How to make mini toy car at home 🖱🏎

How to make mini toy car at home 🖱🏎

Only use the main body of a mouse Make hole in bottle cap Connect it to DC motor Paste them below the mouse Make the connections as shown Use 9 V battery and connector Place the switch on the top Use toothpick and straw to make other set of wheels Your mini electric mouse car is ready!! Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

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  1. I've made this car the same way u did.but it's not working on ground it's working in air but not on ground .What shud I do.

  2. I have a query, I have made this for a sci fair, but if the visitors ask me that what are its advantages.. then what should I tell.. pls reply it's urgent

  3. मेरे भाई ने पूरा बना लिया था लेकिन आपका यह काम नहीं हुआ it is wrong video

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