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– Hey everybody. Welcome back to, I Don’t Know How We’re
Gonna Finish This Episode. On this episode of I Don’t Know How We’re
Gonna Finish This Episode, we ask, how are we gonna
finish this episode! – [Announcer] A Hot Wheels
productions, hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Tanner Fox. – Hot Wheels Unlimted,
behind the scenes! Look at this! We’re back at camp
Woodward, and today we are going to be setting
up all of this track. We’re gonna play with a
Drone, Tanner is here. Let’s go look at
what’s going on! (upbeat music) Haha! Did you get it? Oh!
– [Tanner] Boom! – [Andy] Oh!
– That was beautiful. – [Andy] That’s
how we do it here on Hot Wheels Unlimited. We’re gonna go see
some drone tests. So that’s like that, and
then once up at altitude, you’ll push the
button on the thing. Yeah, great. All day! Wow. Whoo! Yeah!
– Yeah! That was good! – [Andy] This isn’t the
craziest idea we’ve ever had! I’m gonna crash this drone.
I know it’s gonna happen! – No.
– Okay, so, we’ve figured out a
way to get the drone to lift off with the car
and the parachute attached. – And it deployed. So I think we’re good. I think everything that could
go wrong, we’ve figured out. – Yeah, let’s hope. – I’m Tanner…
– And… – And today, let me…
– Oh, I’m sorry. Let me… Yeah, you’re the
professional here. Hi! Welcome back to
Hot Wheels Unlimited! I’m Andy.
– And I’m Tanner. And today, we have Hot
Wheels, we have drones, and best of all, we have a
giant track behind us here, in the Woodward West hangar! Have you ever flown a drone?
Because I have experience. I’m a YouTuber, I fly
drones all the time. (laughter) We are doing something that
no one has ever done before. Andy, explain the
course a little bit. – Okay, we’re gonna start all
the way down there, at the end and then fly the drone through
all these little obstacles. – And right here,
over this giant pump, then back over the spine, stop
on the volcano, right there. We’re gonna drop the Hot
Wheels. It’s gonna be epic. – How are we gonna
get it through all these holes and stuff? – I haven’t figured
that part out… Ooh!
– Whoa! – Almost fell but I didn’t!
– Oh my god. – Everyone back here
said don’t fall, and I actually almost
just fell, so… Sorry for the scare, guys. – Everyone on set’s just like, (gasps) Oh, there it is, there it is. (buzzer) (buzzer) (buzzer) (buzzer) (victory music) Alright, so here’s
what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna fly first.
– Yup. I am the pilot. – And then I’m going to, you’re gonna hand me the remote as soon as we go
over the target, and I’m gonna click the drop. Because, we have to make it
involve both of us, so… – Exactly, exactly. – It’s a team effort! Before you ever operate a drone, make sure you’re within
all safety restrictions. – Exactly. Always make sure
you have adult guidance. I am an adult.
– Yeah. – And Andy is the guardian here. (laughter) I haven’t flown a drone
in actually so long, so I know I was
talking big earlier, but it’s been a few months. I think we’ll be good though. I think I got it. – Okay, good, well
I feel good then. I feel great. Alright, maneuver into
position over here. (laughing) This
is so crazy dude. – It’s moving on its
own, that’s not me! It’s moving on its own!
– [Andy] Is it really? Is it really? – This is much harder
than I thought. Oh, back up! Trying to back up,
we’re trying to back up. I gotta go towards this more.
– Yeah? – [Tanner] Here we go. – This is so ridiculous.
– Alright, alright, wait! No, stop!
(Andy gasps) No, bro, it was
moving on its own! – Yeah, well… – I told you, I was
good at flying drones! It’s not my fault.
– Oh, okay. Sure. What happened there? – If you stop touching
it, it glides places. – Yeah, and this place
happened to be the wall. – Yes. – Let’s look at some of
the damages. Come on. It’s a little behind
the scenes action here. Hot Wheels Unlimited. Oh, scooters! Oh, gnarly! The drop mechanism’s okay. – Car drop mechanism’s okay.
– The car’s still here. – Car’s still here.
– Car’s intact. – So all we need is… – New blades.
– Blades. – Okay, alright, let’s
get our backup drone, and let’s go again. I’ve never flown a drone before, so this will be fun.
– And I crashed, dude. I crashed, so good luck. – Alright, we’re coming up here. Whoo boy, alright.
– Drop her down! – Just going up,
it’s just going up. Oh, there it goes. It is going up, it’s doing it’s own, I’m not in control of it. – Bye, peace! Peace, peace, peace! – It has a mind of it’s own. – At least I made it further.
– Yeah, alright. – That’s what I’m saying!
– That is fair, that is fair. (William Tell Overture plays) – And it’s over!
– [Andy] Yes. – This is the hero car, this
is the winning car right there. – I’m Andy.
– And I’m Tanner Fox. – And we’ll see you next
time on Hot Wheels Unlimited! – Peace! – We’ll see you next time on
Hot Wheels Unlimited, bye bye! – Peace! – I got that backwards. I’m Andy.
– I’m Tanner Fox. – We’ll see you next time
on Hot Wheels Unlimited! – Peace! – Ooh, ooh, ahh, watch that. Mmm, bite the
upper lip, bite it. Mmm, like I’m at a wedding, mmm. – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels production! (rock music)

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