51 thoughts on “How to Use a Block Plane | Woodworking”

  1. Decent quickie introduction to block planes, BUT the audio has WAY too much music added to it.  Back that completely goofy distraction down to about 20% of current level, might be more tolerable.  thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for giving a practical, simple and yet complete video for those of us (me) that is just starting to try woodworking and don't know yet how to use the various tools. This video was one of the best I have seen.

  3. This was a very well made video. I don't know about anyone else, but I came for an instructional video and not to beat someone down for little things. I would consider it quite rude to nitpick to someone taking their time out of their day to teach others something new. I learned something. That was the point. Thank you!

  4. Hi there great video…On your table you have some locking bolts to hold the wood on the flat. Can you tell me what these are called and where i might be able to get them from i have searched everywhere here in Australia

  5. This was the missing piece of the puzzle I was looking for. By the way, google Hyezmar if you want to get his plans by the end of the month.

  6. A man's invention explained to her by a man. Or a white man's invention explained to her by a white man. Isn't white man amazing.

  7. Great video thank you I've picked up a number of really useful tips……..the background music did detract from your rather excellent dialogue so 9 3/4 out of 10

  8. what's with the music??? 🙁 the volume for it should be way down (or you could just take the music out completely). it's so distracting…

  9. Thank you for the great info. Plus I can trust you, you're a real woodworker. You have real scratches on your hand! Ha ha ha. Didn't know the purpose & use of this plane. Thanks!

  10. Thank you, I liked the video and was helpful, the only comment would be to remove the music, you do not need it and makes it harder to concentrate on what you're saying.

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