100 thoughts on “How to Make GoPro Footage Look Cinematic”

  1. Great video…
    Its gone help a lot for me to make my video more cinematic and cool
    Thank you for the video😊😊

  2. If by "cinematic" you (even unwittingly) mean "make everything look orange and blue" then I'm out! Tired of that sh*t. (Edit: By the end, I realized I was right to be leery.)

  3. Great video, Matti, thanks. I'm now treating all my drone clips like this. Through watching films like this, and learning online, my work has improved enough for me to write a book about my career. Try: http://www.beafilmmaker.co.uk/ and https://books2read.com/b/film-maker

  4. Step one, buy a gopro CHECK
    Step two, crack FCP/Motion/PP/AE CHECK
    Step three, take footage CHECK
    Step four, edit it WHY I'M HERE

  5. Premiere has too much lag and is lacking plugins

    This plugin in after effects does cost money, but it's worth it.

  6. I really needed this. I have a Hero 4, and I don't use it at all because I had zero confidence in being able to get cinematic shots with it. Maybe I can get a drone to use with it, since I can't afford a Spark right now. What do you think?

  7. Hi Matti, love your video’s. some parts are a little too technical for a beginner like me. I am planning on getting A hero7 black. But I also need a new computer as my current one cannot handle the data. I was looking at Apple IMac. What would you recommend please, also what editing software would work well. Any help appreciated. Ian

  8. Apparently you can do it directly in Premiere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H6iWOkTR_0

    I don't think using png bars is the best way to get the cinematic look because 21/9 screen will still see your bars, you should resize your entire sequence to 21/9 instead.

  9. how to do like that in premiere pro, because there is no that "optics compensation" I use lens distortion but it crops some and i do not like it. so is there any way to fix it.?

  10. Can you fix a footage if you have'nt used a protune while shooting? :

  11. I am trying to achieve the fish eye correction similar to this video but it appears optics compensation is an after effects plugin which I do not have. The lens distortion that comes with Premiere automatically zooms the footage which I don't want. Anyway suggestions on how I can achieve this? Thank you!

  12. I kind of like the "before" footage a bit more in the intro… the colors are bright, the depth more noticeable, the footage more relatable and welcoming. I must have an unrefined taste. 😬

  13. With the colorista, can you apply one colour settings for all video clips? I found it quite inconsistent if I try to do it for each clip. How did he copy and paste the settings from the second last clip? just drag and drop the settings from 2nd last clip to the last clip? thanks

  14. Did i need to buy the full plugin from neatvideo to get "reduce noise"?
    Should i Film in linear or in wide Mode for cinematic clips?

  15. I dunno how much you read comments Matti, but watching this in 2019 and see how far you’ve come in how you present yourself, your enthusiasm…. it literally gives me hope I’ll get better…. not the message in the video but it’s what I took from it…. 💪🏻

  16. Awesome videos! I am going to learn to use this on my Phantom 4 videos I have recorded already. Earned my subscribe👊

  17. Hi new sub here. You have come a long way Matti! I'm feeling super encouraged as a new YouTuber myself. Many thanks for your inspiration.

  18. Hlw Mati.. I bought Canon EOS R after watching your videos…. need a help… can u tell how can i check my shutter count in canon EOS R ?

  19. Geezus age Christ learn to balance your audio levels. You are like a 14 year old kid dropping a music track on your intro with the music volume set at 100% blaring your audience right out of our chairs. Then having to turn audio volume back up so we can hear you speak. This is such a amateurish mistake made by lazy editors who are so lazy they can’t slide a volume control level slider in their software program! Such a amateur cliche!

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