the Evo are simple,very solid build
    Not complicated to learn great tech support a little slow
    On there firmware releases to fix small issues flys great with
    Both android and apple picture and vidio quality can almost be
    Used without post if done correct.
    Actually I can go on but I am no export here I learn everyday
    With correct and mistakes check out other opinions.

  57. After watching a few of these videos on people coming into conflict with the authorities or just other people; my observation is do it stealthily. Keep out of sight from others from your take off and landing point; not unless you like long conversations about rules and regulations that may or may not exist due to the subjective nature of these rules.

  58. All I know is that if it’s 55 pounds or less , you can fly as long as it’s not in an airport and you stay below 400 feet. And it’s prohibited in national and state parks

  59. It's not something you can argue but park rangers often and I mean OFTEN, make up rules on the spot to either mess with you or they're a control freak

  60. I think the issue is that the lady in the tower WAS in the tower because that's the ONLY job suited to her personality… Anti-social, can't stand to be around people, society, or anything that people and society use. One of those extreme tree-huggers who believe all mankind and anything man made should be banished from the earth…

  61. female ranger was just being a cunt. she probably hates her life and can't stand to see anyone happy. It isn't like she is actually looking for fire. She is looking for smoke. If she can't see smoke because of a drone, she needs to be relocated to campsite clean up.

  62. The only thing I would add here is that it is illegal to fly in National Parks and to take off and land from designated wilderness. It is also illegal to harass federally protected wildlife. I spent some time in a lookout early in my federal career, long before drones – activity in general around the lookout could be unsettling (because I lived there) – so just like any other dwelling, if it’s not illegal, common sense would come into play. I’m not sure about any rules related to flying near federal buildings. I would have asked the lookout if I could launch from the platform (in the old days you could visit most lookouts unless there was an active incident going on). I think you did the right thing and ahead of time, and were legally operating your drone. I did a little searching, FAA rules don’t appear to list anything about other federal landowner rules, maybe in the future there will be a site, if there isn’t already, that is more comprehensive. Thanks for posting your video and being willing to call attention to what you may, and may not have done wrong!

  63. Sounds like the government employee thinks it's okay for them to have drones but not the general population.

  64. It's our tax paying money at work . Your allowed to fly over and around federal buildings ,it is not illegal , those employees of ours should know better ..

  65. While the airspace may be Class G, you are not allowed to launch from, land on, or operate a drone from national park lands. The ONLY workaround is launching from right outside a national park, and maintaining VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) with your drone while it is over the national park. The question – were you actually ON national park territory? My google maps shows the area in your Airmap as green. There is a private ranch there, were you on their property when you launched or national park territory? I am not convinced you were operating legally.

  66. This is what happens if you fly your drone in a national park:Going against the prohibition can lead to a $5,000 penalty and six months in prison. A tourist was penalized for flying a drone into Grand Prismatic Spring located in Yellowstone National Park in 2014. It may be possible to legally fly into a National Park as long as you do not takeoff or land on park property.May 31, 2018

  67. Brother I've been flying a M2P for over a year and I gotta say..You handled that with nothing but class, respect, and manners. Well done bro! I'm not sure I wouldve been as composed as you but that was great to see. Bravo!

  68. The unnatural dislike of UAS is to me similar to the dislike of black guns. So sorry you had to go through this.

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