How to fly a drone to film myself cycling (邊緣人如何邊騎車邊空拍自己)

Today’s video I’m gonna share with you How to fly a drone to film yourself While you are cycling By yourself back to the studio Yo! This is Shosho I don’t know if you have this kind of feeling or not No matter how many times I fly this drone I always have this kind of feeling that it would never come back Does that mean I am a pessimist Maybe I am I’m gonna shut this off Ok much better So three years ago when I decided to ride my bicycle to explore Taiwan I started to look for gears Of course, I need some cameras to document my journey So I bought a bunch of action cams The Sony actions cam The GoPro DJI action as well as some mirrorless cameras Like this GH5 Sony a6400 And this is my old one Olympus E-M1 Lens More lens In order to catch the most epic shot drone is the must But here comes the problem when I am cycling alone who is gonna fly the drone and film me? I couldn’t afford to hire a drone pilot to travel with me So the only way was to become a selfie drone pilot Is that a thing? I had to figure out a way to fly a drone to film myself while I am cycling simultaneously In the mean time I had to manage to get a good shot and not to be killed by a car In the beginning I tried to use intelligent mode which comes with every DJI drones But, yea sometimes the active track is working but only if the object is big enough So most of the time it didn’t work Because when I fly high I become so small So it can not be recognized by the software And when I was out for a run and gun shoot I just wanted to get the drone up in the air take the shot I want take it back pack all my shit and go Because I was on my bicycle if I couldn’t make it to the destination after dark it means that I would have to sleep in the wild Which happened couple of times So for past few years I developed 6 really simple drone shots that I can use only one hand to fly the drone and to take simple yet compelling footage to showcase the awesomeness of cycling in Taiwan Ok so let dive into it Number one the pedestal shot or crane shot This is quite simple just hit the record before the drone takes off So, in the beginning, you can only see the bike in the frame As the drone going up it reveals the beautiful mountain range This one is similar at first, you only see a guy cycling on the path of the levee then you see the wetland on the other side In this shot I also kept the drone level with the bridge first then went up to reveal the river and valley further away This kind of shot is also called the unveiling shot it’s perfect for openers Just put a title in the middle it instantly makes your video more intriguing Number two Dolly-in or Push-in This is quite simple too just fly your drone and frame the shot you want hit record then just fly forward You can fly the drone align with the direction which you are cycling towards Or you can add some variety to this First, you fly slowly then cycle into the frame The next one I also use quite often In the first, the drone was far away from you let the viewer see the whole landscape then fly towards you and your bike Kind of revealing yourself in the frame Number three Dolly-out or pull-back The opposite approach of the last one If you keep the drone low it kind of simulates someone is filming you in the car ahead of you. Number four the take-over shot This I will mainly use when I cycle across a bridge Oh I just love the footage of cycling across a bridge Always looks so epic Number five Birdseye or head-over shot Just fly high enough and point your camera down set your frame Hit the record you know what to do Number six Truck shot or slider shot This is probably my favorite one it fits so well on a moving object like a cyclist or a runner Always looks so cinematic Especially if you fly lower find some elements in the foreground it will make the composition more interesting Like this shot, we were cycling through a paddy field already looked so nice then suddenly wow a scarecrow popped up to scare the sxxt out of you And in the following shot I revealed the hotel we were staying that night This is one of my favorite B&B in Taiwan it looks like a ship ready to set sail into the unknown adventure Ok that’s it Pretty simple right You can only use one finger To operate the drone But if you utilize all these shots Into your drone footage It will definitely take your drone footage To the next level So that’s it It’s today’s video I hope you learn something out of it And I’m going to practice flying this baby more Because one very big project is coming up And I’m so looking forward to it Can’t wait to share with you See you!

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