How to VLOG – Beginners Guide

How to VLOG – Beginners Guide

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  2. The biggest question is: How do you film and deal with the people who don’t want to be recorded or filmed, or the people who look at you funny for talking to a camera.

    Ideas? Help?

  3. I started my youtube with a samsung phone, as a start I learned a couple of things etc.. Had fun with editing with copyright music😂.. I wanna start again but ofc without no copyright music. Remember any works not all started with a camera or something high quality.. I used my phone & I didn't care what people thought.. Its about you.👍🏼

  4. Hi vloggers
    I hope you all learned a lot from this video and if you have a channel I’d love to follow you to inspire each other!!

  5. I do think but there are some specific audiences for just the simple come with me follow me vlogs when I look for blogs I usually look for people who are just being themselves and not following a script. I can agree with you on one thing the following me around vlogs are not bad but however yes they can be boring after a while especially when they become repetitive it's like one day hey I'm here at McDonald's oh now I'm here at Denny's having lunch now I'm here getting ready to head off to class and so on. I do like a lot of logs with background music and b-roll footage.

  6. This awesome! Thank you for this! I’m actually going to start vlogging and you literally made it so much easier and answered all the questions that i had 😊💯

  7. how i wish i can have a vlog so that i can share happiness not only for the people who knows me but all around the globe…

  8. hi I love all your advice about bigginers vlogger,,i learn a lot tips from your video,and I apply it,,tthank you so much for that video you make,,also I love places you travel ,,im trying to do some vlog I hope and wish I will be good like what you doing,,,thanks god bless

  9. i'm from the St.Lucia and people stare like crazy when i try to vlog and i've been thinking what of building my channel but i have no idea what i should film plus i'm super shy which is why i want to come out of my comfort zone
    i got a good camera but would a stick and a mic…

  10. Just stumbled in to your channel. Great content for me, a beginning YouTuber. Just wondering, are you watching and waiting for the 1million view mark on this vid?

  11. Good stuff! I'm thinking about vlogging more… so far our channel has been mostly "highlights" of our travels just as a hobby. Definitely not easy to vlog, so I appreciate the tips!

  12. Shoot I should of watched this before I vlogged. Maybe #2 will improve . I noticed I started off boring and that can obviously kill the punchline.

  13. i cant afford the equipment to get started on you tube but im hoping to find a way to make it happen and get started telling my story to the world. Thanks for the info bud

  14. Thanks for sharing your video I learned a lot I have small channel and also my channel its all about travel blog if you don't mind check it out appreciated

  15. I have a 5DMk3 and a Rebel, can anyone suggest a video specific lens I could use with either of these cameras so I don't have to break the bank buying another camera!

  16. Fantastic instructional video: Loved the relaxed pace of the instructions and clear talk through. So many vids are narrated at a breakneck pace. I will be learning the craft of vlogging with this as a base 'go to' guide. Thank You.

  17. Thanks For Sharing This video, I'm been doing videos for almost 5 years and I have 2 years doing videos for my YouTube channel, My goal for this year is to get 1000 subscribers but honestly us super hard to get the attention from people to see my channel, What are recommend me to improve more on this part?

  18. JevonDovey , I am starting my vlog journey. Your tutorials gave me a shove for the venture I am about to embark on. As a novice, what five items do I need for my first video.

  19. ty, this helped me alot!!! I love the story instead of random everyday things. you need a following before doing a daily whatever vlog

  20. One of the issues I have with my channel is sometimes people are around so I can get shy being on camera around them.. lucky, most of the places I go can be pretty remote! Any feedback on how to get more comfortable?

  21. Hi, please help me grow my channel… kindly subscribe my channel, promise I'll do the same to you, 🙂🙂🙂 thank you!

  22. i been on since august 20th. if you type in Lauren Ringgold my channel will come up . my content is centered around the career of nursing IN long term care. im just not putting out quality but my information is quality. id structure what i said in those videos different. should i start over on a new channel so i can have a second chance? i only have72 views and i been on since august 20th. is that bad? do you think i'll grow ?

  23. How do I get the Rode mike and adapter to plug into the side of the Go Pro as the door will not open and can't be twisted or turned to fit in the case?

  24. i used to be very camera shy and now i am no longer camera shy cause i was only shy cause i thought what people thought and now it no longer matters

  25. Hi bro, thank you for sharing. Can you recomend me what type of microphone for sony RX100. I found your channel and did quick sub. Best regards from Singapore 🙏

  26. Hello wht a nice video I subscribe Ur vlog hope u subscribe me too at Dianne studio 😍have a nice day to u and Ur subscriber

  27. Thank you so much for this information! I am currently shooting a docuseries about my life! I have a huge story to tell that I’ve been silent about for too long. I am subscribing to your channel because I it’s very dope what you are doing! I’d appreciate anyone who does the same for me on my channel. Thanks for the info

  28. Hi! I'm a new vlogger, I have a question about the program of editing the video and which one can allow me to make some touches

  29. One thing that is always missed is the importance of your hardware for storing and editing your videos. A low spec'd PC will put you off vlogging because it takes so long to edit the videos.

  30. nice a newbie vloggger..yah your right at first i was shy taking a videos in public bcoz people look at me
    and asking me often…now im confidence shooting a videos in public after i watch this video..thank u for making this videos
    ive learn so many things that i didnt know and ideas….
    thank u
    peace and

  31. Wow – this is so well thought out and amazing. I started out as a cinematographer major – I was a crazy weirdo (cool weirdo) in high school in the late 90s/2000s I wore a camera around my neck and basically vlogged before it was a “thing” – anyway what you said about think about it as a ‘film’ and not a vlog – that just confirmed for me I’m going for this. Thank you. Look for me ha – one day – Jacqueline Torian. I’m kinda oldish to be a vlogger but it’s calling me so hard. Long comment sorry 😬 I’m probably going to watch this 19 more times thank you 🙏

  32. Bro I'm having a small issue
    I'm shooting with a eken h9r action camera. But I'm having my face red in most of shots because of bad lightin. I dunno how to use the lighting around me. I'm from India. Please someone gimme some great ideas.

  33. sounds pointless but I've watched this a few times now just to keep refreshing my mind. Vlogging isn't as easy as people make out and I'm trying my hardest to be more comfortable behind the lens. Love your content bro and would love to shoot if your ever in the UK

  34. I know it's super basic but the beginning middle and end even on small stories within the vlog makes so much sense and I've not been doing that thank you!

  35. @ Jeven Dovey. Thank you for the amazing tips and tutorials. They're priceless. I have a question. I'm getting ready to start a channel. I'm really passionate about outdoor adventure. I've backpacked, mountain biked, skied, taught survival skills, rock climbed, rappelled and almost anything else you can do outdoors, I've done the majority of my life. I noticed in yours and other people's videos, y'all recommend finding a niche and being specific. My question is, am I better off concentrating on one of those areas of interest or can they all be successful under one outdoor adventure channel?

  36. So will the private companies that the NSA hires to collect and assess surveillance data on us all be subject to these laws?

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