How to replace Propellers on Parrot Rolling Spider

How to replace Propellers on Parrot Rolling Spider

To facilitate the installation, Locate the letters on the propellers Gently remove the existing propellers Attach the replacements You’re now ready to fly! Caution: Rolling Spider repairs should be performed only by an adults or under the supervision of adults due to risk of ingesting small parts.

35 thoughts on “How to replace Propellers on Parrot Rolling Spider”

  1. I had to replace them a week ago n I just looked on the box image of the props. But this video does help a lot. I learned if you don't put the wings on the right way it will just fly to one side or it will just push down.

  2. Can't believe the information needed to install replacement propellers "Correctly" are not included in the downloadable user manual from Parrots site, nor in the package the replacement blades came in and that I had to search the internet in order to find the info. Also replaced blades according to video AA/CC and all my drone would do would flip on the ground. Reversed what the video showed and finally got lift off, though my drone, less than a month old, doesn't seem to want to hover steadily, when not touching any controls. And yes hit the reset calibration button on my phone….what gives?

  3. C'est exactement l'inverse… Les C sont les A et inversement ! J'ai mis comme dit dans la vidéo, pas de décollage, j'ai regardé la forme des hélices sur la vidéo, j'ai comparé au miennes, celles marquées C chez moi sont marqué A sur la vidéo et inversement…Du coup j'ai monté par rapport à la forme et hop !

  4. This is useful.  Except the a and c are the wrong way round.  Laughable really.  And if you're having battery problems, tech support will send you out a new one for free which seems to last longer…

  5. Where's A and C? Someone please tell me, I'm not spending 80 dollars for a defected drone! Well…not really defected…

  6. G paser 3 h pour comprendre mais bon ça m'a bien aidé merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo qui m'a drôlement idée que sinon je ne pouvais pas faire voler mon drone coi c relou

  7. Thanks i got 10 Pairs KINGKONG Blade Propellers, CW & CCW only US$ 5 for my QAV250 RC

  8. My $50 Airhogs quadcopter has outlasted my $100 rolling spider, AND has a cam. IMHO Parrot deliberately makes their stuff flimsy in order to sell replacement parts.

  9. 騙された、AとCが逆だよ

  10. Would it be okay if i wanted to change the propellers to change the colour? Ive already changed it about 2 times, would it somehow make the drone weaker?

  11. I copied the same tning that they did in the video on my rolling spider and i wouldnt take off so i did the opposite of the video and it worked

  12. Vidéo complètement conne, les hélices doivent être placer inversement par rapport à la vidéo.
    Pas capable de faire ça, vous êtes mauvais Parrot x)

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