How To Fly a Drone Best Tips Urdu /Hindi

How To Fly a Drone Best Tips Urdu /Hindi

Hi viewers , I am Ayub khan with a new video How to fly a quad copter? How to set trim? how to charge? what is flying time? what is range? Which Mistakes decrease life of quad copter? what are tips to increase life of quad copter? watch this video completely to know all. Mode is LH x20 Price: PKR 3000 Lets start. this is remote put 3X AA size batteries. it has two extra blades A and B 1X screw driver. 1X charging cable this is not only a USB cable but it has a charging system inside which has cut off system whenever the battery fully charged. connect it with USB charger or computer light is ON in USB cable. connect it with battery. so light is OFF it mean OFF light is charging indicator. it will ON again when battery will be fully charged. this is camera socket this is ON/OFF button. this is battery penal put the battery connect it with socket. fix landing gears don,t fly without landing gears. tight screws in these landing gears. this is nose. battery side is the tail. throttle stick to fly upward and downward . move this stick left/right quad copter will turn left/right Right stick move right/left quad copter will fly right tilt and left tilt. move this stick forward/backward quad copter will move forward and backward. these are trim buttons. this is throttle trim. press upper trim to start throttle earlier if you press lower trim, throttle will start late. if quad copter rotates left so press right trim button if it rotates right so press left trim button. if quad goes right side press left trim button. it is goes left side you have to press right trim button. if it goes forward you have to press lower trim button. if it comes revers side you have to press upper trim button. if it goes right and forward you have to press left and lower trim. if it goes left and forward you have to press right and lower if reverse and left you have to press right and upper button. if reverse and right. press left and upper button. this is photo button lower button is for record video. right upper is one key return and lower is for cancellation. upper right side is flip button for rolling. left is speed button. press flip button and move the stick right quad copter will roll right side. press flip and move stick left side quad copter will roll left side. same way is reverse and forward. this is clock wise this is anti clock these are same. you can change each other. you can,t change these each other. ON the switch and wait for 3 seconds. then ON your radio. it is connected. start flying. fly 2 or 3 feet height while practicing . Range is 100 feet. flying time 6 minutes. don,t fly the battery at end level if light are blinking, you should land it with in one minute. don,t store at fully charged battery. fly it and store it. press flip and move the stick right. rolling need a 10 feet height. subscribe my channel and press bell button if you are new. like and share this video. thanks for watching.

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  1. Ayub bhai the connectors of these products are very poor quality. Its innermost pins damages after tow or three time use or after four time.How we solve this kind of problem.

  2. A mi me gustaria que me expliquen como se maneja y para que son todos los botones tengo un airfun 2,4G 6 axis gyro pero que me expliquen en castellano/ español

  3. Ayub hai mere paz RFD009 rc helicopter hai uskey ooper waley blades uter gaye hai fix kernay ka tareeka btadein plzzzzz

  4. my drone has no control….i switch it on when i press foward button it goes so quick that i cant control it… then it crashes withh something so that i can switch it off

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